Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Setup & Full Features Tour

hello kiddies i’m chris from tech spirit and this week security experts although had sponsored me to take a look at their fresh new pro 3 floodlight camera which will be available here in the uk from august the 31st from retailers such as amazon the ollo pro 3 floodlight camera boasts an incredibly powerful floodlight as the name kind of suggests plus all of the great smart features found on the original pro 3 including a hassle-free wireless setup 2k video capture 2-way audio weather resistance and a built-in smart siren so i’m going to show you how easy it is to set up the olo pro 3 floodlight camera and take you on a tour of all of the best features and from all the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up let’s check out what you actually get inside of the box perhaps unsurprisingly the actual camera itself and just stick that aside for now and basically everything else you’ll need to set up the ollo pro 3 for the light camera is bundled in the box including a removable battery an adapter with both two pin and three pin heads but of course here in the uk you just need the three pin version great micro usb charging cable you’ve got your mount and screws for attaching the camera to any surface and naturally your quick start setup guide but first up i’ve got

to say i absolutely adore the design of the orlo pro 3 floodlight camera it busy looks just like the original olo pro 3 except with some major sideburn action it actually kind of reminds me of that awesome spitting dinosaur from jurassic park the one that gobbled up the irritating programmer dude now the first task will be to stick the battery inside just push this button on the bottom and then and it goes nice and easy at this point you’ll see a wii flashing light on the front of the camera what you’ll want to do now is grab the free olo app which is available from the google play store or apple’s app store then open up the auto app you’ll have to register for no lower account if you haven’t got one already and then simply hit add new device the all or pro 3 floodlight camera comes on the lights and if you’ve already got another base station you can hook up to that otherwise the great thing about the oled pro 3 flood light is you can just connect it direct to your wi-fi router you don’t even need the base station pairing up with the floodlight is then nice and straightforward now all you got to do is mount your floodlight camera on any available surface using the bundle plate job done no ways to mess around with anything like that it’s very simple and straightforward and you certainly don’t have to worry about the camera being exposed to the elements either because it’s completely weatherproof it can withstand extreme hot and cold as well as full-on sunshine or

pounding rain and that’s just as well because you tend to get all four in your average british summer’s day now the main advantage of the floodlight camp over the rest of all those security camera ranges unsurprisingly that’s super powerful illumination this thing pumps out up to 3 000 lumens of crazy bright light on that maximum level when motion is detected that’s more powerful than some basic car headlights if the camera detects any motion in the evenings that flood light can automatically power on this was actually shot after sunset last night as you can see easily powerful enough to light up an entire garden area lots of nice crisp detail and natural looking colors too video is captured at 2k resolution with a wide 160 degree view and those details are so fine you can zoom in at up to 12 times definitely handy if you spy any dodgy looking ball geezers hanging around and those sensors don’t miss a trick either i tried sneaking past the camera multiple times last night and every single time i was nabbed this is me attempting to actually crawl past the camera that obviously ended in defeat as well so from that point on i tried hiding behind a chair again didn’t really work as well as i’d hoped you got full support for night vision on the ola pro 3 floodlight camera so even in the pitch black dead of night there is no fool in it you actually control your floodlight camera via the ollo app where you can grab a live feed of exactly what is happening at any given moment and you’ve got full two-way communication here too so you can hear exactly

what is going on and also tell any sneaky miscreants to do one of your property or simply issue commands to your offspring do you want some lunch now no i don’t oh okay bye and don’t worry you won’t have to stare at that live feed 24 hours a day if you’re super paranoid the olo app will notify you instantly if it detects any kind of action or suspicious shenanigans and if you happen to have connected your pro 3 floodlight camera to an all or base station you can actually save all of these recorded clips to a usb stick or a memory card and if you buy yourself a floodlight you’ll definitely want to check out all those smart subscription servers as well you actually get a three month free trial with the floodlight so there’s no excuse not to dive on in and smart is a good name for it as well because this subscription service really does turn the ollo pro 3 floodlight camera into a proper clever clogs in fact it’s so smart it’ll probably start wearing v-necks sweaters and getting beat up every morning for its lunch money so for instance one of the benefits is you can set up an actual activity zone and only if any motion is detected within that activity zone will you receive a notification and that’s

particularly handy if for instance you’ve got trees or something blown around on the periphery of the camera’s vision that occasionally trigger it so you just get those out of the picture entirely you’ve also got access to all those enhanced notifications menu as well which is really really handy if like us you’ve constantly got foxes cats squirrels and other random creatures scurrying about in front of the camera triggering it with the smart alert system you make sure those very weak lighters don’t disturb you anymore and another great feature in that smart subscription service is the package detection as well if you’ve got your camera trimmed on your front doorstep this will immediately notify you if a postman or a courier or whoever has just dumped something there and then scope it and with this service you’ll get a full 30-day video history saved to the cloud like a kind of greatest hits of those most exciting moments be it the postman and whitney scratching his bum or whatever strangeness this is an iphone users can even activate the siren or call a friend direct from their smartphone’s lock screen courtesy of the personalized notifications so you can basically deal with any situation instantly nor hanging about and what does this smart subscription service cost well i’m mean two pound fifty a month which let’s face it these days is less than a pack of soft mints and it kind of coke down the movies on that right there is my full on tour of the olo pro 3 floodlight security camera available here in the uk from august the 31st for 259 quid all of the links and information you need will be in the description down below please let me know what you think in the comments and have yourselves a lovely week cheers everyone love you

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