Review Sony Xperia 10 ii Sony’s smashing mid-range smartphone

so I really really enjoyed using Sony’s Xperia 1 mark 2 flagship smartphone which offers a great selection of innovative features but it does unfortunately come at a bowel squeezing lehigh price but despair you not if you don’t happen to have a spare grand kicking about the place because just 320 of your British pounds will buy you this more compact model the Xperia 10 mop to yours again get tough water resistant design a slick OLED screen impressive audio creds and quite a few of those great Sony’s software features too but this time you won’t actually have to sell your firstborn in order to afford one so I’ve been using this as my full-time smartphone and here is my in-depth sorry Xperia 10 Mach 2 review and more the latest greatest tech lives in poke subscribe anything that notifications bell Cheers so first up while the more premium Flair and heft of the Xperia 1 Mach 2 has been somewhat slimmed back for this handset the tech market who still looks and feels really nice it’s a 6 inch smartphone like the original Xperia 10 from last year and with that ultra slim 21 by 9 design curved an edging and superlight 151 gram trim it is definitely a pleasure to handle I still definitely struggled to reach up towards the top end of that

super tall display whenever I was playing with that so whatever but least you’ve got Sony’s excellent one-handed mod on how to definitely help out and this is also one of very very few mid-range devices to offer full ip68 water and dust resistance as well for extra peace of mind like it’s bigger more expensive sibling the Xperia 10 Mach 2 is also slathered in Gorilla Glass 6 front and back and so far it’s proven tougher than a week old mutton vindaloo besides a couple of the tiniest little scratches here on the back there’s apps that you no damage whatsoever and that’s have some pretty rough handling for my daughter as well as myself but once again the choice of colors in exactly thrilling abyss we’ve got black or white and good luck finding that white version anywhere here in the UK because it just appears to be black all the way and that looks very smart but let’s hope for some jazzier colors soon maybe something along the lines of those super snazzy all experience on the right edge of the Xperia 10 Mach 2 you’ll spy a fingerprint sensor just like on the flagship and on this more affordable model actually found that scanner more responsive possibly as it’s it’s almost flush with the surface but once again like with that flagship there is no face recognition onboard here as an alternative now one of the highlights of the Xperia one Mach 2 was that gorgeous 21 by 9 display and the experience Mach 2 doesn’t feel like a big step down from it you once again have a bezel free or LED screen servin up the Sims stretched aspect

ratio and while it’s slightly more compact here and you don’t get that super shop folky maximum resolution this is definitely still one of the best mid-range panels for enjoying movies on the fly just as long as you keep away from those boxy old tele shores which are squished right into the middle plus of course sunny always delivers a great audio experience on its Xperia smartphones as well once again you’ve got that digital sound enhancement engine for making your old crappy mp3 track sound a bit more full-bodied breathe a bit of life into them you’ve got support for high res audio and if you like your Bluetooth you’ve also got that gorgeous Sony L DAC support on there as well the nice crisp detailed sound and if you prefer to go Wyatt then great news there’s a headphone jack slapped on the top forgeting connectors no stress it’s not a stereo speaker set up here on Xperia 10 Mach 2 suddenly unlike some rivals like the Moto G 8 plus but that single model speaker is at least fire and forwards towards your face rather than downwards source not easily muffled which is probably just as well because it in the most powerful of a smartphone speakers and let’s face it they’re generally pretty I need to begin with and it’s great to see a similar software experience here on the cheaper Experian Mach 2 compared with that wallet drin and flagship a lot of those great features from the Big Daddy Xperia 1 have jumped across including the improved side cents and that

fast and easy split-screen mods only a few key bits have been culled from that flagship smartphone for the cheaper Xperia 10 Mach 2 included unfortunately that always-on display option and though at least you do still get a notification light up top and the only real software issue I had on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 was the slightly chunky navigation gestures occasionally it can take a couple of swipes to get that back gesture to work and the home gesture as well of course it’s working perfectly now but guaranteed as soon as I shut the camera off it’ll stop again but apart from that it’s all gravy now running the show is a Snapdragon 665 I was from doing a lot of affordable handsets like the Moto G at plus and the redmi note 2 it back to my 4 gigs of ram here now is worth noting that you do get a more capable Snapdragon 700 series chipset crammed into the likes of the real me 6 pro and the redmi note 9 prefer a little bit less cash but to be honest I had no complaints with the 665 here in the Xperia 10 Mach 2 which keeps everything running at buttery smooth even when you’re multitasking or doing a bit and I smashed my way through a fair few Call of Duty games and didn’t see any slowdown or studies or notice any overheating either that

