Glorious Pandas: Holy Cow they THOCK??

hi i never do this but as a result of the means this whole scenario behind these switches unravelled this first run packaging is most likely to come to be a collector’s thing which implies the pre-sales are most likely mosting likely to offer out truly fast so the tldr for this video clip today these switches in stock form uh they have actually got some chances however if you’re eager to lube these things they’re legitimate incredibly official my just actual objection being that there’s some stem wobble there the resistances can be a little tighter on that particular so do not allow me hold you up pause me go over there obtain your pre-order cared for and afterwards come back as well as see the remainder of the video i’ll wait we excellent great allow’s start the program oh man what a serious scenario i don’t think i’ve seen anything cause this much drama at this scale in the keyboarding area since i began this channel i’ll place a web link down in the summary from a statement lately from marvelous

very own chief executive officer speaking about all the recent occasions concerning the name and the hallmark dramatization as well as which means they made a decision to select that so we do not need to devote any one of today’s testimonial to attending to any of that things as well as can instead simply speak about the high quality the performance and also the worth of the button itself i actually intended to do a comparison to the drop panda also but this is mosting likely to sound like a joke or like a little jabba decrease it’s not but they’ve been delayed once more until completion of september so i couldn’t get my hands on those it’s likewise worth keeping in mind below as well for some of you a lot more cynical audiences around that i have affiliate arrangements with both remarkable as well as with decline so you’re going to obtain a real offer handle anything i need to claim regarding the scenario because i have skin in the game either way i do happen to have some genuine offer polar pandas in home today though so you’ll still obtain the comparison that

you came for you ready let’s go [Songs] hey yo i’m brian p you’re seeing bad seat technology and today we’re taking an appearance at the remarkable divine pet sorry the remarkable panda switches over from wonderful computer gaming race so this is marvelous initial effort at a button of their very own the packaging you see today will certainly still include the divine panda name after the very first run it will certainly not it will change to the glorious panda hit that link in the summary for the blog post regarding why that had not been well gotten by the area as well as just how remarkable picked to deal with that circumstance these will retail for 24.99 as well as are available only in 36 packs making expenses right at 70 cents per button compare that to decreases offering readily available in 70 90 and 110 packs with prices varying from 121 per button to 114 depending upon the number of you purchase the pack size is a little curious as you’ll generally require 2 packs to cover virtually

every little thing also a 40 needs at the very least 40 changes 2 packs will certainly cover you completely through a 65. anything north of that you’ll require 3 packs that’ll cover you for 75 tkl in complete size in the beginning glance i believed this was simply some hoax to dick you into buying an extra pack of buttons when you just required a few more to get where you’re going however based on the truth that a tkl uses 87 in 3 packs consists of 108 switches i don’t believe it’s as convenient as having 10 pack investing in choices undoubtedly however it’s not the dick move that i thought it was so holy panda itself is just one of one of the most confusing ideas to newcomers and one of the most expensive for enthusiasts the original actual holy pandas included the housing the fallen leave in the springtime from the b-sun jesus button produced by inver a person it really did not actually obtain go crazy evaluations by

itself however when somebody appeared the tactile come from the halo real a cult standard was birthed the just genuine problem being that you had to purchase two buttons to create one which’s where the high cost entered play due to the fact that the tooling or mold used to make that initial switch real estate was assumed lost or damaged it produced a market for copycat real estates as well as among the largest unsolved enigmas of the key-board scene as we stand today decline possesses the halo true and also clear stems some variation of whatever switch housing and also purportedly a royalty to covet for use the name the stem is official yet the real estate is sus so it’s not really a true holy panda the wonderful version allegedly uses the initial b-sun tooling to create the

housing as well as fallen leave customized for their logo however a different stem since drop possesses the rights to the halo stuff so it’s not actually a real holy panda either which is just one reason that people obtained bent at making use of the name specifically when they attempted to hallmark it once again see that web link in the description which one is the extra precise depiction of the original divine pin is right stuff of tale supposition and also viewpoint i’m not here today to fix that secret it is necessary to understand as well that a lot of plastics suppliers switch over makers are not genuine crazy about the idea of exposing their certain formula they utilize for their plastic compound so everything we’re mosting likely to consider today for the glorious switch is based upon the assumption that they’re being forthright regarding the fact that they do have the original molds and the kind of plastics made use of in their building and construction so we have an off-white tinted housing

