Review Nokia 8.3 5G Live or Let Die?

so the nokia 8.3 5g should feasibly sell an absolute bucket load because it has the esteemed honor of being james bond’s blower of choice i know admittedly you can’t tears of someone if they’re having to spill your pint or fire a tranquilizer dot into your kids when they’re off their tits on sugar and act but you do get some zeiss branded camera tech slapped on the back and you also get three guaranteed years of android security updates which is positively stiffy inducing of course the nokia 8.35 g also comes with a rather steep 500 pound price tag which is especially hefty when you consider a lot of 5g rivals like the oneplus nord and the moto g5d plus coming around the 300 to 400 pound mark with very similar specs so after this prolonged weight is the nokia 8.35 g worth that cash well i’ve been using it as my full-time smartphone for a full week now and here is my in-depth review and for more on the latest greatest tech please do pub subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now first up even though 2020 has seen the launch of a lot of frankly massive smartphones the nokia 8.3 is still an absolute godzilla compared with most of them this 6.8 inch

beast is a proper pocket filler and it weighs a meaty 220 grams so at least if mr bond runs out of bullets he can just hoi this thing at their bodies and put their lights right now thankfully you do get a bit of one-handed help including pulling down that notifications bar from anywhere on screen or you can even swipe that fingerprint sensor to do the same thing although i’ve got to say that quite often even when i just pick up the nokia 8.3 i find myself accidentally activating that fingerprint sensor gesture and dragging down that notifications bar and there’s no way of deactivating it thankfully the nokia 8.35 g also seems to be just as hardy as jimmy b himself that aluminium frame hasn’t picked up any dents or nicks despite my casual abuse while the gorilla glass rear is also still in pristine condition and annoyingly you don’t get a pre-installed screen protector slapped over there on the display to help give it a little bit of extra protection but so far again touch wood no nicks or scratches to speak of while the design of the nokia 8.3 is rather simple and straightforward complete with the usual obligatory nokia brandon in that chunky bottom bezel i do like that deep blue finish which throws out some pretty patterns when the light bounces off the arse lovely stuff thankfully i had zero issues with the edge-mounted fingerprint sensor when it came to actually unlocking the smartphone it’s

definitely an improvement on the dodgy in-screen effort from the nokia 9 pureview and on those rare occurrences where you can’t use the fingerprint sensor to actually unlock the smartphone you’ve also got a face unlock option which again works perfectly well even in quite low light conditions on the software front it’s full android 10 here as you’d kind of expect with two years of os upgrades guaranteed so 11 should be coming very shortly followed by 12 next year and on top of that you’ll also enjoy three full years of security updates for added peace of mind so if you’re looking for a smartphone for the long haul then the nokia 8.3 will at least do the job there i enjoyed the stock android vibes although it is slightly annoying given the size of that screen that you can’t adjust the grid size to fit more icons and widgets in there it’s absolutely crying out for another raw to be added of course as usual you can just bug on your own preferred launcher of choice if you happen to want a bit more customization and if you don’t have a launcher of choice and i’ve rounded up my favorite android launchers at 2020 so far right here on texpert and another slight annoyance is the dedicated google assistant button slapped over on the left edge of the nokia 8.35 g as usual thankfully this can be disabled if you find you’re accidentally knocking it all the time which i was whenever i went to turn on

the smartphone or switch it back off again however you can’t reassign it to another app of your choosing if you like which is a real russian because you sure don’t need it to call up the google assistant in a hurry after all just look at all these other many quick and lovely ways that you can get the assistant to do your bidding the nokia 8.35 g also has nfc support on board again as you kind of hope and expects you’ve got your full google pay action when needed and you also have dual sim support but if you want to slip in a microsd memory card as well you’ll need to use the second sim slot still at least you’ve got that option and the nokia 8.35g supports microsd memory cards of up to 400 gigs in size and you’ve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage and if you do get that 64 gig model you’ll probably want to invest in a micro sd memory card because it fills up fast if you’re gonna be shooting a lot of 4k video or just downloading a lot of movies to watch on the move speaking of which that 6.81 inch pure display panel is built for entertainment and not just because it’s almost the size of a cinema screen it’s ips tech sadly not oled like many of the nokia 8.3’s mid-range rivals but colors are reasonably poppy and the saturation and temperature levels change dynamically to suit whatever you’re up to and that display is definitely bright enough to clearly see what you’re doing outdoors even on a bright sunshiny day as well although on one occasion the auto brightness did just decide it couldn’t be asked anymore and stopped working entirely thankfully a quick reboot of the nokia 8.3 sorted that out in a jiffy and

touchwood that problem hasn’t re-emerged and this may be one mighty freaking display but the full hd plus resolution does help to keep visuals sharp all the same and you’ve also got an always on hdr feature which can dynamically enhance contrasting colors when you’re watching sdr level video and fair play to hmd because this definitely does make a difference colors have a bit more pop those blacks look a bit deeper and the visuals just on the whole do look enhanced and unfortunately at the time i reviewed the nokia 8.35 g shortly before its actual release it’s still only widevine l3 certified which means you can’t stream hd or hdr content on the likes of netflix it’s sd all the way baby piss and indeed flaps now running the show here is qualcomm’s snapdragon 765g chipset as used by most of the mid-range 5g phones including the oneplus node and the realme x55g and even the base model of the nokia 8.3 comes stuffed with six gigs of ram so you’ll have no trouble multitasking or blasting through games over a long lazy afternoon call of duty played with a beautifully smooth frame rate even on those highest detail levels so i could merely murder people like i don’t even know until my thumbs eventually grew weary you got a 4 500 million batteries stuffed in here and i found that i could get through even a super intensive deer that was packed with tons of camera use lots of 4k video filming a good bit sat nav action some skyping some zooming all of that good stuff and i just made it to bedtime after a very long day of all of that if you’re a lot more chilled with your nokia 8.3 then you should be able to

make it through a day and a half or even two full days on a single charge as for that camera tech well as usual hmd has teamed up with zeiss for the quad lens rear setup and the nokia 8.35 g sure packs in a lot of funky features including a cinema pro style modes which can make your whole movies look like they were shot by darren aronofsky and there are so many features and little tools and tricks to talk about i’ve decided to dedicate a full separate video to the nokia 8.35 gs camera tech so go check out that review for all you need to know sorry there’s my full review of the nokia 8.35 g after using it as my personal smartphone for just over a week and i did enjoy it in a lot of respects despite the fact that it’s absolutely freaking enormous there are a few little quirks that do dampen my enthusiasm and the fact that it costs 500 pounds is a real shame as well considering you get likes the oneplus nord the moto g5g plus the real me x55g all of those phones for between 300 to 400 pounds but that’s what i think anyway what do you think that’s the important thing has absence made your heart grow fonder for the nokia 8.3 in the six months since it was originally launched be great to hear thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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