Blue Mix-Fi Review – NOT what I Expected

what’s up people segi below and also invite to one more tech gear talk today we’re gon na look into a set of wired over the ear headphones from Blu called the mix fine currently these are absolutely not your ordinary looking or appearing headphones for that issue but are they right for you allow’s have a look you may currently understand Blu from their large range of singing and critical microphones if you’re not acquainted with the manufacturing side of sound you might have come across their customer budget plan household microphones like the snowball or the Yeti or the Yeti Pro and also when blue made a decision to go into the earphone space they did it with a bang and I’m not only talking regarding the robot click Terminator 1 looking design these are the first headphones that I have actually checked with an inner analog amplifier and also I’ll obtain a lot more into the implication of the layout and also the special constructed in amplifier in the future in the evaluation however first allow’s review some highlighted functions these high

integrity headphones feature 50 millimeter fiber-reinforced vibrant drivers they have a built in all analog audio file amplifier with passive energetic and also improved based settings blue applied a multi-jointed style with an adjustable tension handle for the headband as well as ear shaped ear cups for higher convenience and lastly a reported 12 hour of battery life yet do these features really equate to performance as well as value my goal with every product evaluates to offer you an overview of the product features but in such a way that associates with reality usage and if you locate this review handy please let me recognize by providing it a like and afterwards striking the subscribe and notice switches for even more headphones and tech testimonials alright let’s begin out by checking out what’s consisted of in package so for a set of wired earphones you kind of get a whole lot and the initial point I observed was that this box is a lot larger than those of other headphones that I’ve tested and much more on this later on in this large box you’ll find the

earphones themselves and set a protective heavy-duty care bag when you get rid of the earphones you’ll see a brief wire with a mic and also remote and afterwards a longer cord that’s planned for residence workplace or studio make use of there’s additionally a mini USB cable television that’s used for charging a billing adapter a two prong airplane connector as well as a 3.5 to quarter inch adapter currently I such as that this carry case has an internal pocket to make sure that I can maintain all the extra accessories together without bothering with them damaging or harming the headphones let’s obtain to the layout and I’m thankful that I obtain to speak about these headphones in a video clip due to the fact that it ‘d be a lot more tough to try to explain the mix fie if I wasn’t able to show them to you there’s a fair bit taking place over right here I’m mosting likely to begin with the headband which is various than any headband I have actually seen on any kind of various other headphone currently instead of the standard spherical headband style blue went

with a slightly rounded leading portion that then shifts sideways utilizing this advanced joint system currently the tension of the hinges is regulated by the knob on the back of the headband and also moving to the ear cups you’ll see an additional joint which changes the length of the earphones the well cushioned ear mugs are ear shaped and big which I truly liked and I’ll obtain much more into the comfort in the following area this combination of matte grey the glossy accents the logo design as well as a brushed aluminum top are the only offered university I really like it and it’s a cool looking set of earphones there are no exposed wires that can be caught on anything and also at the same time I really did not see a left and also ideal network indicator at the end of the left ear cup you locate the mini USB port and a 2.5 millimeter input that’s used with both consisted of cords now combined fie makes use of a proprietary cord which isn’t locking however it’s extended on the one

end to offer a more secure connection to the ear cup now some individuals don’t such as the idea of an exclusive cable because it’s not as easy to replace as well as for me this isn’t actually a bargain breaker since I can’t get a replacement cord directly bluh if I ever before require one currently the last thing you’ll observe at the end of the left ear cup is a toggle for the internal analog amplifier and also you’ll see choices for off repeatedly plus and also I’ll get involved in these extra in the audio section of the review all right so let’s reach exactly how the mix vise sound I started out paying attention to a few of my favorite songs on my iPhone with the amplifier switched off which obviously isn’t the planned usage I believe the iPhone isn’t supposed to be able to drive these but I simply wished to hear them as soon as I obtained them and also I didn’t wish to bill them now I bear in mind thinking these sound okay not wonderful but a minimum of I can constantly pay attention to them if my

