Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Is THIS the Move??

today’s video is given you by radiance well today’s video is conveniently among one of the most awaited mice of the year see it’s challenging to be first you got to offer logitech a great deal of credit rating because they were the initial ones to truly damage down that professional cordless performance barrier something a whole lot of people assumed was not possible it took their closest rival razor a while to capture them in terms of performance as well as power use there’s a lot to be claimed for that but as soon as you damage that seal it opens you up to competition i still would not state there’s a ton of competition in the high-end cordless room however the rivals that are there most definitely bring some pressure so the g pro wireless is back in a new lightweight kind that they’re calling the pro x cordless super light it’s a rather uncomplicated evaluation but i sense that some of the changes they made and also some of the adjustments they didn’t are going to be questionable we’re going to speak regarding why you all set let’s go yo i’m brian p you’re watching poor seat tech and also today we’re inspecting out the professional x

cordless super light gaming computer mouse from logitech full transparency logitech did send this out for evaluation however as you ought to understand by now doesn’t affect my evaluation in any kind of way first the good as well as bad news the extremely light will not be changing the existing g pro wireless that mouse will certainly continue to be in market as well as valued at 129.99 this computer mouse will certainly take their flagship area and also it’ll be valued at 149.99 if this mass looks acquainted it’s because really little was performed in regards to the form itself the large heading right here is that the incredibly light is developed at a weight of under 63 grams they’re being generous here because my copy evaluates even more like 57 58 grams versus the g pro wireless at 82 grams on my range now you do not obtain to cut over 20 grams of weight without making some concessions we see that both in attributes and ease of access the greatest physical change is that we no more have any type of support below for left-handed individuals those switches are merely erased that implies that all the consisted of detachable replaceable side switches from the gpw are additionally

erased in their area is a tiny weird ridge that resembles the covering of the computer mouse was simply laid over the switches that’s not accurate of training course but it looks like that in theory it might offer a little aid on liftoff yet the means i hold this computer mouse sees that little ridge in between both my third finger and my pinky so it supplies absolutely nothing in my instance structurally they appear to have actually made no compromises there’s no openings obviously and the entire computer mouse really feels equally as strong and also well built as the gpw it’s very balanced as well as the cut to the weight is certainly visible in hand side note below eco worry was actually leading of mind when they designed this product they have actually taken care of to do something below that’s completely carbon neutral which is a huge task i had no suggestion eco concerns were so important to logitech if you’ve never explored brac and also darrell prior to logitech chief executive officer you truly ought to actually remarkable man extremely simple terrific values i’ll link a video i discovered on him down in the description

as a refresher course size right here is 126 millimeters long 60 at the front flare 63 at the back and also 59 at the grip with a height of about 40 millimeters it is just one of one of the most secure forms around typically deals with a quite wide variety of hand sizes i can not actually hand and claw this yet fingertip is challenging for me both in hold width and the overall elevation despite having hands gauging 20.5 by 10.5 centimeters both white and black colorways will certainly be readily available at launch the coating remains the same as well as it’s actually a magnet for oil and also finger prints i would certainly police this in a white variation for certain the next removal is any kind of rgb of any type this not only cuts the weight but it boosts the battery life so the logo is matte silver currently as well as we lose the dpi indications you’re not gon na need those indications anyway due to the fact that the real dpi switch has actually been removed from the bottom of the computer mouse as well the only method to set the dpi is in the g-hub software program or to

designate one of the other buttons to dpi switching which on what’s now a five switch computer mouse actually restricts your genuine estate you can obviously usage g-shift if you’re willing to part ways with one switch to get to four additional functions as a pc gaming mouse this probably isn’t that large of an offer unless you have numerous panels in your setup that operate at different resolutions as well as you like a different dpi for each and every just something to be familiar with inside the box you obtain a little cordless dongle its top quality pro x and the extender as well as a billing wire it’s functional as a play as well as cost wire also very same trident design same rubberized covering same mini usb connector it’s adaptable enough yet it all feels quite throwback at this moment below the glides have actually seen a huge upgrade with zero additive ptfe for this reason the grayish shade with a massive slide on the front you still have the sensing unit slide the back move is no more three

