Razer Huntsman V2 TKL: YOUR Move, Razer.

it’s very easy for me to neglect often that not everyone wants the personalized keyboard experience it can be an inhospitable and also confusing room for newbies and i certainly obtain that there’s a market for people that simply intend to head out acquire a board bring it home plug it in and also begin using it i obtain it the problem is front runner boards from large brands generally have huge cost tags and also they miss basic key-board fundamentals like feel and appear the brand-new huntsman v2 freshen from razer pledges to strike the basics and also provide industry-leading latency and switch speed let’s see how they do you all set let’s go [Songs] the razer huntsman v2 is available in either full size at 189 and 199 as well as a tkl version valued at 149 or 159 depending on switch option there’s a lot shared in between both versions and they both continue razer’s most recent fad of softening all the loud pc gaming visuals much less rgb branding is marginal in both

instances we have an aluminum top plate which feels strong but does still fingerprint and also a plastic lower with double angle flip down feet we do still maintain the shiny branding on the bottom keycaps on both are pbt beam with wonderful meaning on the legends for pbt these are the same caps we’ve seen considering that the og huntsman te and once again on the huntsman mini they’re lightly textured very resilient it’s also a basic bottom row in both cases which suggests your modifier tricks are all common size which is an advance from the existing full-size huntsman elite as complete dimension as well as tkl or 10 keyless are both common designs as well this means you can change these keycaps with practically any set you can discover there whether from razer or from any individual else both variations of the board currently consist of a redone magnetic wrist remainder with end-to-end padding on the complete size you obtain a numpad as well as devoted media controls it’s got a little digital volume wheel on the side it’s an old plastic assembly it really feels pretty great it’s obtained a little wobble to it if you try the buttons feel

really good as well wire remains side installed as well as it’s fixed which struck me as type of strange normally with a full-size pc gaming keyboard you have a usb pass-through that makes for a really thick cable because situation it’s reasonable that it’s fixed there’s no aftermarket cables yet function wise the huntsman v2 is quite disrobed for a video gaming key-board as well as there is no usb passthrough that suggests the cord is a whole lot thinner which would certainly have opened it as much as aftermarket cables so it would have been nice to see a detachable cable television here over on the v2 tkl version we undoubtedly lose the number pad in the media controls and also we keep the detachable usb-c cable from the existing huntsman te both versions currently consist of interior acoustic foam which is an actually welcome enhancement as well as they include 8k polling which we’ll discuss in just a 2nd the huge draw for the huntsman line is the razer optical switch both boards currently supply a selection of razer’s purple clicky optical button in the v2 version of the red direct optical switch as

we talked about in the model d wireless video the other day there is d-bounce hold-up connected with mechanical switches it’s normally assured by button producers to be under five nanoseconds optical switches are not affected by this so they’re rapid just how much faster than routine switches is generally figured out by specialized equipment software or youngsters on adderall i do not play anything like osu or any type of game that’s insane keyboard latency input dependent i’m personally much more knowledgeable about this in a computer mouse setting than i remain in a key-board what i will say is that these feeling quite on par speed sensible with mx speeds yet without the unexpected key presses of mx rates these feel actually good also smooth i like them these feel to me like they have actually chosen a larger actuation below versus one of the most current variation of these switches that we saw on in 2014’s huntsman mini these have been through some revisions for

many years the original reds on the te were super loud when they went down to 60 they added silicone dampeners and also manufacturing facility loot this definitely reduced huge time on the bottom out and also return sound yet each of these switches has its own stabilizer cable without the loud clacky button audio to sink out several of that wire noise it left the mini with similar to this weird rattling sound on every essential i more than happy to report that the enhancement of the acoustic foam inside reduces this sound a fair bit it’s not also crazy thick foam however it makes a huge distinction a possible downside to be familiar with is that these switches feel wetted also like if you’ve ever placed o-rings on your board you’ll recognize what i’m chatting regarding they can not feel mushy currently i directly like the feeling as far as the real keys themselves go this may be my favorite crucial press on a razer key-board so much yet i recognize some individuals most definitely don’t such as