similar to an nk blueberry or lotion top coverings polycarbonate bottom covering is nylon pa66 leaf is copper from japan springtime is 67 grams stainless with nickel plate from korea and also the stem is hand from japan they deliver completely dry not lubed which we’ll discuss in just a pair minutes as i stated the drive variation of these buttons are delayed again so the closest contrast i have in home is a polar panda these are a yolk panda real estate a clone of the original bsun real estates with a legitimate halo clear stem lubed with 205 grade zero in a 60 gram springtime taking a look at stem for stem we’ve obtained more play or stem wobble on the remarkable panda i would have suched as to see some tighter tolerances right here they are regular which the stem does not depress totally flush with the top of the real estate as well as we can see that there is some difference in the form of the leg that provides each

button its petting wonderful is really ahead of time about this also keeping in mind in their words less pre-travel for the responsive bump to take place in a more powerful upward stroke in practice i do locate both of these to be real however with a caveat springtime weight is a touch greater on the wonderful that appears exactly how sharp and also where that petting happens is noticeable if you’re auditing these like you’re looking for the difference it doesn’t leap out at me when i’m just keying and also the heavier handed you type the less obvious this is gon na be i’m gon na say that the polar pandas have like a sharper snappier tactility while the marvelous is more of a smoother tactility while some people might favor to have actually the lube provided for them at the factory i believe shipping them dry is the ideal move there are issues with

manufacturing facility lube consistent application being one of the most common the various other is them shipping with lube that’s not the thickness that you would personally select so if you locate on your own in a circumstance where you have to break down all those parts and also clean them initially before you start to lube that appears like a headache as well as it is something that previous proprietors of the drop pandas have actually been vocal around in the past that stated i assume the wonderful pandas need to be lubed to get the most out of their level of smoothness and also more notably their acoustics without lube the spring crunch as well as ping is really evident there is some scrape there as well the lubing negates that and also it gets you that desired idea sound these still get near that noise without lube but to truly supply the items you require to lube these the wonderful panda real estate is plate

place which implies it lacks the 2 extra stabilizer pins the gmk hot swap board is tailored to approve these as well as the polar pandas it’s essential to note that the wonderful pandas can be utilized in any type of keyboard that has a plate like the decrease keyboards or the gmmk or the nk65 entry which i like to use for testing due to the fact that it’s a polycarb situation as well as the wetting is excellent you this so like i said looping is vital to get one of the most out of these i was honestly stunned at exactly how close they are available in sound profile to a proper panda and the mk65 with the abdominals caps i still believe the polar panda takes it in the gmk with pbt i would be actually hard-pressed to discriminate as well as in a blind examination both my partner and my brother selected the remarkable as having the far better audio profile i assume regardless of exactly how you cut that that’s actually high praise

for a switch coming in at 70 cents and also if you saw the review on the kiwis and that greater pitch audio profile isn’t for you these will certainly fit the expense a pair various other things to consider is that these will certainly impact the overall visual of your board if you’re making use of a drifting button or a reduced profile frame they’re unclear tops clearly they do have a pass-through opening in the switch to permit the resulted in light the personality and also they additionally do still toss some rgb on the board itself however not as much as we see in a clear top button lots of people won’t appreciate this but it’s vital to explain if you’re very right into rgb at the end of the day despite the legend and the mystique surrounding the initial holy panda what we have right here is a tactile button that gets precariously near to a true panda both in feeling and

sound and also just as a whole is a truly strong tactile specifically at this cost factor it can get you that believed noise that a great deal of us are chasing also i have to state i had absolutely no quality assurance problems with anything inside the three packs that glorious sent out if they can preserve that degree of qc and also maintain regular supply at this price factor it has the potential to be very turbulent to the marketplace and also it’s going to be actually intriguing to see how decline response to this if they react at all it’s my understanding that if you’re enjoying this the pre-sales are already live so if you’ve viewed right to this point top thanks as well as number two you most likely missed out on out on the first run i will certainly have an evaluation of the gmk ice white with its revisions out quickly as well as a head-to-head versus the drop divine panda button simply as soon as i can obtain my hands on some affiliate links down in the description for whatever we considered today which’s it for this moment i’m brian p thanks a lot for watching do not fail to remember to strike that like button struck that below switch as well as till following time stay up you