Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX: A Game of “If”

this is a huge cash video today if your budget is already in risk just reduced it off right currently do not also watch it i alerted you up front claim whatever you desire regarding decrease they do not miss when it comes to the sennheiser collapse pc37x38x58x 6xx banger lineup today we’re mosting likely to go 800s against the final retail tuned version of the 8xx as well as since both of these headphones were offered on car loan for this video clip which is uncommon i’ll be telling you at the end whether or not i’ll in fact be investing my very own money to buy either of these earphones you ready let’s go the rate point on these earphones is interesting the hd800s presently goes with around 1600 depending upon where as well as when you purchase the hd8xx is 1100 dollars now since sennheiser is producing the 8xx at the exact very same location as the 800s there is no apparent difference in style or physical build in any way as much as i can inform that implies right off the split unless they have actually entirely mishandled the adjusting on the 8xx you’re obtaining an actually deep discount on it 800s with one caution the 800s includes a

well balanced 4.4 pentacon cord this cord sets you back 380 bucks straight from sennheiser now i can’t think of a person buying this certain cable unless they simply actually wanted that complete stock experience since you can get a 10 foot balance wire that ends in whatever you like for in between 130 and 180 bucks regretfully chances are quite slim that you already have a balanced cord that will collaborate with these as they’re dual 2 pin ports as much as i know they’re limited to this particular headphone as well as stuff from campfire the only cosmetic difference i can discover is this ring that’s midnight blue with black printing versus black with silver printing on the 800s which’s it so i’m not going to invest a great deal of time discussing construct or create due to the fact that some variation of the 800 has been in market given that like 2009 the s version since 2016. It’s not brand-new so we’re mosting likely to speak about standout stuff only it’s a great deal of plastic specifically when you think about the initial cost of 1700 that makes it extremely

lightweight at around 380 grams on my range the ear cups are enormous cavernous shaped like an ear so you have that d shape i have bigger ears however you would certainly need to be right up full-blown dumbo mode to have your ears touch anywhere inside these mugs the stockier pads themselves are super marginal too there’s no securing force the ear pads are so huge that it’s a marvel to me how they form a seal at all as they traverse such a huge stretch of your head as well as neck geometry however these are all the time comfy for me alright enough of that let’s enter into the good things if you’re brand-new below it is very important to comprehend that i started my sound journey as a base head and also have actually grown over time i still enjoy my bass but i’ve come to be much more familiar with when it seems bloated or fake emphasized or when another thing crucial is being compromised to offer it my music style taste is all over the location my typical casual paying attention preference lands somewhere in the high-end customer noise it’s virtually like an exact opposite of the harmon curve i intend to talk initial regarding the 800s because like with the 6xx it’s rather generally approved that it’s essentially a discount 650. The relationship between

the 800s and also the 8xx isn’t so reduce and dry i examined these mostly on the matrix tiny i3 also on the thx 789 and also the swirl present zdt junior for some tubes and also there are some interesting differences below based on source equipment the 800s to me is a really unique really certain earphone i’ve never ever heard the 800 stock yet i have actually heard the 800s before i obtained josh’s for some time but i’ve never owned one it impresses me that my appealing brief initial impact of this headphone from over a year ago still is true after spending a great deal of vital paying attention time with this to start with it’s an incredibly enlightening headphone you can listen to everything at one time at all times you can listen to exactly how competent or unskilled the blending designer was it’s not a bass heavy headphone this is a headphone for individuals that listen to strings instrumental stuff it’s for appreciating a naturally talented singer that doesn’t require a lot of studio aid like if you directly play guitar this is a headphone that you intend to listen to your

favored guitarist on to capture every ounce of that detail it’s a nuanced equipment for those with an advanced ear what this headphone succeeds is mainly shed for me on like rap edm even punk rock it fails there for me it does not have the low end balls truthfully to effectively convey the power of that songs it simply does not get my blood pumping on a whole lot of categories as well as i believe that boils down to the reality that the bass is so light rapid and completely dry like big rounded tonal 808s nah in fairness it does give me a lot of wow minutes especially on tracks that i recognize effectively because it discloses some subtlety that i ‘d never listened to prior to it additionally has one of the most broad and also immersive noise phases i have actually ever before heard in a headphone duration i really wish to drive that point home a lot of the moment when i’m working i being in front of a big lg cx tv as well as i make use of the audio speakers on that television to play sound when i’m not putting on headphones the first time i place these on at reduced volume i thought what i was hearing was the television audio speakers in the area being played through the earphones that i was just putting on without any signal it’s that wide by the way because of that audio phase

and also the sheer level of information right here it makes an extremely very good video gaming earphone but musically it’s an experience one that i would certainly get from time to time to appreciate or share with my sound nerd good friends that mored than your gas mileage may differ relying on what you enjoy but it wouldn’t live at my desk full time for negatives it’s pretty commonly approved that it’s bright like the treble is warm now i don’t put this on and go yikes a peek at 6k it’s something that’s naturally wearing down for me after a while and also it becomes more obvious in time that there’s something going on up there that’s simply not touchdown for me this was really obvious on the 789 less apparent on the tiny i3 but surprisingly still really evident on televisions on the zdt junior that’s an amp i normally make use of to ravel the luxury on the dt 1990. It did add some warmth on the whole a little much

