Preview Nokia 5.3 Full Tour Impressive specs for £150

hello just peep something Chris from Tech’s Burton and this wee beastie here is the Nokia 5.3 now cuz she’s just 150 quit here in the UK and get it boss a nice slick stock version of Android 10 and some pretty decent specs as well in fact I reckon this could be one of the best value budget smartphones to come under that turn to a pound price button a very strong rival to the likes of the Moto G it but enough Yammer and let’s yank the Nokia 5.3 on out of its box take a full-on tour of that hardware the software the specs everything you need to know and for what the latest greatest tech these do bug subscribe ending that notification spell Jose let’s slide this one out carefully don’t drop the bloody thing let’s see there of course you get a porky pin device to actually get your sim inside of the floor and you get usual pamphlet stuff and very exciting times you get a three-pin plug you get you a USB cable to charge it back up again and even get a pair of white headphones and yes their proper 3.5 million phones as well because you do have a headphone jack on the Nokia 5.3 and other headphones themselves look like the really nasty hard shell efforts that basically take the skin off your inner ear every time you shove them in there probably best reserved for emergencies are I can still consider in the Foreign only cost 150 quid definitely a welcome bonus accessory and in the even better news the USB cable is actually Type C as well not unlike god–all for micro USB nonsense here on the nokia 5.3 sorry there’s what you get in the box now

let’s check out this absolute beast of a smartphone now first of a fun little fact for you did you know that hmd global when it first launched the Nokia 5.3 did so with the tagline steer in the game for longer and that’s why I used to call it the Viagra phone but now if you actually go on the knock your website and check out the nokia 5.4 you’ve actually changed the tagline and it’s now go big go beyond and frankly the jokes kind of write themselves for that one but Nath taglines aside the Nokia 5.3 does look like a solid budget small phone although the design isn’t exactly particularly inspiring and frankly at this sort of price point you should not expect a stunner but the most important thing is that a composite polymer frame steers scratch-free and touch would knock your reckons it is pretty rugged so I will of course be testing that out and apparently around front you’ve got some Gorilla Glass 3 surface and protecting that display as well so hopefully again I should prevent any long-term damage as for your color options while this is the slightly less than exciting shark or model which is of course just black you could also pick it up in or this lovely sort of bright orange a yellow effort which they’re calling sand I thought a bit of a scout about online it looks like the knock your website is only offering the Nokia 5.3 in that cyan color if you funky this charcoal version instead we can grab it from Argos so the cemetery is located over here on the left edge of the Nokia 5.3 if we yank

that open you’ll see there not only can you fit in two SIM cards at the same time you’ve also got a separate micro SD memory card slot that could be used to expand the 64 gigabytes of internal storage by further 512 gigs pretty solid specs again free budget blower alright so the Mucky 5.3 is all booted up and ready for action and you’ll notice there’s a nice pure stock version of Android here on the Nokia 5.3 pretty standard for a Nokia smartphone in fact this is actually an Android one handset which means you’ll get a guaranteed two years of Android updates or get updated to Android 11 later in 2020 and an Android 12 next year as well plus security patches and all of the other fun bits along the way and if you’re a big fan of the Google Assistant you actually get a dedicated Google Assistant button here on the side of the Nokia if I went through to just give that a push and boom the Google assistant pops up and then listens to every golden word that you have to say you’ve also got the omnipresent search bar down at the bottom so you can do Google searches that way you can also activate the assistant by tapping this little mic button here or by actually just saying hey Google and you can even simply swipe up from one of the bottom corners and the screen as well so as far as assistant shenanigans goes you’re

