Zhiyun Crane 2S | PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

what’s up men sigi here and also invite to one more technology equipment talk today we’re mosting likely to have a look at an additional brand-new gimbal from zhiyun the crane twos currently i’ve had the pre-release variation of this gimbal for a few weeks now and also when i very first got it i had one serious issue with it so i’m going to do a complete testimonial i’m also going to inform you regarding what that issue was and just how i resolved it and also i’m mosting likely to complete up by comparing it to the crane 2. i utilize this gimbal with several setups so anything from like a little mirrorless cam all the means as much as a c100 mark ii and also even my c200 which i’m making use of to movie this so i can not reveal it to you right now however i might absolutely guarantee jion when they state that it will handle a wizardry pocket movie theater camera 6k or a panasonic s1h or a 1dx mark ii i likewise have testimonials of the smaller wiibel s and also the larger crane fours if you’re trying to find various other alternatives designed for either smaller sized or bigger configurations and also this gets us right into that this gimbal is best for

as well as i assume this gimbal is right in between the extremely flexible and maneuverable weibull s and the larger and also heavier crane threes if you’re utilizing a bigger mirrorless or dslr cam arrangement or a smaller sized movie theater video camera that’s right in this gimbal’s pleasant spot as well as i have an a7s three en route which i can not wait to check out for me this is kind of the threshold as for gimbal configurations that i agree to use portable when i’m shooting for extended periods of time the weeble s is no worry quite much can aim for as long as i desire yet once i reach something like the crane 3s then i’m going to include a ring as well as a vest as well as the crane 2s permits me to relocate into this following level of camera arrangement size while i’m still shooting handheld on this side i have it mounted with an a6400 the brand-new viltrx 23 f 1.4 a polar pro variable nd filter as well as all of that is in vertical setting which i’ll reach soon as well as over below i have it with the c100 mark ii as well as the canon 10 to 18. in terms of taking care of i such as this new carbon fiber hold it’s light and has a truly wonderful feeling to it if you loosen you obtain to the battery compartment which holds 3 detachable 18650

3.7 volt 2600 milliamp hour batteries which jeon claims offer you concerning 12 hrs of battery life ergonomically i like the handling when i include the transmount twin grip which i can position to the right or the left depending on which hand i desire on the gimbal itself it’s incredibly functional as well as i assume it gives me several of the benefits of the bigger dual take care of systems without the added weight or mass it’s specifically helpful when i’m orbiting around a person for parallax shots because in my point of view it’s less complicated to control the gimbal with your hands balance out versus piled regarding shooting settings we have whatever you can desire from pan follow where the gimbal will only pan left or best unless you use the joystick this totally overlooks any kind of motion on the tilt or the roll axis now locked setting implies that all three axes are locked so the electronic camera will constantly remain pointed in the initial instructions that’s wonderful for pull or press shots or if you intend to do movement laps we additionally have follow setting which you activate by holding back the trigger this will certainly pan and turn based upon your handling but will always maintain the camera level as far as the roll axis then we have pov or viewpoint setting which will

pan tilt and roll and also that enables some incredibly innovative shots because the gimbal constantly replies to precisely what you’re doing go setting will certainly boost the responsiveness of the electric motors that will permit you to respond to subjects that make fast modifications or are just extremely quick as well as difficult to follow we likewise have vortex mode which will certainly turn the cam up as well as then let you rotate it on the roll axis and it gives us that inception effect and also finally you can put the crane to us in selfie mode with a three-way click that’s something that i would mainly finish with smaller sized configurations since holding this setup with your arm right out it’s yeah it’s not fun currently when utilizing this gimbal i can certainly inform that these electric motors are super solid as well as despite heavier electronic cameras they had not a problem maintaining the arrangement in control as well as providing smooth as well as steady video and also a good little touch below by zhiyun is that you can change in between all modes using

