Review Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS After One Week

now it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a full year since mob void launched its last ticwatch pro smartwatch but it is back again in 2020 with the fresh new ticwatch pro 3. a bit hard to make out the name because it is black on black which is always a great design choice now the ticwatch pro 3 boasts the same slick dual display design of the previous generations and the full range of premium features but this time around you’ve also got qualcomm’s fresh new snapdragon wear 4100 chipset this is the first smartwatch to actually come packing it in you’ve also got new features like blood oxygen concentration monitoring and you’ve also got a much bigger battery than ever before all of which combine could make the tic watch pro 3 one of the very best wear os smart watches of 2020. now modboy has very kindly sent me the tick watch pro 3 a couple of weeks ahead of the official launch what i’m going to do is get it all set up now i’m going to use it for a couple of weeks and then we’ll magically whisk forward in time and i’ll give you my full final verdict on the performance the battery life and everything else and for more than the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so i’m not sure if the final retail version of the box will actually look like this you kind of hope they put a bit more effort in there is the tick watch pro 3 looking very similar so far to the prick watch prick watch jesus christ the tick watch pro lte from last year but we’ll check out the design more in a second and indeed at the retail box you should get uh you know instruction manuals set up guys all that kind of stuff as well but all i’ve got here in this review version is the dock and like a lot of recent wearables they’re doing away with the big fat docks you actually sit the watch on and this is just a tiny sort of clip-on magnetic affair so just snap straight onto the back of your ticwatch pro 3 and a nice strong magnetic connection there no worries so yeah definitely getting very strong deja vu from the overall look and feel of the ticwatch pro 3 looks very similar to the lt 4g version that launched at the end of last year so what you have once again is a stainless steel bezel with a bit of fine detailing around

it as well so as you can see it’s got the minute markings all around it you’ve then got a plastic buzzy and all finished off in black as well for a nice sleek shiny matrix style look and the tick watch pro 3 may look like a chunky monkey but it’s definitely got a lightweight feel to it as well so hopefully it should be nice and comfortable to rock on your wrist all day long and the new tick watcher is fully ip68 water and dust resistance you can still rock it when you’re in the shower the jacuzzi the swimming pool if you can find a swimming pool that’s actually open and it’s military standard 810g certified as well so it’s a bit of a tough mother right i’m going to get the tick watch pro 3 all set up now and to do so of course you’ll need the wear os app which you can download from the google play store or the apple app store depending on what kind of phone you’re rocking just got to agree to all of the t’s and c’s nonsense as usual and then connect and thankfully just takes a couple of taps and then boom you’re all done all right so fast forwarding time a full week i’ve had the tick watch pro slapped on my wrist that entire time and so far really really liking it it doesn’t do anything particularly different but it is a very enjoyable all-around wearable now as with previous tick watches you don’t get a huge selection of custom watch faces and only a small selection of those are actually customizable so you can actually choose what complications you get on them but thankfully it really isn’t a problem because you can just jump onto the google play store and add

some more if you’re not a fan of any of the ones that are bundled on here like the previous couple of generations of tick watch pro it’s once again a dual screen display so what you’ve got is a basic lcd screen which shows you the time the date number of steps you’ve taken things like that and of course you’ve got no hope of seeing that when you’re actually outdoors in the sunlight or anything like that you can barely even see it when you’re indoors to be fair but thankfully it does have a raise to wake type features which you raise your wrist and it does light up like so and then it’s nice and easy to see outdoors and then to actually wake up the proper amoled screen you will actually need to tap one of the side buttons there or the screen itself then that bursts into life and as always the advantage of this design is if you just want to quickly check the time or the number of steps you’ve taken if you’ve actually bothered to leave the house that day you can do so from that lcd screen which draws very little power from the battery so you only need to wake the juice guzzling amoled screen if you actually want to use your apps you know check your heart rate things like that and as always that amoled screen is absolutely stunning stuff it’s gorgeously crisp so all of the tiny text is perfectly legible at all times nice punchy poppy colors on there too because it’s an amoled and certainly a perfect way to enjoy all of your apps right there on your wrist and as you would expect

from a premium smartwatch as well you’ve also got a built-in mic and speaker here on the tip watch pro 3 2 so you can actually take your calls directly through the watch if you don’t mind looking like a bit of a bell end and the good news is that also means that you’ve got full google voice assistant access via the watch as well so for instance hey what’s on tv tonight according to wikipedia tv listings are a printed or electronic timetable of television programs thanks google assistant you’ve knocked it out the park as always and if you’re maybe feeling a wee bit fragile uh mentally because of all that slightly crazy stuff that’s been going on in the world for the last six months well the tick watch pro 3 can help to keep you in a nice balanced adjusted state so for instance one of mob boy’s own apps is the tick zen app together a little tappy tap it can basically tell you when you’ve been working a little bit too hard you might be feeling a little bit stressed i think basically say it here look chap it’s time to chill the out go meditate drink a beer whatever you need to do and this is a 24 hour feature as well so we can monitor your stress levels throughout the day and tell you exactly how much stress you have been suffering and if you find that you are feeling a bit stressed out then no worries the tick breathe app can help you to relax with your typical breathing exercises before you end up

