NEW YEAR Ryzen Build ft AMD & AORUS – 3900x/5700XT

well I hope everyone had a safe and pleased new years eve welcome to 2020 so you understand just how every now and then I get to do among those video clips I simply seem actually delighted as well as fed just to reach do it this is most definitely one of those see I have actually been a gigabyte fan given that back I’ve misplaced the amount of gigabyte motherboards I’ve had in my systems throughout the years as well as AMD has gotten on fire lately so when gigabyte horas and AMD connected as well as asked if I wished to do a risin 9 develop with the 5700 XT for the network I would certainly have been an idiot to state no so that’s precisely what we’re gon na do today you ready let’s go [Songs] yo Albright P you’re seeing bad C Technology and today I’m in the very fortunate position of reaching build a brand-new rig thanks to gigabyte Horus as well as AMD every little thing today we’ll be going into gigabyte c200 glass mid 80 x case we’ve obtained an x5 70 RS master motherboard this thing feels constructed unbelievably difficult it’s

obtained this back plate on it it looks fantastic it’s got loads of USB ports as well as it has actually increased power managing for overclocking though I’m uncertain exactly how much we’re gon na decrease that path today is AMD overclocking is totally foreign to me at this moment I’m mosting likely to increase in 3900 X so we’re getting 12 cores and also 24 threads of performance currently what I have actually gladly accepted 239 50 X naturally but you get what you get as well as I do not assume the 3900 X is any type of slouch I’ll additionally be cooling this with the supply wraith prism cooler i have the horus AIO 280 millimeter in my major rig right now i’m an action that over to this device at some factor however i recognize that this situation is gon na be as well restrictive height sensible for a larger tower cooler like an octave the GPU today is the gigabyte AMD 5700 xt gaming OC 8 gigabyte this is a lengthy young boys so three follower cooler appears to be quite well examined from what I have actually seen – this is also my first AMD GPU in years so this I’m pretty thrilled regarding memory is the incredibly appealing Oris RGB memory I indicate guy if I was single I would certainly tear that app you have actually most likely seen these since if you have smaller youngsters

you obtain like an extra dummy adhere to fill up the voids which is fantastic yet we have actually obtained a huge kid package below today so no dummies this is 32 gigabyte in a 4×8 config clocked at 3200 that I stated these look excellent storage is as well complete today we have the one terabyte version of the RS nvm each in for SSD with the dual copper warm sink in addition to the 500 gig version of the Horus rgba I see nvme SSD both of these are PCIe and 4 and are using the 3d TLC Bicks 3:9 from Toshiba the one terabyte drive we’re utilizing today has greater read and write specs than the 500 gig card the reason that is since that 500 job has actually reduced read compose specs versus the one terabyte version of that quarter I’ve really had it for some time this has actually been in my main gear and also it’s what individuals have actually been asking about you often seen behind-the-scenes on these video clips the little RGB strip this is it a whole lot of hunches regarding what it was but I don’t think anybody got it there will also be a specialized testimonial on this drive turning up rather quick so I don’t desire to obtain too far right into it today an additional note right here is that while this AIC nvme card is absolutely beautiful you’re only gon na be able to control the RGB if you’re on the x5 70 system or else the RGB combination software

program will not see this Drive and also instead you’ll get the default rainbow wave down the side of the court power is coming thanks to the RSP 750w it’s 80 plus gold ranked modular it’s got wonderful flat black cables this is the very first time I’m seeing capacitors similar to this on psu cable televisions I really hope these really do something in terms of surge suppression because I’m not feeling the take a look at this the power supply has to slide in the side below as well as the case is vented with the filter under since of this it turns the graphic and also the shadow pass with if I was gon na remain in this instance long-term I ‘d possibly reduce and flip that decal it’s also a slightly tight squeeze getting this in with the drive cages in all-time low these are secured in last note here is that the RGB on the front of the instance is powered through molex as I’m not using anything in this develop that also calls for SATA or particularly not Mallick I opted not to run an extra PSU wire simply to do some accent RGB as the situation only consists of a single 120 mil exhaust follower I’ll be doing two 140 ml be peaceful silent wings 3 in the front as well as intake and also 2 in the top is exhaust with a 120 broadband 4 exhaust so every little thing behaves and also matched no genuine concerns with any one of the components every little thing fit really well as well as I’m really satisfied with this motherboard it’s incredibly well constructed as well as extremely full-featured one large

note here is that if you do find on your own on this motherboard as well as you’re utilizing the Gen 4 SSD stuff simply see to it you’ve got the biography updated to the latest version before you attempt to install your OS one point I actually like concerning this entire develop being Oris is that I only have to have one RGB control software application to manage they have actually boosted this software program right here versus the early application where they had like a moms and dad application and after that individual modules yet the largest benefit is certainly that there are not a handful of different pieces of software striving for control of various RGB elements that’s the circumstance I encountered with my major rig since I’ve got things from a great deal of various maker so it does result in some instability problems from time to time so it’s actually good to have whatever under one roof covering especially when the overall visual of that Equipment looks this great the software program is still a bit buggy it’s not 100% yet it’s come a long means from the older models so all the RS things has a very distinctive look which look jobs truly well with each other this is around as sexy as Equipment gets in my opinion and I delight in with exactly how it integrated though it’s

probably gon na wind up with a new situation that’s a little bit a lot more in accordance with the rest of the part listing but it was easy to build in it looks nice and marginal and also it isn’t providing me any kind of concerns with thermals so who referred to as much as efficiency I have actually modified two complete tasks on this thing begin to complete although Adobe does not press this change to its potential it does spread the work out across every course so it still transcodes big tasks faster than my 8700 K despite only 60% CPU application the other thing that does really well is provide even without Intel’s quick sync it took down a rather thick 10-minute 4k timeline in like a mind-blowing seven minutes the 3900 X is a beast without a doubt the only genuine downside with editing and enhancing is that it’s a rather widely known thing that Adobe software leans towards Nvidia so certain plugins changes timeline rubbing 4k as well as complete res really felt a little sluggish in regards to video gaming the system was no slouch either I’m

not gon na diminish a whole host of standards there’s plenty of 5,700 XT standards out there and this certain card looks fantastic triple followers only uses up 2 ports it is a little lengthy though it can most definitely pull off some fantastic sweatpants no trouble all in all I’m actually stired with just how this costs appeared the overall aesthetic has to do with as near to perfect as you can receive from me the motherboard is a thing of beauty the 3900 X is a beast as well as the one terabyte copper nvme looks remarkable the RS memory could be the best-looking or GB memory I’ve seen yet 5700 XT looks truly clean right here it offers piece de resistance for dollar specifically for pc gaming I indicate I believe what else is there to claim truly big yell out to AMD and Oris for making this feasible links for whatever show today down in the summary as always any kind of concerns hit me in the comments or visit the discord that’s it for this moment I’m intense B many thanks so much for seeing do not forget to hit that like button hit that sub switch and also until following time remain up