KBDFans + Vulcan Maja v2: Alice / Arisu Perfection

i think this may be a solid competitor for final form for keyboard geeks you don’t need to go also far down the bunny hole in this leisure activity before you start to see boards that appear like this this is an alice layout or even more properly in an affordable layout because it does have the committed arrowheads in the much appropriate column of a 65 it’s niche for certain most likely not as high as a 40 yet still i’m privileged to have a pretty incredible example of this format in residence today this is the vulcan and kbd followers maha v2 it remains in team eye today finishing quickly but they were wonderful adequate to prolong the gb first for a few days so i might do this video chassis here is aluminum and also this board is a hefty monster around 2.2 kilos or practically 5 extra pounds when i discuss instances having simple geometry as well as sounding a little level about it this is an excellent instance of what i’m searching for there’s no underglow or polycarb sections but the side account is really wonderful below these curves are stunning great rounded edges and also large soft bezel around the leading chassis fantastic lines we additionally have a pvd stainless steel weight bar in all-time low with a

stainless badge in the facility and also a pvd brass weight inside also i recognize you don’t see any one of this things when you’re just sitting at the desk utilizing the board but this level of geometry and decoration is what i’m looking for when i acquire right into a much more costly set this set begins at 339 that includes all the weights which is honestly much reduced than i ‘d prepared for i believed this was going to be 500 very easy due to the fact that it’s an ergo design we have this little dip in the lower edge where your thumbs remainder as well as they supply a walnut wrist rest right here that’s tapered the same way so it fits right up against the board looks spick-and-span this is hot swap only south dealing with gataron outlets with perky rgb it’s a gasket place also we have 10 factors with poron gaskets both in the leading and also bottom as well as they have a daughter board inside below also it is usbc facility installed really flush with the instance so do anticipate to have some connected visible this prototype pcb is purple however i anticipate black in the final variation played below is polycarb very flexibly we have a poron sheet for home plate along with a thinner sheet in between the pcb and also the lower case and also you can’t see the pvd brass weight in the bottom

there this does support pcb install stabs which i do not think are included in the package this prototype featured cherry stabs installed normally i would replace these however whoever tuned these at kbd followers did a damn good work so i’m leaving these alone they seem excellent and the return is actually crunchy so we have actually obtained an 8 degree typing angle below basically pleads to be used with the wrist remainder it’s a pretty striking layout too is the middle of the alphas are revolved we have actually got some splitting up to develop some range in between your hands i like this a great deal as well as i simulate the truth that we have devoted arrowheads here versus truth alice layout which is based off of 60 sure there are countless means you might establish up arrows on this board without having committed arrows specifically since we’ve got a lot going on under our thumb that might function as a function layer toggle yet i like having dedicated arrows there on that particular note you do have pretty infinite flexibility in setting this approximately your particular demands as it’s both qmk and using suitable and that’s where you can obtain quite creative with these tricks right below the really odd one is this key i have a horrible old

embedded habit of hitting b with my right-hand man which develops an obstacle when i’m making use of a split board that killed me on the dig my raising as i’ve attempted to find out correct keying technique i sometimes discover myself striking it with either hand clearly i’m not the only one that does this you practically can set this thing up with 2 b’s not every keycap collection consists of two b’s a whole lot of gmk things does yet it is a lot more on the rare side so view out for that but you can establish it to anything you like like a layer toggle which is how i’m using it right here then you can choose what you intend to do with your mods and also your rooms i decided to keep both spacebars as area when i’m inputting i normally only strike spacebar with my right hand however that’s not the instance when i’m editing and most definitely not the situation when i’m video gaming i was scared this layout wouldn’t be undue for video gaming however it in fact is also utilizing both the spacebars that still leaves 2 controls as well as 2 alts up for grabs you’ve most likely put this with each other now but among the largest challenges with this layout is discovering suitable keycap sets generally

you’ll see individuals use change secrets or like something from the numpad in place of the spacebars you just have to pay really attention when you’re seeking keycap collections this cat 909 collection i’m utilizing had every little thing other than for the 2nd b the new novel tricks pvt establishes job fantastic with gmk not constantly but typically you’ll have to order an added kit in addition to your base kit so yeah i believe that represents itself i wish every key-board i very own sounded like this board i don’t also believe the videotaped audio examination does it justice for me no mods required i wouldn’t change a point typing feel is terrific as well there’s some good flex right here bad behaves as well as soft i think the polycarb plate is definitely the move here i wouldn’t intend to tense up this in all by selecting a brass plate so downsides what would i change below truthfully not a whole lot like nothing possibly the usb adapter resting so flush with the case is primarily it the rgb doesn’t add a lot for me either i instantly disable it and neglect it’s also there but that’s pretty subjective from the looks the really feel the sound i just really similar to this board and also for what it

is i don’t think they’re asking also much right here i might quickly see this becoming my primary day-to-day chauffeur board sorry mark i recalled lately a great deal of my customized keyboard insurance coverage and while i really feel like the reviews themselves are strong having a bunch of disconnected independent evaluations doesn’t actually do a great deal to help onboard or invite new individuals right into the custom-made keyboard area so i have actually decided to build out some composed web content that’ll address some common concerns and also kind of feature as a roadmap and unlike video content i can go back and also modify that created web content as the marketplace changes to see to it it’s always fresh the primary step to that is safeguarding a domain name as well as for that i recommend hover the sponsor these days’s video clip among the huge points i like concerning hover is that they just concentrate on domain so it offers me the safety and security of having my organizing different from my domain name that suggests as things grow or alter in time i can relocate easily to whatever holding fits my

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