basically covered in fact you’re so well covered that it’s kind of a shame you can’t remap by Google Assistant button to open up the app of your choosing because that’s fair so who needs ten different ways to load up the bloody assistant unfortunately all you can do is lock it on or off that’s basically it the only button shortcutting set up is involving the power button and that camera app so as you can see there you can quickly double tap the power button to quick launch the camera like so as well as like google the system but you’ve also got a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as well which you can use to quickly unlock the Nokia 5.3 and so far it was pretty responsive and accurate only a slight delay when you tap your fingerprint to that sensor before you into your desktops and you can even use that fingerprint sensor to drag down the notifications bar with a quick swipe down of it with your finger although it’s not super responsive and frankly you can just do it by using your thumb anywhere on screen anyway so why wouldn’t you just do that and that’s it supplemented by a bit of face unlock action as well as something you don’t even get on the latest sony xperia one mach 2 flagship phones just tap that power button hopefully read your mug and there you go again not the fastest but it gets there and it’s a good alternative if your hands are a bit mucky you can’t use that fingerprint

sensor as for that 6 point 5 5 inch HD Plus display what’s certainly a bit of a beast 6.5 pretty much standard of course for 20/20 these days and yeah it’s HD plus that means 1600 by 720 pixel resolution so it’s not full HD but to be fair that’s really rare around smartphones at this sort of price point matches the likes of the Moto G it you know what those visuals are still nice and crisp as well when you get in a bit closer sure things start to look a little bit grainy about PFC foam just kicking back with a short doesn’t appear to be one of the brightest screens out there though so you might be struggling a bit if you’re trying to watch a video especially outside on a bright sunshiny day you do get this little nipple launch intruded on the action when you go fullscreen but it’s not too perky to be fair only pokes in there a little bit so nothing to worry about that’s for you audio you’ve got a single speaker mounted on the bottom of the Nokia 5.3 so it will be easy to muffle unfortunately if you are clutching the phone in a landscape mode like so but let’s see how it does for power let’s just boost that volume up not too surprisingly is quite tinny as well and that’s one volume at least it’s fairly clear so you’d be able to use it again for a bit YouTube or something like that but guess what you’ve got a headphone jack up top so it’s all good you’ve got bluetooth support as well it’s 4.2 rather than 5 unfortunately by l do the drop again for a budget blower it’s not exactly a massive shocker and you do have NFC support on here for

contactless payments as well which is something that’s occasionally doesn’t creep into the older budget category now one area where I find that Nokia budget forms tend to fall on their ass a bit is the performance unfortunate they’re quite often stuttery and stammer e but fingers crossed that won’t be the case here with the Nokia 5.3 because what got stuffed inside is Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chips and backed by four gigs of RAM that’s basically the same setup you’ll find in the likes of the Moto G 8 plus the Sony Xperia 10 mark 2 as well which cost significantly more than the Nokia 5.3 so the Jerusha VR offers up smooth everyday performance and certainly here on the Nokia 5.3 that seems to be the case so far if you’re into your bench and that’s the single core and multi-core score results are basically standard for the Snapdragon 615 no surprises there but yes or for everyday use just seems to be absolutely fine you can load up you know all kinds of apps as you can see lots of them still suck there in the background as well so it’s not like it’s closing down apps every three seconds well the Snapdragon 665 you can even play games like pub G Mobile on those low detail settings of course but they still play but they’re respectable for it so again I’ll be testing this all out for my fault in depth from Nokia 5.

3 review no in fact I possibly even expect even better performance hit on the Nokia 5.3 compared with those other phones I listed off because it’s a nice pure version of Android so not clunky overly or anything like that to deal with I’ve got a high help sort of battery life here on the Nokia 5.3 as well in keeping with the viagra tour and I think it’s definitely gonna have

some steam power it’s got a four thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside so it should keep you going easily through a fault intensive day and hopefully one into a second ear as well especially bearing in mind that stock version of Android of course it’s perfectly possible at this sort of price point to get a five thousand milliamp a smartphone with the likes of the more legit power light but frankly I think that still did the job nicely even for a weekend as long as you don’t go too crazy with the game in the Skype and things like that all of which join delight brings us onto the subject of the camera tech you actually get a quad lens rear camera slapped here on the Nokia 5.3 which seems a bit bonkers again considering that 150 pound price point and yeah quite a few budget phones do serve up a multi lens that rear camera these days but it is often a case of quantity over quality unfortunately so what you have here is a 13 megapixel primary lens and you’ve also got a 5 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens Bluff and a 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots so let’s have a bit of a squint at the Nokia 5.3 scammer app and as you can see here it’s quite a feature packed affair lots to get your heads around when you first load it up one of the first things you’ll notice is this alike on up here that’s the AI scene recognition sort of just determine what kind of subjects you’re trying to shoot and then change up the settings on your behalf to suit it really good but a text or whatever no worries if you don’t fancy using that though because you just knock it off by tapping the little X job done as you can see you got full itch to your smarts and everything up top if you want to dive into the sentence just tap that little icon there and you can play around there with all kinds of features got likes a burst shot on there

