You SHOULDN’T Buy the Canon M50 MK II if THIS is Important to YOU!

there are some attributes missing out on from the m50 mark ii that might indicate that you should not bind it’s not an ideal electronic camera as well as to be fair no electronic camera is however there are some particular features that i intended to see included to this that i believe would certainly have made it a much better worth even at a greater price now i just published a video clip informing you why you must buy the canon m50 mark ii since for the majority of users it examines a whole lot of packages wherefore actually matters today i’m mosting likely to inform you what i think is missing from the m50 mark ii and we’ll speak about a few other choices that i believe you need to think about if those attributes are necessary to you the very first feature is 4k for video if you’re preparing on shooting in 4k the m50 mark ii is not a camera that i would recommend indeed it is possible to shoot 4k at 24 frameworks per 2nd so it is practically able to do that but the autofocus is slower and it’s much less dependable they did add eye indistinct however it’s still a

comparison detection system instead of the face detection double pixel autofocus that we’re obtaining in 1080p and also overall it’s simply not as great there’s likewise an extra 1.7 x crop in 4k that makes it a lot a lot more hard to obtain large angle shots ultimately the 4k is not rather as sharp as what you get with the sony video cameras like the a61 64 and 6600 due to the fact that we’re not obtaining a complete sensing unit readout and there’s also no choice for 4k at 30 frameworks per second currently whether you actually require 4k is a different conversation altogether however if you’ve obtained your state of mind if you’re sitting right here saying sugi i obtained ta have 4k no matter what i would possibly avoid the m50 mark ii as well as considering that we get on the topic of resolution and also structure price i also want to discuss slow movement so the means to get slow-moving activity on a cam is to videotape at a greater structure rate than what you’ll modify and also play back in so for instance if you movie in 60 frames per second and also after that play it back at 24 frames per second you can extend that one

secondly of recording time into two as well as a fifty percent secs of play time as well as that method you’re obtaining two and a half times sluggish activity a great deal of electronic cameras use 120 frames per second so you can slow down that footage down a lot more as well as when many people believe of sluggish movement that’s type of the minimum and also the m50 mark ii can only do 60 frameworks per 2nd at 1080p as well as if you desire to go to 120 frames per 2nd then you need to bring down the resolution to 720p currently in addition to that there’s no autofocus electronic picture stablizing or audio taped when you’re in that capturing setting so is it functional yes but would i get this cam if i was considering shooting a lot of sluggish activity i would not now let’s talk regarding the efm lens mount like i stated in my various other video clip it holds true that there are extra choices readily available currently than when the initial m50 was launched we have actually obtained the sigma trio and the viltrux trio however there’s still no rapid zoom choices we do not have anything that’s similar to like a 24 to 70 f 2.8 or a 70 to

200 f 2.8 and every available zoom lens has a variable optimum aperture currently there are rumors of five brand-new lenses that were meant to come out in 2020 and also we might see in 2021 as a result of what’s going on on the planet as well as that checklist consists of a 15 millimeter f2 a 50 millimeter f2 a 60 millimeter f4 macro is an 18 to 45 f 2.8 to f4 is as well as a 100 to 300 f 5.6 to f8 the 18 to 45 will help but it still appears like if we want the most effective performance we need to go to a various lens mount and that’s really the 2nd part of the equation below if you’re purchasing the m50 mark ii as part of a development significance that you want to start with an aps-c sensing unit camera and then proceed to complete structure then you could have a hard time with your lens options since canon has many different lens places personally i believe that most individuals do not require full-frame sensing unit cameras as well as most likely don’t want to spend the kind of cash that those full-frame lenses expense for most of what i do i usage aps-c or very 35 sensing unit cams but if you want complete structure in the future below’s the trouble canon’s complete structure mirrorless video cameras utilize the rf install which means that if you wish to acquire lenses that will work with your m50 mark ii and after that also something like the eos r rp or the newer r6 or r5 you’ll require to buy ef mount lenses and

afterwards make use of an adapter and that implies that you’re committing to constantly making use of an adapter if you intend to utilize those lenses even when you update to full framework it additionally suggests that you can’t buy rf lenses now as well as then only upgrade the body due to the fact that rf lenses can not be adapted to the m50 mark ii with my sony video cameras since both the aps-c and also full-frame sensor cameras used e-mount i can buy full-frame lenses and after that utilize them on both kinds of electronic cameras and also practically if i had movie theater cameras from sony i could utilize them on that particular too so if you want to go on to a complete frame cam the m50 mark ii doesn’t have the cleanest upgrade path and also remember what i claimed i do not believe that lots of people require full structure as well as the rate of rf lenses is very high which is in fact true for excellent full framework lenses from any brand if you’re still below and also have gotten worth from this video clip offer it a thumbs up it quite helps the video and the channel as well as it allows me know what kind of web content you such as so that i can make even more of it and also i still see that over 90 of you aren’t subscribed yet so strike that subscribe switch

the following feature that i really want canon had included to the m50 mark ii is animal eye autofocus now i photo my dogs a whole lot and i can’t inform you exactly how much less complicated my life has actually been considering that i got a couple of electronic cameras with animal eye out of focus i just turn it on and after that i can shoot my pet dogs i never in fact have to think of autofocus now without it i was using area autofocus yet after that i had to make certain that i got it precisely their eye since area based autofocus would frequently concentrate on their nose considering that it’s closer to the cam if you take a great deal of images of your pet dogs i’m informing you it’s absolutely a function that you need to attempt out next i wish to discuss battery life which was most definitely a weak point of the m50 with the m50 mark ii canon boosted the battery life from 235 shots to 305. it’s close to a 30

enhancement but i would have actually suched as to see them utilize an lpe 17 battery and after that bump that up much more if you’re trying to find some improved battery services i do have two video clips that i recognize will aid you and i’ll place them in the summary now the next attribute that i was wishing for was an additional dial the m50 mark ii just has a single dial so you can control either the aperture or the shutter rate after that you need to make use of another switch on the back to toggle backward and forward i would have liked to see an additional dial on the back which would have actually improved ergonomics when firing images it’s not that large a deal for me when i’m doing video clip due to the fact that i extremely hardly ever alter my shutter rate so i can simply leave it on aperture however, for photography it’s truly great to be able to quickly control direct exposure with several dials the next attribute involves sound and also it’s one that a whole lot of people do not think regarding up until they recognize they need it the m50 mark ii does not show you your sound degrees while you’re recording this could be a bargain breaker for some individuals because you can not tell if your

sound is too low or if it’s clipping in real time you can change to a various screen display screen option on the lcd as well as see the levels yet then you can not really see what the video camera is recording currently it’s really unusual to me that you can not see both due to the fact that undoubtedly they’re able to reveal you both and i’m unsure why they didn’t include it as a screen alternative now we do have clean hdmi outcome with the m50 mark ii something that was not readily available on the initial m50 so we’re able to link an outside display and afterwards view as well as monitor sound degrees in this way currently cameras like the z50 or the sony a6100 do have that attribute constructed in and also with any luck canon can include it in a future firmware upgrade like i pointed out in my previous canon m50 mark ii video i assume this electronic camera is a superb option as long as the features that i pointed out up until now are not deal breakers for you i hope this video aided you make a purchasing decision click my face to register for the network and after that examine out among these various other associated videos you recognize what i constantly say buy it good or acquire two times best of luck and also see you quickly