Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse FULL REVIEW: A Handful of Gaming Goodness

ah so it’s finally time to take a deep look at the deal what no it’s it’s about model deeds it’s the name of a Gaming Mouse you lost me I don’t know I don’t know what it is you get it oh it’s like a painting we’re gonna see just how tall the D stands amongst some stiff competition right now and see if it’s a good fit for you you ready let’s go [Music] yeah a bright B you’re watching bad C Tech and today we’re finally taking a look at the full review of the Model D gaming mouse from glorious pc gaming race we are looking at final retail copies here today these arrived randomly from the first production batch so any conversation we’ve had about early test units prototypes or pre-release samples will not be referenced here today so by now you know it’s their lightweight ergonomic gaming mouse and it keeps with the model o pricing model coming in at $49 format and 59 for gloves and 49 bucks it’s the most affordable lightweight our goal in the market at 59 it runs neck-and-neck with the extra Phi M for both of which come in $10 cheaper than the G wolf skull which shares its price point with the new DeathAdder v2 from razors

which also launches today to review length is 128 millimeters 61 at the front flare is 67 at the rear and 63 at the grip with a height of 42 millimeters size wise ranked smallest to largest you have the M for the model d pretty close to the G wolves skull with the death adder being the largest of the lineup here it is next to the O and OH minus as well so you can kind of get a feel for scale as for weight this comes in at 68 grams from Matt and 69 for gloves so it falls right in line with the extra Phi M for the skull comes in just a couple grams lighter and the deathbed of v2 comes in at 82 grams obviously it’s the outlier you should be familiar with that shape so we’re gonna pull that out of the equation going forward packaging here is the new wider flat-pack box that’s designed to prevent kinks in the cable and on that topic this is the new ascendant cable I still get like one comment a day from people asking me if I know why their model Oro mine disconnects yes it’s a very known issue there’s tons of information out there about it affected certain batches of the original cable even with the new cable the packaging sometimes kinked that new cable my best advice if you’re having that

issue with your model Oh or Oh – you just need to get a hold of glorious customer service the newer ascended cable is a thinner and tighter weave with decent flexibility gee wills cables are still arguably the best out there along with the mm 710 I do like the glorious cable better than I like the extra fly-in for these are available in a few different colors as well on their site and they include the stress relief pre-installed so it looks very clean and is a really easy install and no unfortunately you can’t order the mice with a custom color pre-installed all copies ship with a black stock cable in terms of body colors we still have both white and black available in both gloss and matte finish structurally it’s a bit different

from the other mice out there – as the side panels are smooth here is opposed to skeletal so only the top shell and bottom plate have holes I feel like I have to reiterate this every time I cover a mouse that has holes in the frame but the PCB is coated so sweat is not going to damage the internals like honestly how bad does some of you guys sweat out there is it like a Gatorade commercial you also get the glorious typeface logo on the outside front and the bearded logo on the inside inspirational we do still have the omron 20ml switches for the main triggers in the 3360 sensor as well you get four steps by default with six available in the software which is really more of a firmware flash of really you get 400 800 1600 and 3200 out of the box you also get a dpi indicator which is always welcome especially as I like to run my mice with no software installed if possible software here is a hundred percent spot on to what we saw on the model off the G skates on the D or the same PTFE material as before but they are a different shape due to them being designed specifically for this frame you also get two included inserts that fill the gaps if you would prefer a larger glide front and back shockingly I’m not a physicist but it concerns me that there are edges and channels here as opposed to this being one large glide like you’d see on a Sally I’m not a hundred

percent sure these are making contact with the pad is you can feel an obvious height difference between the two if you do opt to install these just make sure you remove the protective film on the bottom but in practice I found the glide to actually feel better without these installed normally when you buy the Ascended cable you get extra feet bundled with it but since these feet are different cables will no longer include feet they’ll need to be purchased separately and the cost of the cable is gonna be lowered to $15 now let’s talk triggers and build for transparency I picked one of these mice and tried to beat it to death over the course of a few days I logged about 15 hours of modern warfare multiplayer real games not BOTS and I did all that before I filmed what you’re about to see for this video I did check all four copies that they sent for any pre or post travel scroll issues rattle any kind of inconsistencies whatsoever but I just picked one Mouse to really beat up over a few days to see if anything popped up Mouse one has no distinct side play here yes I can move it but it feels very solid especially for a split body design I’ve got no detectable pre travel post travel stops after the click but you can apply it additional unnecessary pressure to move that trigger further if you purposely push on the floor inside of the trigger you