framerate stays high throughout even with Lords of action happening on screen speaking of which the widescreen finish means you get a full view of the action up ahead and if you’ve got a Jewish shock control and knocking around then you can get that on the door too sadly like that always on display Sony’s brilliant and further extended game enhancer tool has been cold for the Xperia 10 Mach 2 so that means no notifications broken game recording or that clever trickle charge action but well that PlayStation Remote Play feature is supported on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 for some crazy reason the DualShock controller won’t actually work with it just yet rendering it basically useless not good news if your Tulley is regularly hijacked by those irritating people who happen to live in the same house as you stupid family and they’re stupid what you want to watch a bit of Disney or please can we have some Netflix or why isn’t mommy coming back and it’s even better news on the battery front – because the Sony Xperia 10 Mach 2 packs in a decent sized 3600 milliamp cell which is a big step up from the original Xperia tens measly two thousand eight hundred seventy million Peppard and it once again comes complete with adaptive charging

tech to prolong the battery’s lifespan and while Sony’s flagship can just about script through a really busy day on a full charge move just about the Xperia 10 mark – well easily last you until you all tucked up with Teddy even if you’re skyping playing with the camera game and all kinds of stuff and if you’re literally just checking your emails and browsing the web occasionally then it’ll last you two full days no sweat and the storage is a spot on as well 128 gigs built into the phone and you can expand that using a microSD up to a further terabyte in size as well so basically you’ve got bugger tons of space for everything you need now finally let’s take a look at the Xperia 10 more to scale Ritesh and once again it’s a triple n setup complete with a 12 megapixel primary lens but again 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto shooter and this setup does a very respectable job of capturing natural colors and detail even when you’re trying to shoot against a clear summer sky you’ll still get plenty of detail packed into every shot although when things do get seriously bright the overall picture is often oversaturated Sora’s colors will look quite dull and indoor shots can look rather soft as well which is quite common for phones at this price and I did notice as well that in less than perfect lights and the Xperia 10 mocks who could really take its time capturing each photo I mean sometimes like shutter was slower than a pot-smoking sloth the Xperia 10 market to swine angle lens can cup a little bit bear with crazy light while offering a much broader view ideal for those outdoor touristy snaps and it can also capture

colors with only a slightly warmer temperature although detail levels do take a noticeable hit as for that 52 millimeter telephoto lens well unsurprising the account much the excellent 70 millimeter focal length on the exterior wall mark 2 but it is still good value for a mid range er and again this cooks better than the primary lens on a sunshiny day and produces attractive results for a mid range err but if you do try and pinch and zoom in any further the results will get proper grainy and while the Xperia 1 mark 2 dealt with low light situations automatically here on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 you’ve actually got a dedicated night mod which you have to switch to manually when things get a bit ambient and this does help to brighten up those darker areas while also capturing a little bit more detail and boosting the colors a bit but it’s nothing revolutionary and when it comes to you but a whole movie action you can shooting video here on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 and up to 4k resolution and either the standard 16 by 9 aspect ratio or the most cinematic 21 by 9 as well I thought as sadly there was no cinema pro app available to add funky filters and effects like that you’ve once again gotta be careful as far as the lighting goes but on that Ultra HD level you can capture some good-looking footage to rival most other mid-range smartphones of course you’ll want to try and keep as still as possible as the image stabilization isn’t fantastic it kind of feel like you’re stuck in some sort of wobbly jelly at times things definitely improve on that front though if you drop to the full HD resolution while audio capture is also fine whatever

oh and that 8 megapixel selfie cam is all right for your insta posts although it does really struggle with bright backgrounds so those are definitely best avoided so overall I definitely enjoyed my time with the sony xperia 10 Marc – it’s obviously up against some pretty stiff competition at this or price point from the likes of the real me 6 Pro and the redmi note 9 pro but if you’re sold on that sleek sony design and overall experience you don’t have all the cash in the world for the Xperia 1 mark – it’s definitely a solid alternative you got some proper good features stuff too in there your excellent battery life strong media chops as always it’s a good all-around experience and definitely solid value for money so that’s what I after using this phone for about a week as my full-time personal handset what do you think have you been using the experience anymore to deafen be greater your thoughts down in the comments below if you’re tempted by it be great to hear from you as well and for the latest great steak please do poke subscribe ending that notifications well cheers everyone love you