that so i did want to aim that out what usually offers every gaming keyboard its signature rattley sound is the stabilizers these individuals on several of your longer secrets now i’m spoiled i invest a great deal of time on my personal personalized boards to make certain that my stabilizers do not make any type of sound at all these rattle a couple years when i assessed the huntsman te these would have been great instances of gaming stabilizers they feel wonderful for a manufacturing board yet brands are catching on when i open this board up the stabilizer housings are bone dry yet this is why i like examining razer stuff when the v1 opticals came out all the customers said they were really loud so razer included silicone dampeners the huntsman mini went down and also most of us grumbled concerning the cord rattle and also the hollow audio from the situation razor added acoustical foam so i need to do my part right here razor let’s obtain some factory lube hefty grease right where that cord clips right into the plastic stab housing you do that this

point will certainly top the graphes as a pre-built video gaming keyboard all right let’s discuss this 8k pulling razer informs me that with the optical buttons as well as the 8k pulling this board has an overall latency of 0.25 milliseconds that’s outstanding i understand just how much time the engineers erasers spend tweaking stuff such as this here’s the important things i can not show it or demonstrate it we don’t have the tools to investigate that attempt to google or youtube or reddit anything about optical versus hall effect switches over or polling rates generally it’s truly tough to locate anyone around that can fairly audit any one of that things you’ll probably locate a really awesome ass network i have actually been binging recently called battle rubbish this man mosts likely to excellent lengths to try to confirm a few of these claims as for input latency or delay goes i still seem like the human aspect the individual behind the key-board and also the mouse is still the largest variable there that means until i have a means to objectively investigate this stuff the very best i might do is sit below as well as tell you that yeah it feels quick is it much faster i would certainly be using an assumption till i have a way to examine it fairly i actually can’t include it in a discussion regarding worth the very best i can do is concede that the huntsman is one of the fastest boards available alongside most likely the steel series peak pro the

corsair k100 and the wooting 2he which we’ll be having a look at soon if you have anything to add to this details part of the discussion please allow me recognize down in the comments i discover new things from you people at all times it is just one of my favored aspects of running this channel on the subject of worth the initial huntsman te came out in september of 2019. 2 years ago it was a considerable board since it was the very first time we had actually really seen a huge brand name take responses directly from the key-board community it brought backlit pbt keycaps a typical bottom row and a removable usbc wire from a large box pc gaming brand name that was bananas at the time i suched as a lot concerning that board however kid was it loud rather strong worth too like 129.99 quick onward to currently and also they have actually upgraded those loud switches they have actually included the acoustical foam the 8k pulling as well as they’ve consisted of a wrist rest as well as we see a price boost of either 20 or 30 dollars doesn’t fairly hit like it carried out in 2019 yet it in some way still can be found in 20 under the apex professional tkl unless you catch it on sale as well as i’m pretty sure the pinnacle has painted abdominals caps too corsair i don’t assume has a tkl form variable that has their optical buttons yet looking at the

complete dimension huntsman v2 it’s a similar tale you acquire all the exact same things yet you shed travel through and all the rgb under lighting and also we’re taking a look at 189 or 199. That’s a little tougher sell against the full-size peak pro but i would definitely take it over the k100 at 229. the looting 2 is actually going to make points fascinating it’s right there at that very same cost factor it’s still in pre-order it’s going to be more challenging to obtain your hands on i think i’m rather detached concerning full-size boards generally but i actually like the v2 tkl my only review whatsoever is the absence of factory lube on the stabs you simply need to ask on your own what you want might you develop a custom-made board for 149 159 done in yeah certain you absolutely might it would certainly be reduced mid-range you’ll have to discover your components as well as develop optical buttons they’re not going to be an alternative for you and also it’s a pretty secure bet there’s not a team of engineers tweak that firmware for low latency that’s something people have a tendency to ignore when they’re having keyboard conversations if you’re wanting to go get hold of a video gaming keyboard particularly for competitive fps the huntsman v2 tkl is an extremely strong challenger i

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