get additional movement with little effort Mouse 2 is the same scenario that would take slightly less effort to push through that post travel the scroll doesn’t really take much to actuate feels pretty solid it’s still pretty tactile and it’s really quiet when you’re really getting one it you may get a hint of rattle as it resonates with the shell but it feels stable the forward side button has a bit of pre travel if you’re being really delicate with it no real post route same on the rear but with a bit more free travel and the rear shows a little bit of float again when you’re being very deliberate with it all in all I would rate these is solid it no point in gameplay was I distracted by any functional aspect of the mouse I do ad s almost constantly and I’m playing at a much higher level than I was a couple of months ago where I’m able to start picking up on some of the subtleties and nuances of whatever Mouse I’m playing with even with the hand measurement of twenty point five by ten point five centimeters I find myself in a claw grip most of the time with this Mouse I can’t Palm it but it’s just not a natural grip for me when I’m playing I can’t still fingertip this Mouse but I did find myself naturally drifting back into a flaw I like this at 800 dpi sensitivity of 8 80s relative on a 1440 display using the 4

mouse pad feels amazing I played it 400 but I’m able to react to off-screen enemies faster at 800 1000 and my tracking starts to suffer I’ve really been making time in my week to not just make videos but to train and train and train I’ll have a video documenting that process in the near future and I’m gonna say something here with all the tech out there today I could play with just about anything my should be graded on whether or not they fit your head your preferred grip are comfortable for long sessions and on build quality there is no killer Mouse once your skill level gets to a certain point a mouse would have to actually be pretty bad to be a deciding factor in your gameplay assuming it fits you correctly and is it a weight that you’re comfortable with chasing the newest thing is not nearly as important as logging time improving your game with the tools that you already have that’s real it’s not a popular opinion for people trying to sell mice but it’s real why do I say that here in a mouse review of all places because watching these reviews and asking me this or that the Model D or the skull the Model D or the m4 I can’t answer those

questions for you and unfortunately as a reviewer I can’t speak to the quality of every copy of these mice that exist in the world I can’t speak to the quality of future batches of the same Mouse I can only speak to the quality of what I receive and how well it works for me you want my very personal subjective opinion here goes the m4 is built well it’s got a unique shape but it’s a little small for me to use in palm or claw because it lacks the palm support under my knuckles that I need and it seems weird to buy a smaller go for fingertip when a namby works much better for that grip the skull feels really close to the model d but the Hult feels higher in hand like my whole hand feels like it’s sitting higher off the pad but I like the skeletal size and I really like their grittier matte coating you get a ton of extras but the quality control on the mice is iffy and the customer service and/or shipping can be tough depending on where you live the Model D is about as perfect in a go shape as I can get it fits me like a glove for claw I like that the scroll is lower in the frame than the skull so I could just roll my index finger over to trigger without lifting my finger I don’t really like their matte coating as well as the skull but the stock glides are better for sure and I like that the side buttons are huge so I can hit them no matter how my hand is positioned glorious has had some quality control struggles of their own and shipping can’t still be

expensive depending on where you live I do think they do a better job of customer service than most companies if you do run into trouble but everything is not perfect with the Model D there is frame flex here if you squeeze top and bottom on this mouse you’ll hear several switches actually if you put both your thumbs in the middle of the side panel and press in you can get those side buttons to actuate as well there are some tolerance issues here as well on a couple copies where you can see light leaks around the frame now do any of these affect gameplay or real-world use no like I can’t hold this mouse in my hand like this and actuate the side buttons by pressing on the frame it held up just fine under testing and I do like to feel in the shape of this mouse in hand still looks amazing – especially in white for me the fight is between this and the skull and the layout of this Mouse just fits me slightly better it’s also

pretty easy to get spoiled by all the options out there and forget that you get all this mouse for $49 under 50 bucks that’s still a really ridiculous price point so yeah there is some frame flicks and those larger Mouse glide inserts are pretty forgettable but in terms of performance I grade this Mouse as hard as I do any Mouse even ones that come in and a hundred and fifty dollars in this holds itself so glorious what are we gonna talk about a wireless that’s always affiliate links for everything we talked about today down in the description and it really helps me out when you guys use those any questions hit me in the comments or drop by the discord and that’s it for this time I’m bright Pete thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button till next time stay

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