apple just announced that they’re releasing air tags now that’s not something that i thought i’d be excited about but after watching the event i am actually excited about them like there are actually ways that i’m going to use these and they’re going to make my life easier let’s talk about them so basically air tags are these small discs that you can put like in anything put it in your bag you can put it in your wallet i’m going to attach one to my airpods case because i can never find my airpods and that find my feature with the airpods it never works for me okay i don’t know why but it doesn’t work maybe it’s not loud enough it doesn’t work so i’m going to put one there as well and then basically you can use my find my app or you can just say siri find my wallet or whatever it is and it should be able to help you find what you want so basically what’s going to happen is if you search for it it’s going to start playing a sound hopefully it’s loud enough for you to find and then boom you found whatever it is you’re looking for and the way it works is the item will send

out a secure bluetooth signal that can be detected by any device on the find my network so not just your devices and what’s great about that is that like when i leave my airpods i keep coming back to the airpods because i do they like falling in my pocket i leave them somewhere but anyways if i’m not close enough to be within bluetooth range then i can’t find them so it doesn’t help me so i end up walking throughout the whole house but until i’m close enough to them they’re not going to play a sound it’s not like when i do find my phone because you know there’s no gps but now any device on the find my network can detect one of your air tags and then communicate anonymously it’s all secure and encrypted so the other device doesn’t know that it’s doing it and you can’t see like the device that’s identifying your air tag but it’s gonna let you know where it is so that’s awesome because if you think about it there are millions of devices on this network so now pretty much anywhere where you leave your stuff well first of all don’t leave your stuff but i i do i leave my stuff behind wherever you are as long as there is a device that’s close enough to it it can detect it you’ll be able to find out where it is and you can also set up a feature if you want it’s optional where if someone tags

the air tag tags the error tag no if they like touch the air tag i don’t care with an nfc enabled device then they can actually get your contact information again if you want and then they can tell you i don’t know why you would do it i guess maybe if you want the person to call you and let you know but one of the things i’m curious about is whether you can set this up after you lost the item so you wouldn’t have it anyways it’d be interesting to see now if you have an iphone with the u1 chip then you can use precision finding tapping out tapping was what i was that was the word i was looking for was tapping okay back to precision finding and then basically what can happen is it can use information from your phone the gyro the accelerometer and basically direct you there’s like an arrow that’s going to take you towards your device it’s like kind of like hot and cold it will actually take you to where the air tag is so it’s easier for you to find now apple kept emphasizing security so again you’re not like sharing your location with anyone allegedly you’re not sharing your location with apple allegedly like they don’t already know where you are

they know where you are okay don’t worry about security like they know where you are they know what you’re doing they can hear i don’t know can they hear you i don’t know but anyways they’re saying the air tags don’t no one else can see the location of the air tag including apple again according to them so hopefully it’s all secure it’s all encrypted and it’s just good and no bad now speaking of bad you could see how someone might try to use these air tags to do something like nefarious right like they could take the air tag and put it on you and then you walk away and now they’re tracking you well apple said that there is a system that’s built in that if your phone detects another air tag that’s close to you that’s not yours it will alert you to it on the screen and if you don’t respond to that notification on the screen then it will actually make the air tag play a sound so that you can find it and you might be thinking like well what happens if like i have an air tag on my bag and my friend has one and then we’re both right next to each other our phone’s going to go crazy well apple says that they won’t that that will only happen if the air tag is separated from the owner i was just thinking like if kids have these on their bags and they go to school and they leave their bag and they

have to go to the bathroom like well everyone’s iphone like freak out because there’s now this air tag allegedly tracking all of them and separated from the person because they took their phone or like what would happen pretty much any time like i wonder how far you’d have to be from the air tag for it to decide that it’s separated from the owner and detect the other phone that’s something that i couldn’t find i’m very curious about so hopefully we get some more information about that because i could see some interesting situations happening all right moving on the battery is supposed to last like i think a year or a year and a half and apple says that you can easily replace it and i don’t know if it means like literally you can easily replace it or it can be easily replaced and if you need to take it to an apple store if it’s just like a regular battery that you can buy pop the thing open throw a new battery and close it call it a day that would be awesome this way you don’t have to worry about charging the actual air tag it’s just gonna last for as long as it lasts your phone is going to let you know as the battery gets low on charge and

needs to be replaced so hopefully if it’s something that you could do yourself and it’s not expensive or i can’t imagine that it’ll be expensive that’s a great feature now the air tag does have an ip67 rating for water and dust resistance and it could be submerged in up to one meter or three feet of water for up to 30 minutes so this way i guess if you have it on something that’s not going to get damaged or i guess even if it gets damaged and you drop it in water the air tag will still work you’ll still be able to track your item and i wonder how that’s going to work with it being waterproof like will it still be waterproof after you change the battery out if you do it yourself then you’re probably responsible if it’s not waterproof that’ll be interesting to see now when you buy your air tag from apple.com or the apple store you can have it personalized with an emoji or your initials so i mean i guess that’s kind of cool you can kind of make it your own and it doesn’t cost anything extra so why not have some fun with it so i’m definitely ordering a bunch of these like i said i’m going to put one in my wallet i’m going to put one my keys they sell these keychains hopefully there are like cooler keychains than the ones that

they showed i mean they’re fine but it’d be cool if there was like a carbon fiber one yeah i would definitely get one of those so as far as cost it’s 29 for one it’s 99 for four i’d probably at least pick up four because a bunch of us will need them and i was just talking to a couple of my friends and they were like well don’t you put your keys in the same spot no i i don’t i know i should yeah i mean you should do you i don’t well anyways i need these things you can order them on the 23rd which is this friday and then they’re available on the 30th so i’m gonna get them on that day if you’re interested in hearing what i have to say about them once i have them i’ll definitely have a video up as soon as possible hopefully this video gave you a quick intro into the new apple air tags click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy it twice good luck and see you soon

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