a solitary setting switch so you’re not having to turn toggles to and fro or utilize several switches now the only exception as i mentioned is adhere to setting which is constantly prepared to go by holding down the trigger now prior to i carry on to the following area if you like what you’ve seen so much proceed and also allow me know by offering this video clip a thumbs up allows me understand what kind of material you like so that i can make more of it and also if it’s your very first time below struck the subscribe and alert switches so you can keep up to day on all the latest equipment as well as tutorials okay so currently allow’s relocate to stabilizing on this gimbal because some gimbals are simpler than others and also i really such as this two-phase locking design on all 3 axes it suggests that you can stabilize every one separately without having the cam flopping around it likewise safeguards the gimbal in location throughout transport or when i’m strolling in between areas i like the style of this brand-new lock it’s bigger and it’s simpler to engage in the one on the wiibuil s as well as i simply love how sturdily the crane 2s locks but i was a little shocked that they went away from the three-phase system that we obtained with the crane threes now to be reasonable i

don’t truly need the center face so it’s not truly a huge concern for me i was just directing it out zhiyun additionally updated the entire installing system so initially the quick release plate is manfrotto compatible so you can take the electronic camera right off the crane twos and put it on a manfrotto head next if you utilize arca swiss after that the entire quick release plate setting up glides out and it has quarter 20 openings at the bottom that you can have an arca swiss plate connected to whatsoever times as well as then you still get this very same kind of performance as well as actually i connect a manfrotto fast release plate to the bottom if i’m going to go back as well as forth instead of using the one that’s affixed to the electronic camera because by doing this there’s absolutely nothing to balance when i go back and also forth in between the gimbal as well as the tripod now an additional placing alternative for the bottom of the fast release assembly is to affix the image transmission transmitter just like i did with the wii costs s and this allows you send out a signal to

a phone so you don’t need to make use of an exterior monitor currently one various other stabilizing aggravation that i’ve had with other gimbals is when i use a smaller video camera and a bigger diameter lens at which direct the lens hits the fast release plate this is not truly a concern with the gimbal however i like the zhiyun gave us with a camera backing plate which increases the camera high sufficient to prevent this problem with some various other configurations i normally include a cage to the cam especially if i’m mosting likely to construct out a rig yet having this plate supplied is a good choice for those of you that do not want to invest the additional money on a cage currently following i desire to speak about the larger oled display it’s nearly an inch in dimension and it’s just nicer to make use of i likewise such as this yield consisted of the auto-tune function which automatically identifies the weight of the rig and

afterwards sets up the electric motors for you you can also by hand manage the setups for every accessibility right from the gimbal instead of needing to do that via the application like you finish with a few other gimbals alright so now i desire to discuss vertical capturing which is something that’s been getting more and more attention particularly with the enhanced popularity of mobile platforms like instagram as well as tick tock the crane 2s really has two quick release mounting choices which permits you to connect the cam vertically to ensure that you can tape in the appropriate format for these mobile systems and also like i stated prior to i’m utilizing it right here with the sony a6400 and the viltrx 23f 1.
4 which is a quite tiny arrangement however if you make use of a bigger lens you’re mosting likely to intend to place the lens support to make sure that the weight of the lens does not turn the electronic camera down currently another good touch here is the flex mount system for the fast launch plate as well as i like the incorporated lock launch built right into the tightening up knob okay so now i wish to discuss what really discouraged me about this gimbal which is the setting of the rear motor currently one of the things that i suched as best about the wiibel s was that the back motor was relocated down to ensure that it no longer blocks the screen on the cam currently most of my cameras have fully verbalizing displays so i can simply turn the screen bent on the side and afterwards that’s not really a problem yet with electronic cameras like the a73 and the a6400 the back electric motor obstructs the display and just kind of seemed like an action back from jiyun and after that i was outlined the fact that type of like the reverse of what we saw in the crane threes where the back area can be prolonged the crane 2s includes the expansion already in location and also it can be eliminated to decrease

