How to use a video monopod: Shooting and Techniques

today I desire to speak about among my favored video devices the video monopod video monopods have a couple of functions that separate them from traditional digital photography monopods today I’ll be making use of the Manfrotto 561 HD v1 and also I’ll show you why it is among one of the most flexible pieces of gear that I own so if I can just take one piece of electronic camera assistance gear if I need to choose in between my monopod as well as tripod I’m certainly taking my monopod so why would you utilize a monopod for video well if you invested at any time shooting video you understand that portable video footage is simply not going to function the amount of cam shake you get from simply trying to hold the video camera still suffices to make anyone woozy which does not also consider attempting to do pans and also turns currently the support devices item that’s utilized most usually is a tripod as well as a tripod provides fantastic security and also a really great fluid head will certainly let you obtain those wonderful panning as well as turning shots however you’re a little bit restricted when it concerns adding just enough cam motion this is where a video clip monopod pertains to the rescue while it can’t match a great tripod regarding shear security goes the

flexibility as well as a variety of shots that it supplies make it an absolute should in my opinion currently let’s spend a little of time considering the attributes that make video monopods distinct and after that we’ll likewise take a look at the sorts of shots that you can accomplish utilizing it the very first function that I like regarding this monopod is the feet the 3 feet snap out as well as add the type of stability needed for video in addition to the intrinsic stabilization that they offer I usually step on among them to make sure that there is no motion especially if I’m going to shift the monopod the feet are connected to the monopod with a sphere joint which lets me smoothly change the monopod and also then of program the variety of the shift is determined by the size of the monopod next we’ll see the fluid drag system which assists you obtain truly smooth pans when using the video monopod currently again if you compare them to a solid tripod with a wonderful liquid head you’ll see that they’re not as stable or smooth yet there are times when I wish to include a little of

video camera activity and also this is definitely way better than hand-holding a cam as well as trying the frying pan next we have the 4 areas that let me extend the monopod all the way to 6 feet 5 inches the range is not just there to accommodate people of various elevations however also to enable you to swiftly alter viewpoints and obtain a variety of shots and finally we have the liquid head which is an outright have to for the kinds of shots as well as I’m mosting likely to reveal you in the next part of this video clip now this is not a large fluid head yet it still gets the job done rather well the arm can attach on both sides and also there are times where I do not also utilize the arm as well as I simply direct the head making use of the video camera itself the liquid head additionally has a quick-release plate so I can flawlessly go from my monopod to my tripod next let’s check out the kinds of shots that you can obtain by utilizing a video clip monopod very first let’s take a look at the reveal currently reveal is a sort of shot where the primary topic of your shot is concealed to begin and after that it’s brought right into sight by some kind of electronic camera movement currently there are three different sorts of expose shots that I such as to do making use of the video

monopod the very first expose shot utilizes a shift of the monopod I stand to the side and action on one of the monopod feet I begin with my subject completely hidden and after that I move the monopod sideways as well as then bring the subject forward it’s pretty basic to accomplish and also the result is what’s described as a Dutch angle or a Dutch tilt which is where the vertical lines are at an angle sideways of the framework the next kind of disclose shot is an easy frying pan again we begin with the subject surprise and after that gradually pan the monopod to expose the topic while this can be completed with a tripod there are situations where area is a little bit limited or where I do not have sufficient time to appropriately establish a tripod and also that’s where I ‘d choose to use a monopod the 3rd expose shot is most likely my favored it’s a variation of the initial one however you’ll discover that I placed the cam laterally and this enables me to maintain the electronic cameras horizontal alignment while I’m shifting the monopod this shot

will certainly take some practice but I think you’ll be actually pleased with the outcomes once you get it right the following kind of shot I desire to talk concerning is called a focus I begin out with the camera shifted in the direction of the subject as well as this is where I get focus and afterwards start my shot and slowly draw the monopod back shedding emphasis of the subject I’ll after that later on reverse this in post so that I can obtain an excellent focus you can additionally attempt to draw back here and after that slowly move towards your subject but it’s a whole lot more challenging to nail that emphasis by doing this the next type of shot I want to review is a supported shot currently this never will certainly change a real stabilizer for your electronic camera but it will certainly give you usable results if you remain in a bind merely grip the monopod listed below the electronic camera with very little stress and then walk with as little jumping motion as possible once more it’s never ever mosting likely to replace a specialist stabilizer as well as you will also burn out really quickly however it is an option that you must recognize the following kind of shot I intend to speak about is the rock and also pan which really offers you a tracking fired so you’ll get hold of the arm

and also the strap of the monopod after that move it onward and after that slowly relocate or on an arc and follow your topic you can likewise use this kind of grip for the zoom as well as shot that we went over earlier the following type of shot I intend to review is a down angle shot now this isn’t one that I use extremely frequently however it does create some quite cool results so I intended to discuss it you’re mosting likely to start by prolonging the monopod and afterwards locking it right into place you’re then mosting likely to tilt the head and also secure it in position as well as set your focus now setting emphasis might be a little challenging due to the fact that you do not recognize your last distance from the subject but just estimate it to the most effective of your capacity you’ll then take the monopod and also stabilize it right on your upper leg holding it with your hands in this manner you can currently utilize a variant of the rock and frying pan to get a truly wonderful down angle monitoring shot in this section I just wanted to discuss some general notes concerning making use of a video clip monopod similar to any

camera support group the much more factors of call you have with the video camera the a lot more stable your shot will certainly be with the monopod we can tuck the arm in our armpit use both our hands as well as you can also get a customer for your video camera to get five factors of contact including the monopod like itself I’m really mindful I can obtain the monopod to equilibrium and stall by itself do I ever do this never ever however I would not advise it the video monopod is definitely one of my favorite camera supports it’s simple to utilize it lets me obtain a variety of shots as well as it’s quite portable I use the Manfrotto 561 BH DV for this video clip and also I like it and also I’ll put web links in the summary to this version in addition to a few other models that I believe you must discover please let me understand if you have any inquiries or if you have any suggestions for various other types of shots that can be attained using a video monopod if this video is helpful please give it a like and register for the channel we additionally started a Twitter account which goes to technology gear Talk thanks for enjoying as well as take a look at several of our other video clips