THERE IS NO M50 MK II – Just Firmware?

what’s up people siggy right here and also welcome to an additional technology gear talk so i simply finished making my m50 mark ii reaction video clip as well as i covered what i was anticipating as well as what was reported by canon reports and then lastly what we in fact got and also i additionally included my point of view regarding the m50 mark ii as well as who ought to and also should not obtain it and also while i was editing and enhancing that video clip something struck me maybe there is no m50 mark ii allow me clarify and also in order to comprehend what i suggest let’s discuss simply some of the attributes that we’re entering the m50 mark ii over the m50 and then i assume it’ll make even more feeling so starting with the sensor i’m fine with the 24 megapixel sensor however we are getting the same sensor that we have on the mark one like i stated in my various other video clip i believe for the average customer who’s making use of the m50 they don’t require greater than 24 megapixels they may desire greater than 24 megapixels and they can get

that by paying extra for the m6 mark ii but they do not actually require it for photography so while i’m fine with it it is the same sensing unit that we see on the initial m50 now carrying on to the processor i was wishing for the digic x or 10 whatever they call it yet rather we’re obtaining the very same figure 8 processor once more that we carry the initial m50 not discussing autofocus there we’re not getting the same features so we’re getting an updated double pixel cmos autofocus or possibly it resembles the two whatever they call it it is the updated version i think it’s closer to what we have on the r5 and the r6 it must be quicker and also a lot more accurate it offers you a lot more control over autofocus speed and also sensitivity we have much better eye monitoring and eye indistinct for images and also for video it must work when the subject is farther away from the cam so so it’s definitely a significant improvement over what we carry the initial m50 as well as despite the fact that we’re not obtaining animal eye indistinct we are getting boosted subject tracking so when you click a subject the video camera will certainly track it as it relocates

via the frame far better than with the initial m50 carrying on to the next function that a lot of individuals have an interest in 4k video we are obtaining the precise same point that we carry the original m50 so we have 4k just at 24 as well as 25 frameworks per 2nd there is an extra plant and there is no twin pixel autofocus when shooting in 4k as well as like i stated in the other video clip if you’re primarily going to shoot in 4k or if you want 4k with reputable autofocus you need to look at an additional cam from canon you can check out the m6 mark ii from sony at this cost range you can check out the a6100 fuji has the xt200 and nikon has the z50 it’s more pricey yet that’s type of their cheapest tier aps-c mirrorless cam it may be their only one right currently it’s a really nice camera but it’s a pair hundred bucks extra than the m50 and also the m50 mark ii going on as for battery life we’re not getting the updated battery that the m6 mark ii has and also we’re still using the lp12 battery that we carry the original m50 and it type of works together with the following thing i desire to chat regarding which is the type element i was intending to

obtain at the very least one various other dial so i can have aperture and shutter rate with dedicated dials but we’re not getting it the m50 mark ii is the exact very same type aspect very same buttons very same dials same flash exact same digital viewfinder exact same fully articulating touch display exact same ports every little thing is precisely the like what we have on the initial m50 so keep that in mind but i do wish to state the one function that i am actually excited for as well as that’s a document button on the touch screen that’s something that i believe every camera needs to have i just had it on one electronic camera i still can not keep in mind if it was the 5g x mark ii or mark 1. I believe it’s a mark ii if there is a mark ii it has it i really suched as using it i was wishing the g7x mark iii would certainly have it and it doesn’t to ensure that’s a function that a minimum of i really appreciated utilizing when i had it proceeding to the next function that we’re not hopping on the m50 mark ii i was really hoping for updated sound levels show as well as manage so i was wishing that much like with the 90d you would certainly be able to see

the audio levels before as well as throughout recording and that you ‘d be able to customize them while tape-recording so today with the original m50 and also with the m50 mark ii if the audio levels are not established correctly you’ll require to stop your clip go into the menu transform it go out of the menu beginning recording once again so it’s not excellent it’s absolutely a much better interface and customer experience with the 90d now relocating on to the next attribute that i was wishing we’re going to get and also we are obtaining it’s a tidy hdmi outcome so while the ports as well as everything else is exactly the exact same we currently can get a tidy hdmi signal out of the m50 as well as into a capture card or an outside recorder so it’s truly an ideal video camera to stream in 1080p if you wish to stream in 4k then once more you’re not mosting likely to be able to use dual pixel autofocus and you’re going to have that added crop and i would possibly look at another brand or the m6 mark ii if you desire to stick with a canon another feature that we’re getting on the m50 mark ii is upright video clip

so currently you can simply place the cam vertically on a tripod or even handheld and also currently you can record dedicated material to mobile very first system so something like instagram or tic tac or anywhere where you can use outside video you can proceed as well as utilize the m50 mark ii as well as you don’t need to sort of flip the video clip when you obtain into editing and enhancing because it’s coded in this way but basically all that’s taking place there is that video is being marked as upright to ensure that the editing software application or your phone or anywhere you’re watching it knows to immediately flip the video currently an additional feature that some people want i didn’t believe we were going to get it however that’s ibis or in-body photo stablizing which would certainly indicate that they would certainly require to make a change to the body where the sensor would certainly be able to relocate and make up for a kind of electronic camera shake or any kind of sort of motion that you’re introducing to the electronic camera to make

sure that’s something that we’re not obtaining we’re just getting the electronic image stabilization that’s in the body as well as lens based optical picture stabilization so what does all of this mean and why did i say there is no m50 mark ii due to the fact that the body corresponds the m50 the buttons the dials every little thing is specifically the same it coincides sensing unit as well as the very same cpu the exact same fully expressing touch display the same electronic viewfinder the same battery yet all the new features appear to be software application based so isn’t it possible the canon simply launched a firmware update and after that packaged it and marketed it as a new video camera unless the brand-new twin pixel cmos autofocus requires something apart from a software program upgrade that would certainly use new formulas to assess the information isn’t that the exact very same cam with just slightly customized software program so i just wished to share that with you and then get some feedback from your perspective this does not actually alter anything concerning the new video camera the m50 mark ii

but again it’s simply not what i think most individuals were wishing for as well as the rate of the m50 mark ii is 599 for the body or 699 with the package lens so like i claimed before the cost is great and once more my guess is that you’re not going to have the ability to get the original m50 for extremely long once more if you do not want 4k if you simply want a light and also small and also portable camera that’s incredibly simple to utilize easy menu system you like the fully verbalizing full touch display you want superb autofocus you can now have vertical video and then you want to stream in 1080p after that the m50 mark ii is a superb alternative like i claimed in my other video clip i simply can’t see a large number of people upgrading from the initial m50 to the mark ii as well as i can not see any individual that really wants 4k acquiring the new m50 mark ii as well as i’m very interested in recognizing what you think regarding this so

let me know in the remark section i’ll place some web links in the summary where you can purchase the initial m50 as well as the new m50 mark ii in addition to several of my preferred lenses as well as devices and i actually hope i had the ability to provide you a good introduction of the m50 mark ii and why i think it’s perhaps the m50 with just a firmer upgrade certain appear like it to me so if you similar to this video clip give it a thumbs up tweet it share it and if you haven’t yet sign up with the neighborhood by striking the subscribe and notification switches you can likewise discover me on instagram facebook and twitter at techyeartalk you understand what i constantly state purchase great or get two times great luck as well as see you soon you