battery goes out alright so as soon as I was done slouching I really charged them and after that listened to this exact same playlist I transformed the mix phi2 on and seriously the songs came to life if you remember I discussed that there are three settings for the analog amplifier off is made use of for passive listening that’s best used with an external headphone amplifier or with high output sound equipment the on setting involves the combined fie amplifier and also it delivers a significantly fuller audio with obviously increased dynamic array currently if you most likely to the on Plus this setup activates the amplifiers analog low-frequency improvement circuit which after that delivers truly wonderful quantity of added deep bass as for sound account in the on mode which powers on the internal amplifier that makes if I have a really also bass response you’ll instantly observe a rise in volume and actually keep in mind to transform the volume down prior to you start or you’ll be

sorry I can not picture anyone listening to these with the volume turned all the method up in the on mode all right so together with the rich and also bass you’ll additionally see that the mids are durable and also the highs are exceptionally outlined these are most definitely several of my preferred sounding earphones the noise is crisp as well as exact and greater volume the highs may be a bit brighter than some purists available may want but they never ever really ended up being overly rough and also do not fail to remember that there is no digital signal-processing occurring right here this is all analog if you’re trying to find more bass than the mix fie provides the on+ setting which engages the amplifiers analog low-frequency improvement circuit this isn’t an overwhelming increase in bass but even more of an added layer of depth in the lows and also the mid tons if what you’re looking for is something that’s just outrageous expanding these aren’t what you’re looking for but if you like bass as well as you delight in a full soundstage these are an

actually great choice on vocal focus track he’s performed beautifully they permitted the crisp high mids to avoid before the mix and the general sound was vibrant and well balanced alright so let’s proceed to comfort and also the mix fight changes in a different way than any kind of other pair of headphones that I’ve attempted there are a great deal of moving parts here which translates to a general more personalized fit the tension toggle at the back of the headband behaves to have and I had it mostly all the means down and due to the fact that the ear mugs revolve the size modification also regulates where the headband is positioned on your head and this made it so that I used this headband further onward than with various other earphones now the ear cups are amazing they are big and also quickly in shape over my ears and there is a heap of cushioning I put on these till I ran the battery out as well as my ears never ever overheated and I never really felt tired out from the stress now you will

not wish to put on these headphones around your neck because the steel is going to go into the sides of your neck I do wish to mention that these headphones are big and also they’re heavy evaluating in and over an extra pound if I was sitting generally and listening to them while I was functioning or just socializing I really did not actually feel the extra weight yet if I look down or up I can definitely really feel these drawing on my neck so you might experience some tiredness there after long wear there’s a great deal of padding at the end of the headband so I never felt any kind of pain on the top of my head while wearing them which is unusual offered this weight I can’t truly clarify it I do not understand how they did it taking a look at these and holding them I was assuming oh these aren’t mosting likely to be very comfortable yet I put them on as well as used them for nearly 10 hours as well as they were

remarkably comfortable as much as performance blue estimates 12 hrs of battery life with medium quantity degrees which is kind of reduced it’s a little strange to even be reviewing battery life with wired headphones however the inner amplifier does need to be powered these have actually an integrated in 1020 million per hour battery which fully butts in concerning three as well as a half hrs as well as you should not actually listen to them while they’re being charged there is a power saving attribute which instantly transforms these earphones off when you take them off your head and also I really like this feature since I practically never bear in mind to turn headphones off and I’m constantly simply squandering and also lacking battery and ultimately the mix fight do not have any kind of kind of active sound cancellation but due to the fact that of the design as well as the enough cushioning on the ear cups they do tend to passively separate very well all appropriate so I truly had not

been certain exactly how I was gon na feel about these they have an extremely special look as well as they’re kind of big and also hefty when it comes to appear top quality as well as convenience these were amazing and also absolutely worth the 250 bucks in my point of view I’m quickly adding these to my list of favored earphones currently of course these are wired headphones so they may not attract a person who’s seeking a mobile cordless headphone yet these aren’t headphones that I would think about making use of on the move anyways the multi pivot design is one-of-a-kind and they’re very comfortable even after lengthy hrs of use the mix v cost about 250 bucks and also I’ll put web links in the description to where you can buy these as well as at the exact same time help sustain my network absolutely free I really wish that I had the ability to give you an excellent overview of the bloomix penalty if I did please allow me recognize by giving this video a thumbs up tweet it share it and also if you have not yet hit the subscribe as well as notification button you can likewise discover me on Instagram Facebook And Twitter at tech gear talk and you recognize what I constantly state purchase it nice or buy it two times all the best as well as see you quickly