Focal Clear Review: MG or OG?

a part these days’s video clip is sponsored by hover so we’re looking at the clear today from focal we’ll call these the clear og these were sent out by the group at i also inquired to send out the clear mg due to the fact that this would possibly be my initial inquiry if i were looking at these for the very first time i do need to send out the mg back when i’m completed yet full disclosure i do reach keep the clear og in situation you’re brand-new here whether i reach keep an evaluation example after a video clip does not affect anything i have to say regarding the product i can’t be quickly persuaded the last point i need is extra earphones these both retail right under 1500 though you can presently score the clear og for simply under 900. so my various other inquiry would certainly be how do they pile up to the focal elects that we see on drop these can typically be had for regarding half of that though they can not obtain as low as like 5.99 for sale so we’ll discuss that also the unboxing experience is extravagant you get a fabric covered hard case with a probably artificial natural leather band nice equipment inside you get a quarter inch adapter and a short 1.2 meter wire for mobile likewise in package are 2 longer three meter cords one in a single finished 3.5 millimeter and the various other an equilibrium cable

television with xlr all these terminate in twin 3.5 millimeter on the headphone side they’re likewise rather thick stiff as well as rubberized not my preferred cables interestingly the clear mg only includes a brief solitary finished and the longer balance cable so only 2 there instead of 3 the construct high quality motivates confidence despite which model you select they’re all metal the surfaces are all premium the clear og is the silver gray colorway with mesh outers the mg resembles a brownish and also beige palette with a more striking geometric outer i’m a bigger fan of the mg appearance in spite of it being a shade that i most likely wouldn’t typically reach for cushioning is quite charitable and the headband as well as the ear pads themselves are really soft these are perforated mini suede oval shaped they determine like 52 by 65 millimeters inner the gray makes me a little worried because it appears like it can obtain rather unclean gradually yet these are actually simple to eliminate and also change they have 5 little messages inside and just break on and off these additionally don’t appear to have any problem with larger heads i’ve got a pretty monster dome and also i can wear these without getting on their maximum change i assume i have like one click left on either side of these things there’s no clamping pressure

either so there’s no change duration actually like out of package comfort such as this is a really welcome modification at a weight of around 450 grams i can’t say they exactly disappear on the head however, for me they continue to be comfy for truly long sessions so develop quality comfort as well as visual appeals are all right here for me this is exactly what i would certainly wish to see as well as really feel if i was investing this kind of cash these are dynamic chauffeurs 55 ohms 104 db level of sensitivity so you can drive these with your phone and also they seem remarkably excellent like very capable examined on the apple dongle open backs also really clear the kind that do not leakage noise even play audio straight right into your area so these are more tailored for residence usage despite being drivable on your mobile phone the vital difference in between the clear og and the clear mg is the motorist product primarily light weight aluminum on the og and completely magnesium on the clear mg duh they do determine a bit different mostly in the highs and i’ll link some protection if you intend to explore that for far better or even worse i’m just not truly a dimensions person yet i am starting to value them increasingly more since we all listen to points

differently most of us have extremely various ears and also different ages it does type of give you an embark on to start reviewing some of the extra subjective facets talking audio i need to start with the elects since i have a weird relationship with it i’ve had this earphone for perhaps over three years and i’ve never assessed it this is an earphone i understood i was supposed to such as individuals i trust have really great points to claim concerning it the cost factor would certainly indicate that it’s up there focal has a truly excellent credibility i was truly excited to get my hands on this thing i unboxed it i connected it in i marked time a track as well as i i simply really did not like it for me it’s bass light it’s highs forward it’s actually sibilant it’s as well aggressive for me on a great deal of tracks and also it was raw like exposing to a factor that it didn’t make my music really feel fun for reference i paid attention to a great deal of punk and indie rap edm not a great deal of jazz or classic not a great deal of metal talking with the extremely subjective nature of audio i would certainly a b examination this earphone with visitors versus the dt 1990 as well as consistently the guests the majority of them not high fire audiophile

people would certainly select the alex as the preferred because it seemed much more clear and also much more comprehensive as well as it really felt promptly lighter and also a lot more comfy than the 1990s so i would certainly shelve the elects as well as i would certainly pull it out periodically as i listened to a lot more earphones or i got a brand-new dac amp or when i lastly as well as stubbornly made a decision to explore eq’ ing earphones i just can never ever connect with this i value it much more today than i ever have yet it still does not toenail it for me also pad exchanging the clear pads to the alex sorry for the lengthy tale time there yet i felt it was essential to highlight all that due to the fact that i quickly liked the clear og and i was not expecting that in any way the alex is a lot more retuned in leer than it is at clear currently i have actually never listened to that earlier yet based upon adjusting notes it seems like i would like the original greater than i would certainly such as the decrease version the clear clearly shares a great deal of the very same dna as the elx but the discussion is warmer to me in the reduced end it can punch as well when it needs to which was surprising mids have a fantastic tonality vocals regardless of male as well as lady are really well provided here highs are detailed splashy occasionally over the line or