required dampness to the base however not almost as long as i expected still tubes possibly would be my favored means to appreciate these the prompt and evident drawback for me for this earphone is that bass just kind of feels like an afterthought words like cozy lush abundant do not truly belong in an audit of this earphone and also it’s not something i can just delve into eq as well as bump a pair bands to deal with either to place that in point of view something like the lcd-x resembles a sonic sandbox for me i can eq that point to rather much noise nonetheless i desire it to so why was it important to dive into all that to establish the table for the review of the 8xx well because the distinction between the 800s and the 8xx is mainly adjusting among the main points they looked for to take care of is to bring some base warmth which they did like 5db they cooled down the warm factors in the high end that’s excellent fantastic but this location the 2 to 3.5 k array i’m just not a fan of the 8xx

on a strong state amp without some eq that included heat in the low end comes off as kind of synthetic and something does obtain lost because top midrange bear in mind just how i said that the 800s is a hear every little thing constantly headphone well the adjusting on the 8xx includes some confusion in there my ears and my brain simply right away start trying to analyze what it is that seems odd or off up there rather than just being offered up sterling crystal clear audio which’s what’s mosting likely to make this headphone so polarizing or debatable since to my ear it does deal with the typically approved possibilities of the 800s but in doing so eliminates some of the magic that exists because earphone i assume it does alter the audio phase as well as i assume the detail is not fairly as easy to distinguish now for what it’s worth i’m being really nitpicky below since this is a great deal of money however you put this earphone on tubes and it’s goal completed there’s tone currently there is a richness to it the information retrieval is intact and also the sound phase is still there it really feels actually well balanced total you pay

attention to the 8xx for a while on televisions and after that you return to the 800s and expand it’s like an all the time distinction the tone obtains sucked out the warm factors as well as the highs come right back i do not personally have a balanced tube amp yet the 8xx makes me intend to i do desire to touch briefly on a statement i made concerning the zendak v2 in my last video regarding them handling this headphone okay i intend to retract that this is a definite instance of having the ability to accomplish quantity versus having the ability to attain overall potential these truly open with some power something that was altered by the real base function on the zendex the lower line be prepared to feed these some power if you want the true experience as i obtained towards the end of this evaluation all this conversation concerning tuning truly pled a big concern for me currently i obtain that there are physical aspects involved with tuning an earphone bits of various material occasionally but could

the 8xx be tuned to seem basically for much better or even worse like the 800s because if it might as well as you were ready to do away with a well balanced cable then you ‘d have the ability to essentially rack up an 800s at a truly deep price cut even if you purchase an aftermarket equilibrium wire which i do suggest still a suitable discount rate and also the response is yes yes you absolutely can unless you have actually had your head in the sand you’ve likely seen chronicles review since it’s not lovely in that which i will certainly link in the summary he adds some eq settings so that if you presently possess the 800s you can obtain a sneak peek of the tuning of the 8xx all i did was reverse those setups to see if i can obtain the 8xx to seem like the stock 800s as well as you can get very close the tldr that i believe draw of the 800s with those problematic highs cooled down off it maintains the bulk of the sound phase in the bulk of the detail yet you will certainly need to eq to taste if the detail in that top mid-range obtains tough to analyze for you of what it’s worth the distinctions are truly obvious when you’re being in a b comparing these 2 headphones directly and also much less apparent if you just sit

down to the 8xx with fresh ears currently as far as a suggestion goes it’s a video game of ifs perhaps the means i define the 800s noises best to you maybe you’ve currently heard that earphone and also loved certain points regarding it yet it was as well bright or you did simply want a little bit more bass heat and the tuning of the 8xx sounds really tempting if you’re just on solid-state equipment i would wage care especially if you don’t have access to eq if you’re on a husky tube amp setup after that yeah yes absolutely despite no eq the 800s has a couple truly fantastic dress up its sleeve yet i seem like the 8xx is going to be an extra listenable experience for a wider series of people so would certainly i personally choose up an 800s i would except 15 to 1700 that headphone simply doesn’t land close sufficient to what i’m seeking will i be getting the 8xx the response to that is possibly and i know that’s not as clear-cut as you would certainly like yet it’s a hundred percent due to the fact that i already possess the lcdx that headphone has the information reacts well to eq as well as has such a deep reserve of bass and also below bass that i can eq it to sound 100 how i desire my songs to appear across all genres that i pay attention to drawbacks this is a physically hefty

earphone it feels very heavy on your head and also the audio stage really feels pretty constricted at this price point particularly after this comparison the 8x definitely controls it in terms of weight convenience and also soundstage the 8xx is an all-day wear and it makes an actually solid pc gaming earphone too the lcdx does not i will state 100 if i had not already listened to the lcdx initial i would certainly have already offered dropped my money for the 8xx as it is i’m investing a long time with the focal elex now and also that may add some clarity to my choice yet i need to get an aria as well before i can call it for certain got ta offer a large thank you to skillshare for sponsoring today’s video clip skillshare if you do not already know is an online discovering community with countless training courses intended particularly at creatives like a great

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