smashing keyboards with your face or telling kevin from hr to go a llama and of course it wouldn’t be a smart watch without a bit of random pointless sleep tracking as well which basically tells you your general sleep efficiency based on how deeply you slept and it can give you some general feedback as well to improve your sleep although it basically just told me to get more exercise and try and get a full eight hours which isn’t exactly rocket science but you do have a smart alarm on the ticwatch pro 3 which can basically figure out when you’re in lighter sleep as opposed to deeper sleep around the sort of time that you were hoping to get up and then it can gently rouse you by vibrating and such forth and it seems to do the job now the ticwatch pro 3 can help you look after yourself in other ways as well so for instance you’ve got the tick here and app and what this can do is basically measure the level of ambient noise surrounding you as you can see here i’m apparently banging on far too loudly that could be genuinely useful if you do find yourself working in a really noisy environment although it does seem a little bit sensitive because yeah this is a quiet studio literally with

me talking and apparently that’s a strong amount of noise now on the health tracking side mod voice actually tripled the number of leds used to measure your heart rate and your blood oxygen levels for greater accuracy compared with previous tick watch pros and as with pretty much all wearables even basic fitness bands the tick watch pro 3 can of course measure your heart rate on a 24 hour basis and then as usual you can get a full overview of exactly what your tick has been up to and how much activity you’ve been putting yourself through you’ve also got a fresh new addition to the ticwatch poor arranged in tick oxygen which can measure your blood oxygen saturation levels basically your sp02 levels and that’s something that likes the apple watches have finally got now as well and as you can see this also is a 24-hour tracking feature and give you a quick indication of your lowest and highest levels just let you know if there’s any problems you’ve got to take health app which as usual just gives you a general overview of how active you’ve been your high intensity exercises how many calories you’ve burnt off just everything in one handy place and if you want to do some exercise well that’ll be your tick exercise app and this has a small number of the common exercise types you can do so as you can see they’re walking running cycling all that kind of shenanigans so it’s nothing

compared with the number of fitness exercise types that you get on the likes of the huawei watch but no worries there if you find that you don’t want to do what’s one of the standard exercise types what you can do is scroll all the way down and of course you’ve got google’s on fit apps and you’ve dive into fit workouts and you’ll find they’ve got a huge selection of stuff that you can choose from here good bit of beach volleyball boxing callisthatics all of that good stuff and yeah you do get some duplicate apps on here which is kind of annoying you’ve got like google fit heart rate and then you’ve got tick pulse which basically both do uh the whole pulse checking thing so that’s slightly annoying but it’s no biggie then you’ve got a handful of other apps pre-installed on here as well one of the most fun of which is the recording app or voice memo so if you fancy yourself as a spy basically the record app can capture sound using the watches built in mic just give it a little tap it’ll start recording at any moment you can pause it and blue peter style here’s what i recorded earlier hello this is a random recording on my fresh new tick watch pro just checking out the mic quality and hopefully the speakers won’t be too gash either you’ve also got google peer support on here thanks to the built-in nfc and of course full access to that google play online store so you can download fresh wear os apps whenever you want now one of the biggest updates for the ticwatch pro 3 is definitely the snapdragon wear 4100 chipset packed inside and this packs a

considerable power boost compared with the older 3100 and it’s also more energy efficient at the same time i did still see the occasional little stammer and stutter here and there which i really wasn’t expecting i was hoping all that would be completely ironed out entirely by the 4100 but it’s still a pretty slick experience and the other big upgrade for the ticwatch pro 3 is the battery size as well which has increased quite considerably from 415 milliamp on the previous generation to 577 now and this means you’ll now easily get three full days of use from each charge which is still nowhere near as strong as the huawei watches but it’s a definite improvement over the majority of wear os devices which tend to last maybe one or just about stretching the two days and that three days of use that includes all of the features being toggled on 24-hour hardware tracking spo2 monitoring stress monitoring all of that good stuff so anyway that’s how my experience with the ticwatch pro 3 has been so far i’m really enjoying using that so it doesn’t do anything revolutionary or crazy or anything but it’s a strong all-around premium smartwatch all the features work pretty much as expected so after all that are you tempted by the tick watch pro 3 it’d be great to hear your thoughts after you’ve listened to me bang on about it for so long stephanie please bring your comments down below and please do poke subscribe and digging that notifications bell if you haven’t already and have yourselves a lovely week cheers everyone love you

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