NOVA65 PROTOTYPE: Keyboard from a MOUSEPAD Company??

today’s video clip is sponsored by hellofresh so today odin gaming is revealing its nova 65. it’s a 65 keyboard with some respectable supply internals a pair points we have not seen prior to in a rather soaring price of 149.99 for a bare bones from a firm primarily recognized for its computer mouse pads we have an extremely early example in-house today as well as we’re mosting likely to take an appearance you all set allow’s go the nova 65 is anticipated to introduce with a retail of 149.99 it arrives as a pre-assembled bare bones package so no buttons and no caps it should be available in july or august relying on last manufacturing and shipping for openness this was sent out by odin video gaming no payment took area they really did not get to hear or see any type of facet of this before you did i will say also that this is a really early example today so i will be mentioning points throughout this video clip that i recognize they’ve already resolved we have actually got a tray mount layout aluminum with really slim bezels light weight aluminum plate also but the bottom is clear polycarb with the odin video gaming

logo design we also have seven large diode leds that are down firing to offer some underglow that’s a result that’s muted on this example due to the low account rubber situation speed up the last production runs will have taller feet to enable more of that radiance being totally clear like this it’s not mosting likely to diffuse light when taking a look at it from the underside yet it does provide you an intriguing check out the internals of the board the pcb is a yan card style branded specifically for this board it goes over you might recognize this from the nk 65 boards so you have kale warm swap outlets these are south dealing with and also have five pin switch support but unlike the mk65 they additionally have pcb mounted stab support which is the move as well as the consisted of stabs are durock v2s these will be included in the manufacturing run these will arrive dry so you can lube them to your taste without needing to cleanse up a manufacturing facility lube work very first i selected a simple 205 grade no as well as dielectric grease on these with some stab

pads i notice on this duplicate that the plate openings for the stabs near the area bar are actually limited so with any luck they’re making some modifications to the resistances there as i needed to force the plate down onto the stabs leaving them pretty messed up these situation screws that actually jump out at you are already slated for a redesign to make them a far better mix with home plate in regards to color and also fit fortunately there are only 5 to get in the board we also have some respectable foam consisted of below in between the pcb and home plate cable television connection remains side usb-c my example did not include a wire it’s pretty flush with the outside of the instance so you’ll likely wind up with a little the adapter noticeable like we saw on the veranda you may likewise notice that the escape and the one secret are north encountering sockets initially look i presumed this was simply for

the model yet it’s not if you check out where that port is placed you’ll see that the warm swap sockets will certainly conflict with that usb port you can likewise see we have a little more space on the opposite side like where the port gets on the mk65 yet that space is cut into by opting for pcb mount stabs this might drop some light as to why the mk65 rolled out with plate install stabilizers i do not know that there’s an easy method to solve this having retreat as well as one being various isn’t the end of the world as you won’t be using them in fast succession with the remainder of your alphas i indicate like having a number of upside down outlets in the center of your alphas like your g or your h where it’s going to be alongside your often utilized secrets there’s simply something a little disturbing regarding knowing that two of my outlets are different from all of the others i assumption i never understood that the tofu 65

pcb has the very same problem i really intend to learn through you all on this one is this strange is it a bargain breaker for you am i panicing would certainly you favor that the whole board be north encountering rather let me know in the comments we do have support for through below you enjoy to see it no support for qmk currently in regards to construct that foam layer does have some play as well as it’s hard to get it straightened ideal to obtain the pcb and the plate back in case this may not be a concern if they weren’t adhered with each other in a solitary setting up as a result of the stab openings on the plate the other problem is the screws as well as not just for the visual appeal ideally they’re checking out a longer alternative as the screws engaged and the threads make home plate so reduced that the buttons do not place flush on that bottom row finally i simply wish to aim out that the instance does not totally cover the sight of the switches under the caps as i know that bothers several of you so we listened to both some lubed polar pandas and some lubed and also shot h1s also quite top tier switches over in

their corresponding classifications so you get a feeling for the sound from both an idea and also a clack perspective i don’t get a great deal of pain which is great i do obtain several of that hollow audio that i have actually concerned associate with non moist and tray place boards and some row variance in there as well overall though it seems much better than i had actually anticipated i understand they’re currently dealing with some modifications to the polycarb product they’re utilizing due to the fact that in its current kind it’s not resilient scrape is very easy application in the edges is rather harsh it also really restricts the amount of audio moistening you can do to this board without compromising the desired aesthetic which’s kind of an embarassment because this board would certainly gain from some situation foam you additionally listened to the extremely loud space bar in there what you’re listening to is bench itself bottoming out on home plate since i can’t get home plate and the stabs deceitfully being a content designer can be a little wild in some

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and the sound tests come from odin video gaming also these show up to be dye below pbt and also they’re presently valued at 49.99 they will certainly be full 110 key sets so they must be suitable with almost any type of board you can locate i don’t want to concentrate way too much on these since the tales are pretty harsh on this early sample they’ve adjusted the font dimension and also the weight on the majority of the mods to be a lot more consistent so we’ll need to wait on the finals i am missing out on the black up arrow as ups had an absolute area day with this bundle and the caps were broken open in transit you may additionally see the unusual mod design on the ideal side it’s my understanding this has actually been altered to a much more familiar spacing with a bigger space in between the alt and also the arrows for

the last so considering that this is a very first appearance at an actually very early example i don’t intend to dig unfathomable right into the worth discussion since this still really feels quite much away from also a polished beta instead knowing that odin video gaming will certainly be watching this video clip and also will likely be engaging with you in the remarks i would take this possibility to engage straight with them in terms of competition i seem like we have actually passed the existing revision of the 95 nk 65 entry with home plate mount stabs being the significant adverse variable however it is getting pretty crowded in that 99 to 149 buck cost segment obtained the portico there the nasty 68 aurora as well as the kbd67 lite all in polycore of instances none with real accessibility at the time of this video clip the nova 65 is available in under the tofu 65 you’ve likewise got the kikron k6 out there at 99 bucks with

wireless as well as of course we have the gmmk pro out there which has been doing numbers it’s also currently in pre-order in addition to they push to meet the need so what do you think is this for you any type of recommendations anything you desire to see managed various to me it feels like it’s valued a little north of where i wishes to see it i will certainly be really curious to see this unfold and also i would certainly hold off on making any purchase choices till we see some protection of the final because this still really feels very model in its current state as always web links down listed below for whatever we chatted concerning today any type of concerns strike me in the remarks that’s it for this moment i’m brian p thanks so a lot for viewing don’t fail to remember to strike that like switch struck that below switch and also until next time stay up you