the setting of the motor so you can see that on this arrangement the motor is in the initial position and the extension arm is here and it would certainly block the display whereas over here i currently reduced it as well as you can see the display without any issue and i would certainly shoot in this manner it additionally makes good sense now why the tilt access can be secured an angle that was actually unusual prior to since now it flawlessly levels the video camera when the motor remains in the reduced placement and actually this shifted my entire viewpoint concerning this gimbal from simply a normal enhancement over the original crane 2 to currently a significant improvement we currently have actually an upgraded quick release system incorporated vertical shooting a larger oled screen a transmot picture transmission transmitter mount more quarter 20 mounting options digital servo and picture transmission adhere to concentrate a two stage lock-in style on all 3 axes and the capacity to change the setting of the back motor for far better individual experience before i reach the rate and value i want to speak about

transportability due to the fact that one of the issues that i always have with gimbals involves transport depending upon the size of the gimbal and exactly how it damages down it may need a specialized instance like the polystyrene one that comes with the crane 2s however, for the many part i do not really desire to need to bring an additional instance or bag if i do not need to and this is just one of the functions that i enjoy about my present electronic camera bag it’s called the one mo and also it’s the back i’ve been making use of over the past number of months it’s got a ton of features that will certainly assist videographers photographers and drone pilots however there’s a details one that connects to gimbal so in enhancement to all the adjustable compartments on the inside as well as the removable bag that turns into a standalone handbag this bag has an expandable front compartment so if you look right here this whole front zips and afterwards opens up and afterwards it develops an additional compartment that’s separate from the remainder of the bag this is where i normally carry my wii expense s currently the wii expense s obviously breaks down to a a lot more small dimension than the crane twos but i was very pleased to discover that even the crane twos will certainly fit in below as long as i get rid of the tripod feet as well as to me that’s a

whole lot far better than putting the gimbal in the tripod side pocket and also then strapping it to the bag i seem like it’s much better secured when it’s inside the bag as well as likewise i do not actually want people to understand that i have a bag full of costly video camera equipment and by doing this i can maintain things concealed that’s another reason i similar to this bag a lot since i don’t truly think it looks like a cam bag okay yet back to the crane twos being able to take it with me utilizing the 1mo ways that i’m a lot more most likely to bring it with me on shoot where i’m not 100 sure that i’ll need it because i recognize that it does not mean that i have to carry another bag which suggests that i’m getting extra make use of out of my gear rather than having it in your home resting on the rack okay so we talked regarding portability we discussed performance we talked regarding ergonomics and the capability to reposition the electric motor currently let’s reach the price and also worth so the crane twos presently sells for 599 dollars which i believe makes it an extremely great value if you’re trying to find a gimbal that can deal with bigger mirrorless and also dslr systems along with smaller sized movie theater cams and if you desire a gimbal that can do both horizontal and vertical video i would definitely get the transmouth twin grip

because as i stated prior to it significantly improves handling choices june doesn’t have a published payload but they do have a listing of sustained camera and lens mixes so have a look at the web link in the summary if you intend to see if your specific arrangement would work i maintain coming back to the fact that you can move the electric motor but if it was still obstructing the screen i would certainly be much less most likely to recommend it because now that i worked without this problem on the wii costs s and the crane threes i see that it’s such an inconvenience yet like i claimed now that i know that it can be transformed and also it took me like a pair of mins to do it i would definitely suggest this gimbal if you’re seeking something with this much ability if you’re seeking something that’s a little bit smaller sized the wii costs s is most likely my preferred gimbal at that range and if you’re utilizing something really tiny after that absolutely take a look at the m2

and incidentally don’t fail to remember that i have much more video coming with completion of the video i’ll put web links in the description to where you can get the crane twos and some accessories they’re constantly vacation specials as well as discount rates so the links will automatically be updated with the most affordable rates if you wind up purchasing anything making use of those web links you help sustain my network free of cost and also aid me develop extra content for you so thank you ahead of time i actually wish i was able to give you a good review of the crane twos and i would certainly enjoy to hear what you assume in the comment section if this video was handy allow me recognize by giving it a thumbs up tweet it share it and also if you haven’t yet sign up with the area by striking the subscribe as well as alert buttons you can constantly discover me on instagram twitter and facebook at techyeartalk you recognize what i always say acquire it wonderful or buy it twice best of luck as well as see you soon