which is great to see you can probably make up there the fork is popping a fair bit as well but it’s probably just down to the ambient light and here in the studio hopefully us get out in the wild that’ll be absolutely fine lock on these subjects and keep them crisp and it is actually recognizing Rimbaud monkey has a face and is trying to keep him nice and sharp in the middle of the photo your honest talk to that ultra wide-angle lens just give this wee bugger down here a little tap and colors took a little while to bleed in there and then you’ve also got a fast access to the macro lens as well just by tapping this we Joby here and obviously then you need to get in nice and close to your subjects I still do not see the point in micro lenses at all and that’s face at a two megapixel for tour is gonna look – anyway saw doubly pointless now you got a selection of other bonus mores you can play around with as well including some fast access efforts like the portrait mode which adds a nice bokya style a background blur effect you’ve actually got a choice of different Bakke effects as you can see here you’ve got the classic you can determine the strength of that Bakke actions or not too much blur or super blur and then you can get a nice starry backgrounds on the go you can get little heart shapes you can get butterflies well good stuff but if you tap here you can also beautify your subject as well which of course mr.

Ian Bob monkey does not need because he’s absolutely stunning you also have a dedicated night board here on the Nokia 5.3 which I’m very interested in checking out as well looks like that can be used with the primary lens and the wide-angle lens as well which is quite funky and that would just take obviously a variety of shots different exposures meld them together the usual main board shenanigans and already there just with a quick test you can see it’s really brightened up the background in particular while keeping every involv monkey and nicely lit as well so certainly seems to hopefully do the job again I’ll be testing them out in the wild and if you want to shoot a bit of video it’s a full HD resolution by default but you can bump it all the way up to Ultra HD if you want a bit 4k action keep your home movies nice and crisp you can actually shoot video with that ultra wide-angle as well but if you swap to that you’ll find that you can shoot maximum 720p resolution so a bit of a drop and yes you’ve even apparently got an option of shooting video with the mackerel lens which just just why would you I mean what are you going to do a documentary about ants just leave it a David Attenborough man you’ve got a small variety of other bonus modes as well the likes of time lapsed or motion a few video a bit of panorama action as well whoops and then lastly if you swap around to that front-facing selfie camera what is it gonna say me megapixel yes I have just remembered it is definitely an 8 megapixel selfie camera I definitely did not go away and google it and check just to be sure I might just have to dub over this bit with what the actual resolution is if it turns out that’s complete baloney but should be absolutely fine for just shooting solve basic shareable selfies as you can see once again call that AI mods on the go so you can try that snap you can do a bit of portrait mode action to get that

bucket blurry effects behind you and butterflies or snowflakes or whatever funky effect you like and of course you can beautify yourself with or frankly don’t think they need that do I add some butterflies lots of butterflies mega butterfly action take a shot and let’s see what that comes out as well I’m not seeing a huge number of butterflies there looks like some butterflies might have invaded the the camera viewfinder a bit but otherwise yes another top draw selfie as always it’s alright there my cheery chums is a full on tour of the Nokia 5.3 internet a good in-depth look at that hardware the software and everything as well everything you hopefully need to know what ahead of my end up for a view of the Nokia 5.3 which I’ll tell you what I think of that performance how good that camera really is the battery life or all that shenanigans and so far as I say certainly enjoying the Nokia 5.3 fingers crossed they fixed the performance and it will be an all run solid 150-pound budget device so please do let me know your thoughts down in the comments below poke subscribe and thing that notifications as well if you haven’t already yep burp burp and have yourselves a lovely rest of the weekend cheers everyone love you

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