I DESTROYED My Battery Life For Good!!! iPhone Tips, Tricks and Hacks YOU NEED TO KNOW!

do you want better battery life on your iphone i know i did but i was doing three things that  according to apple permanently and irreversibly damaged my battery and i had no idea i couldn’t  stand having to constantly check the battery charge indicator to see where it is then having  the swipe down to see the actual percentage so today i’m going to show you how to get incredibly  better battery life with your iphone all right so the first thing we’re going to do is head over to  settings battery and then wait for the information to load once it’s there you can see the last 24  hours and the last 10 days and then click on where it says show activity here you’ll be able to see  how much time each apple is using the battery while in the background now with some apps you’re  probably actually using them in the background like for example when you’re listening to music  but some apps are running and refreshing in the background without you knowing so let’s take care  of that once you have a list of apps head over to settings general

background app refresh and then  disable any apps that you don’t want to allow to run in the background now the next tip is to make  sure that you’re always running the latest version of ios apple is constantly making updates and some  of them are designed to optimize the battery life there’s also a lot of other reasons to do this so  head over to settings general software update and if an update is available make sure that  you plug your iphone into a power source and then run the update now the next thing i want you to  do is to avoid extreme ambient temperatures and here there’s a critical difference between hot  and cold temperatures the ideal operating temperature for the iphone is between 32 and 95  degrees fahrenheit or zero to 35 degrees celsius if you use your iphone in very cold temperatures  you’re most likely going to notice a decrease in battery life but that decrease is a temporary  condition and once the iphone warms back up the battery performance will return to normal now hot  temperatures are a whole different story if you expose your iphone to temperatures higher than  95 degrees fahrenheit or 35 degrees celsius you can permanently damage your battery capacity and  even storing the iphone in a hot environment can damage the

battery irreversibly and when  we go on vacation a lot of times i just look at my phone for a second then i put it down in the towel  then i might go in the pool or i might go play some beach volleyball and when i come back the  phone has that warning it’s like scorching hot and you’ve got the warning where you can’t turn  it on it’s like the battery it’s freaking out and then i can’t actually use my phone at all  until it cools down and there are times when i’m charging the phone with a power bank when  i’m not using it because you know i want it to be fully charged when i come back so it sounds like  i’ve been really messing with my battery now some deterioration is unavoidable but you can see that  my phone now is at 78 maximum capacity now the next tip has to do with battery hungry apps so  if you go to settings battery and then take a look at that list of apps that we saw before you can  see which apps are consuming a disproportionate amount of battery life for the amount of time that  you use them if you constantly see an app that you don’t really need you can delete it or maybe look  for a more battery friendly alternative the next thing i want to talk about is low power mode which  was introduced in ios 9.

This is a very simple way to extend the battery life of your iphone  once it detects low battery you can go to settings battery and then enable low power mode this  will reduce the display brightness it will also optimize the iphone performance it will minimize  system animations another thing that it will do is prevent some apps like the mail app for example  from downloading content in the background in addition to that features like airdrop icloud sync  and continuity will be disabled you can still make phone calls you can text you can send and receive  email and you can browse the web and then once your phone charges up low power mode  is automatically disabled next let’s talk about bluetooth i use my airpods pretty much  all day so i have bluetooth turned on but if you don’t use bluetooth accessories with your iphone  definitely turn it off and save battery life you can do this from the control center by  swiping down from the top right then tapping on the blue bluetooth icon the next tip is one  that i didn’t give a lot of thought to and that’s screen brightness and i don’t mean that i didn’t  know that a

brighter screen uses up more battery life it’s just that i never really consciously  thought to do anything about it so for most of what i do which is just glance at my phone for  a second to see an alert or a text or something that came up i don’t really need the phone to be  as bright as i wanted when i’m reading so now i have my screen at a much lower setting again you  can swipe down from the top right to bring up the control center and then make the adjustment  now moving on a few features that you may choose to eliminate are push notifications and location  services and those obviously use up battery life so to do this you can go to settings privacy and  location services and there you can disable location services all together or controlled  by app to optimize your battery life and user experience when it comes to push notifications  you may notice that a certain app constantly wakes up your display with notifications and then  each time it does that it’s using up your battery life now you can turn off notifications by going  to setting notification then tapping on the app and setting allow notifications to off now one  app that’s constantly using up battery life on my phone is the mail app because it’s looking to see  whether i received that new email so it can alert me about that super important spam email that i  just got

now to reduce the fetch interval you can go to settings mail accounts fetch new data which  is all the way at the bottom and then scroll again all the way down to the bottom to the area that’s  called fetch there you can set it to manually or select an interval now another important tip has  to do with charging now try to keep your iphone between 50 to a hundred percent charge and don’t  keep your iphone plugged in for too long once it’s fully charged also if possible don’t let  your iphone reach zero percent before charging it again it’s better to charge it for a few minutes  throughout the day and that way you don’t risk it going too low now if you use your computer to  charge your phone or a laptop make sure that you disconnect your iphone from the computer if it’s  turned off or if it’s in sleep mode or standby mode because if you keep it connected that could  slowly drain the battery now the next important tip is to shorten your auto lock time to do this  go to settings display and brightness and then scroll down to the auto lock section and then set  it

to as low as you feel comfortable if you have it set to five minutes for example it means that  every time that you unlock your phone and then you don’t actively turn it off or lock it back up  it stays up for an extra five minutes now that may not seem like a lot but the average person  unlocks their phone more than 160 times a day so that adds up if you set it to 30 seconds instead  you can save 4 minutes and 30 seconds of battery life every time you forget to lock your phone the  next tip has to do with connectivity and wi-fi uses less power than a cellular connection so  to get the best battery life out of your iphone make sure that you’re using wi-fi whenever  possible now hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one  of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy twice good luck and see you soon

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