Apple Did THIS?! I Might Need an M1 iMac

i was never really someone who wanted an imac and i don’t know if it was like the look or the fact that i didn’t want to be tied down to like an all-in-one but this latest design is fire if you haven’t seen it yet it kind of looks like you took an ipad with a very vibrant color and then you put it on a very sleek aluminum stand and speaking of colors there’s a total of seven colors so there’s blue green pink silver yellow orange and purple and these colors are a lot brighter than what we saw on the ipad air 4. now whatever color you pick the back and the size of the device are going to be super colorful and then the stand and the front panel are going to be a little bit more subdued now of course all of them sport the powerful m1 chips that we saw on the mac mini the macbook air and pro and what’s coming on the 2021 ipad pro now four colors blue green pink and silver are available in the eight core cpu and seven core gpu model that’s similar to what was available with the macbook air where you had

to choose then all seven colors are available with the eight core cpu and eight core gpu version which actually has some other benefits which i’ll get to in a minute now the design itself is super clean and simple it’s less than 12 millimeters thick which is nuts that’s like kind of like taking two ipad air fours if you if you put one right on top of the other it’s actually thinner than that there’s a layer of glass that covers the entire front surface and then there are white bezels that go around the display and then at the bottom there’s a panel like i said it’s a more subdued version of the color of the back and the side that you chose i’m not sure that i love the white bezels but i mean i guess black wouldn’t look great with how light the color is on the front but they should have made a matte black version of these like just matte black the entire thing the stand the back the sides the front and the bezels hey marquez can you make a phone call the star of the show is a 24 inch display it’s a 4.5 k dc ip3 retina display that’s a wider color gamut which is going to give you more color accurate images it’s got 500 nits of brightness it’s a true tone display so the display will automatically adjust it’s got sensors that will measure the color temperature of the ambient light in the room and then

it will adjust the display so that white always appears white rather than like yellow or blue now let’s move on to the camera microphone and speakers finally we’re seeing an upgraded from the not so great camera on the macbooks and that’s that’s a really nice way of saying that it’s not very good again this is a 720p camera on a new imac we’re getting a 1080p camera with a larger sensor so you’re gonna have better low light performance and when you pair that camera up with a powerful m1 chip and a new isp or the image signal processing then you’re getting an improved image with auto white balance auto exposure face detection noise reduction all the stuff that you don’t really care about what you care about is the fact that the image is going to look better and apple says that it’s the best camera in any mac again that’s not really saying much because the cameras are not very good but it’s also again it’s a laptop i don’t expect the camera to be that good but you know it’s 20 21 so let’s get a good camera on there because what are we doing out here

now apple also says we’re getting studio quality mics with beam forming so that’s supposed to ignore background noise and then focus the pickup pattern or where it hears from right on you so when you’re in front of the camera when you’re in front of the microphone when you’re doing video calls it should pick up your voice and then attenuate or ignore some of the background noise that’s exactly what you want now moving on to the speakers apple said that it provided extra power so we actually have a six speaker system with two pairs of force cancelling woofers that give you deep and rich bass while at the same time dampening the vibrations so you’re getting that bass but your you know the whole imac is not going to shake back and forth now then each pair of woofers is balanced with a high performance tweeter which should give us impressive sound out of such a thin device and will be great for movies music and gaming there’s also support for spatial audio when you’re watching video with dolby atmos so it looks like this is going to be a real media consumption powerhouse we’ve got all the power of the m1 chip

that you’ve i’m sure heard me talk about in my reviews of the mac mini and the macbook air and pro and the imac should fit right in with your other devices in the apple ecosystem now apple didn’t stuff with the color just on the new imacs and there are now matching magic keyboards magic mice and magic trackpads so you can get a complete set or mix and match but don’t don’t mix and match you know just just just match don’t mix and match just match and once again how cool would it be to just have an entire just all matte black everything the imac the magic keyboard the magic mouse the magic trackpad if that’s what you want all matte black that that would be awesome and the new magic keyboard doesn’t just come in color it also has new features so there are dedicated spotlight dictation do not disturb and emoji keys plus there’s added touch id so you can easily and securely unlock your computer download apps and use apple pay so just like what you can on the macbook pro

and the macbook air we’re looking at 12.99 for the 8 core cpu 7 core gpu model with 256 gigs of storage 8 gigs of ram and two thunderbolt slash usb 4 ports that’s available in blue green pink and silver or you can go to 14.99 you get eight core cpu eight core gpu again with 256 gigs of storage eight gigs of ram two thunderbolt slash usb 4 ports and then there is two additional usb c ports a gigabit ethernet port and a magic keyboard with touch id from there of course you can upgrade your ram or your storage now these are going to be available to pre-order on april 30th and should be available for delivery or for pickup on the first half of may let me know what you think about the new imax click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these other videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy twice good luck and see you soon

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