also warm for me versus consistently over the line on the alex this is as analytic as well as disclosing an earphone as i have actually had that still hits in all the best spots to provide me wow moments continually on nearly everything i have actually tried it on information retrieval is solid splitting up is there accent and also structure are both there as a reviewer i’ve been guilty a lot of equating balance with boring which’s definitely not the situation right here it’s hard to articulate due to the fact that it’s enjoyable to listen to that typically comes at an expenditure someplace as well as it is difficult to find that sacrifice if it’s a huge if because that tune needs to be understood well these are impressive however they’re exposing to the factor that if the track has any type of shortage in the mix or the master which is sadly really typical on a great deal of the garage indie stuff i pay attention to it stands out rather poor it’s worth saying as well that i investigated all these on the matrix miniature i3 pro dac cam so the clear mg so i presume the tl dr version to

me is that these are 10 far better than the clear og as well as the high-end and also just a little various everywhere else they are extra clear i hate to place it like that yet it is what it is they are total warmer in the bass department yet the reduced end is smoother perhaps a touch more scheduled than its deepness like the clear og has the ability to reach a little reduced be a bit much more tonal there’s a different tonality in the mids here they feel more energetic for me particularly in the high mids it’s not always much better than the og it’s simply various which i’ll expand a bit more after we chat concerning the highs that’s the greatest distinction for me between these 2 as well as it can be boiled down to this the hives are very qualified in both but the mg is extra clear more described extra nuanced in the top end it’s like i listen to the clear og as well as i go oh wow that appears actually really good and then i placed on the mg as well as i go oh how you refine the high end will likely be really subjective i say that since every little thing about how i regard the mg would certainly suggest that it would certainly be a lot more suitable to step over the line extra warm areas extra sibilants yet that’s simply not exactly how i’m hearing this headphone it’s even more disclosing extra ventilated and also in some way smoother than the highs on the og since could be due to the fact that it’s drawn back a little below in between

the 8 and also 9k hertz variety which is where i listen to sibilance however i never discover myself wincing at any of the highs like i do at the og so it makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable for me and i have actually listened to individuals comment on the metal tone of the og and also it wasn’t instantly apparent to me until contrasting them both back to back where the mg sounds much more all-natural in the mid-range it exists it’s simply not virtually as apparent as when you select it up on a planar magnetic like the most awful one off the top of my head would certainly be the hyphen edition dual x that point appears like steel ringing the entire time soundstage and also imaging is comparable on both as well as for me nearly nails what i like to see in a headphone it gets on par with the 1990 it’s bigger than the sennheiser 6 offerings not quite as broad as well as spacey as the sundara or the borderline incorrect size of the 800s side note right here but taking out the sundara an earphone that costs like 360 dollars now and also comparing it versus

the 1500 monster like this actually enhances simply how damn excellent the sundara is it’s reached be just one of the most effective buys as well as earphones period now if both these headphones were still at the retail price of around fifteen hundred dollars i would strongly encourage you to find a means to investigate them before you made your choice because the way you personally process the highs will absolutely enter play but as the og can now be had for around 6 hundred dollars less than the mg the selection is a whole lot more cl nah i’m not going to do that i do like the appearances of the mg as well as i like it extra total when you take into consideration the cost distinction though you ‘d be taking a practically 70 percent cost walk wherefore i view as a 10 rise in efficiency that’s hard if money was no item i would certainly choose the mg it pains me to send it back and also my drop affiliate web link would certainly enjoy for me to tell you that the alex is a suitable replacement for the clear at a budget price yet i can’t say that it is a means right into focal if you’re a lot more budget plan constricted however it is a lot more shouty much less natural does not have the exact same energy or the level of smoothness for me i’m certain that there’s people available that got as well as really appreciate this earphone absolutely nothing personal it’s

just except me and also if it was my money i would certainly reach additional and order the clear over the alex i would certainly go for a dt 1990 over the elects i would take a sundara over the alex you see crane it’s not all concerning the affiliate web links my person i’m simply busting rounds i love crin genuine what else i would take the clear over my long term daily motorist the dt 1990 and also i love that earphone as well as i would take it over an audizy lcd x too due to the fact that the headphone weighs a lot and i have to eq it to the moon to get it where i want it to be and also considering that absolutely nothing do without stating on the web either of the gets rid of would certainly make great mixing earphones as well as pc gaming headphones all the points that make them both balanced and also detailed will certainly make them excellent fits for both as well as the convenience is there for long-lasting wear so there it allows fan of the clear og bigger fan of the clear mg as well as it’s renewed my rate of interest in focal as for the elix back to the rack if you’re trying to make a footprint online among the initial things you’ll

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as well as now you can save 10 off any of the 400 domain extensions they use and also assist support the channel by mosting likely to poor seedtech huge thanks to float for funding today’s video clip and also thank you so a lot for your time i really felt good to do some sound today i have actually been actually postponing this video clip now that we remain in the new studio space here i lastly have some area to spread out i’m delighted regarding obtaining back right into sound we do have a pair keyboard videos to produce back to back as well as after that we’ll be doing a big video on iems allow me recognize in the comments if there’s anything audio-wise that’s appeared lately that you desire me to take a look at that’s it for today and i will capture you done in the following one keep up you