sections however one constant like three quarter circle and also if that’s not adequate glide they additionally include a substitute puck that has its very own complete slide too so you can turn like 70 of all-time low of this mouse into one large mouse gateway generally evaluates approximately the same as the stock puck also so no fears there under that puck you still retain storage for the dongle as well as you do still preserve compatibility for the power play puck also which will certainly add between 3 as well as 5 grams away ought to go without claiming right here but if you’ve obtained a big stockpile of aftermarket skates saved up for the gpw they’re not going to work right here likewise included regarding these slim rubberized mouse grasps as well for the sides as well as the triggers both as much as these triggers go they really feel exactly like the gpw to me so little to no pre-travel and noticeable blog post travel they do endure pretty pronounced side play as well nothing game breaking however if we’re holding everybody to the exact

same standard they’re much better than the viper ultimate and not nearly just as good as the mow hereof an essential note right here is that these have actually the updated switches in them that we saw on the shroud variation of the g pro wireless so that dreadful double clicking that you’ve most likely read about should be alleviated to a much far better degree here logitech doesn’t specifically say these are 20 mil versus the former 50 mil omrons but the actuator is that same gray white shade currently as opposed to blue so you can do the math on that particular one the left side buttons too after that have no significant difference over the initial in all neither fit dimension placement nor efficiency scroll wheel currently has a white hub however there’s no meaningful modification there either in terms of operation still the very same cog pressure which is a new term i discovered during this evaluation i like it it’s like the world’s worst superhero team i got ta take a second to thank our sponsor gloss for remaining to sustain the channel you’ve probably

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headset so i checked them with the brand-new hyperx wireless cloud

also they both functioned excellent no concerns the cut to weight is most definitely recognizable in game this mouse performs equally in addition to you ‘d expect i absolutely play far better with this than the g pro wireless i’m largely a follower of light-weight mice though i still discover myself thinking of and adjusting my hold a whole lot with this form that’s something that’s constantly held true for me in the g pro wireless because it lacks a location to secure my pinky finger so my hold isn’t almost as foreseeable as it is with like the viper or the modelo cordless between those various other 2 viper is still my preferred shape as a result of the somewhat smaller hold width but it’s very close on the topic of battery life the removal of the rgb sees this at a battery life of around 70 hrs which mirrors close adequate to both the viper and the modelo wireless keep in mind to hit those numbers on the other 2 mice you’re gon na require to run those without rgb there as well all right allow’s talk

value due to the fact that splendor gloria’s practically wrecked that party for each other firm last week this is right back on top of the range in regards to rate at 149.99 spend that on a viper and also you’ll obtain a billing dock and also assistance for lefties however you’ll also come back approximately that or 75 gram mark which optical switch feel does not look at well with everybody spin that on a model or wireless as well as you’ll damn you get two of them and you go to 69 grams however you have openings which some people will never be a follower of as well as no support for lefties there either now undoubtedly i’m not a professional degree gamer so i play quite a lot the very same with all 3 of these mics all this stuff all the little sensing unit tweaks and also firmware stuff it’s mainly shed on me currently i do consider myself an above typical gamer however unless you remain in the leading five percent of gamers available a great deal of that stuff will most likely be lost on youtube what you do obtain for 150 bucks is the lightest cordless mouse on the marketplace if i’m not mistaken though it does not come without some concessions just how important that weight is is up to you do i recommend paying 150 or

even 130 bucks for a wireless computer mouse no not today asked me last week as well as i would certainly have informed you different but points have altered this is by all accounts a great computer mouse the technological marvel to have this efficiency as well as this quality at 60 grams or under and also since they’ve addressed the double click elephant in the room some people may also take convenience in just having the support of the logitech brand name it’s simply in a hard place it’s an actually details mouse it does not have general usage ease attributes and it actually goes all in on being a professional degree gaming mouse which it does effectively the key issue for the very light outside of the assistance for left-handed users is that the modelo cordless exists there’s a massive difference in between 80 bucks and 150 bucks and unless there’s something specific concerning the cut that massages you the incorrect means it does not really feel to me like

there’s enough here to validate it we’ll likewise need to consider the general quality we see when that design o cordless goes large and enters the hands of end individuals and not just reviewers can verify i did listen to back from steel collection they’ve got an arch 3 wireless heading to me so i’ll have that video out equally as quick as i can for you guys so we can get a great general consider these various comparisons i ‘d really such as to learn through the people that are much like resist followers of the g-pro wireless does this do it for you did it do sufficient to warrant you re-buying at this price point allow me recognize in the comments schedule for these both in white as well as black ought to begin on the 3rd of december follow my socials for all the most recent release information as we obtain a little closer which’s it for this moment i’m brian p many thanks so much for enjoying do not fail to remember to hit that like switch struck that sub button and also up until next time remain up you