Hardcore Android User Switches to an Apple iPhone to Try the New iOS 14

hello friend brandon right here apple has just launched their latest version of ios called ios 14. it’s practically old adequate to get a chauffeurs permit great morning as somebody that has utilized android phones considering that 2011 beginning with the samsung impressive 4g i have a whole lot of experience with android i um i i could have a couple of too anyways when i listened to that the most recent variation of ios added a great deal of android like functions and may be enough to persuade android individuals to switch to ios i had to examine it out so for the past month or 2 i’ve been using the ios 14 beta as well as now the public launch of ios 14 and i just wished to locate out if it’s all it’s broken up to be is it sufficient for android fans to switch over let’s discuss it after you struck the like button to make it blue it’s free besides and this is tech today [Songs] this video clip is given you by network sponsor dbrand and their amazing skins as well as cases to personalize the look of your phone and secure it you can prevent those spots and also scratches with skin from their pastel series among their hold instances or their minimal

version pewdiepie decrease click the web link in the summary to find the skin for you so allow’s speak about widgets that’s something that’s gotten on android for quite a while however simply because it’s been done initially by someone else does not necessarily indicate that it’s far better so allow’s figure out just how apple translates widgets so in basic you just have to hold down and also everything begins shaking and you have this little plus check in the top left edge and after that you can undergo all these various uh widgets right here and you can do a smart pile which is really trendy you just put it up right here and also you can swipe through an entire number of various points done in one stack which is truly cool and after that you can also pick various size widgets if you intend to do something like that and there are also significant ideas where you can simply include a little type of personalization of an action on your desktop computer if you want to do that and also if you’re

familiar with series faster ways promoted by the fantastic matthew casanelli that helped create it then you should inspect out this crazy trend that’s spreading all over tik tok and also beyond where people are making use of siri shortcuts in widgetsmith to tailor their house displays in the craziest method feasible similar to this one that makes your phone look like an old home windows computer as well as if you’re like my flatmate you display your undesirable fascination with animal crossing so there’s some really neat points there as well as some modification that goes on the something that really has an odor regarding these widgets is that every little thing still needs to be pressed to the leading so you can not like pin it at the end of your screen if you wish to i don’t know why ios works in this manner like i can’t i simply want to have it down right here where it’s easy to utilize to ensure that’s frustrating currently if you have actually ever before made use of ios prior to you know that home

displays are truly littered the one advantage of android is the truth that you can cleanse it up you can hide it in the application drawer and also things like that we can have that basically now on ios so if you don’t want a specific house display you can simply quiet on the display and struck the little dot dots there and you can uncheck a particular screen so possibly you don’t intend to see that any longer and it goes away from your your panels there and also if you want you can eliminate all these icons from your house display and also swipe right to the right as well as you can see some sort of application tips based upon specific groups just recently included or if you swipe down completely you can see the entire app library kind of like what you would see on android on top that you can swipe down and also you can have your suggestions which is really good which’s additionally something that you would locate on android on the whole this is a massive huge improvement that really

includes an experience that’s similar to what you would carry android i think it’s no more really a reason that you can utilize for why you’re not visiting ios alright for this following one i require the airpod pros so we’re mosting likely to examine out spatial sound and also it’s an actually intriguing principle to me as an audio designer apparently you can relocate your head around as well as it’ll offer you a feeling of being in a physical space and also the audio adjusting based upon how you relocate your head basically like if you’re at a film cinema if you had the sound coming from the front and also you relocated your head around the noise would certainly kind of step or remain in the very same place while your head is walking around if that makes good sense so let’s inspect it out as well as uh there’s a web link to the video clip that i’m making use of to test it out in the summary that’s insane that’s odd yeah this is this is in fact truly cool it does really feel a whole lot like the experience that i explained they did an actually great job i’m uncertain

what kind of insane voodoo they’re doing however i actually like it however i think it’s a truly neat idea i don’t recognize if it’s like definitely functional and i if i would have it on typically since i do not believe i require to replicate that actual life experience when i have my ear buds in yet i mean it’s amazing if you intend to do that oh uh do you hear that pay attention carefully can you hear it it’s the sound of 90 of you who are not subscribed to the channel so uh struck that subscribe button and the bell icon so you’ll be alerted when i publish a new video i imply i ‘d actually value it if you did so we have a video clip uh transformed on right here allow’s go over right here and also just swipe up and also there’s a brand-new feature called picture-in-picture and also you have the capability to resize it so it type of operates the method that you would expect where you could simply pinch the zoom and also relocate anywhere you want i actually assume this is way far better than uh what you would certainly obtain on android i suggest look exactly how smooth that is it just sort of goes wherever you desire as well as it works with

ease due to that pinch to zoom i’m a large follower so with ios 14 comes a much more compact ui before when you would get a call it would use up the entire entire display currently on ios 14 it shows up in this little banner which is much less meddlesome you can remain to do what you’re mosting likely to do anyways and afterwards it likewise works for facetime which by the method also has that entire picture-in-picture thing which is truly hassle-free likewise siri’s uh a bit extra small however um it’s additionally siri so one thing that’s truly cool at the very least in theory is this entire back tab little function essentially you just go to the setups you most likely to accessibility and afterwards you drop to touch and after that you go to back tap and also you can do two faucets in the rear of your phone or three taps on the back of your phone for specific actions and afterwards possibly i can most likely to this shortcut like hey google since perhaps i intend to use the google assistant as opposed to

siri so you can simply go one 2 three and afterwards uh the google aide starts up which seems truly great theoretically it’s sort of a thing that at first i was like oh wow i really desire this got on android which obviously it’s concerning it it’s a nice suggestion theoretically yet when i have it anchored in my automobile dock and also it’s i’m just driving about as well as strike bumps or whatever it turns on or in some cases i just set it down on the table so it winds up being truly frustrating now the large thing that actually has an odor regarding ios has actually been the truth that you do not have the capacity to customize what your default apps are and somehow it’s altered a bit this would apply to your web browser or your e-mail customer as long as the programmer of the app has allowed this basically you most likely to your settings and after that you scroll down to the app that you intend to make the default so i would go over to chrome for instance and afterwards i would choose it as the

default app internet browser from safari to ensure that’s one point that you can do i’ve tried this with various other apps and it deals with many other internet browsers yet not all my email clients function so that’s a little bit of a bummer so you need to wait on developers to catch up it’s not going to give you the same experience that you carry android which just actually has an odor ios 14 causes an universal search which is in a way that functions to not just locate applications if you look for it but points within an application like maybe something you keyed in up or something on the net emojis or points in the text that you have or emails a lot of different things that are a little more deep than just the app names and browsing the internet initially i was thinking oh wow search you ultimately got search apple way to go but the capability to look for points within your applications is really actually handy as well as however

it’s simply not something that you jump on android with the frequency of web of things or things around your house you can actually manage right here you can set up a widget for home control so you can trigger your lights or turn them off if you intend to i do not truly have any type of residence package allowed devices so i can’t really reveal it off yet it would basically reveal up as a little widget down here at the bottom if you desire to uh control something quickly and this is something that’s turned up in android 11 i believe it’s a little bit much more intuitive due to the fact that it’s concealed in the power menu bar and uh that’s just a whole lot simpler for me to locate below’s something that i can really value it’s actually the personal privacy notifications that ios 14 brings so little dot will appear in the leading right corner alongside your network icon and it’ll let you recognize what is being activated or utilized now so now it has actually the microphone turned on so there’s a little yellow dot there if i open up the camera it transforms environment-friendly an additional thing that was added that i truly hope pertains to android sometime is this little toast notice that lets you recognize when an app is reviewing what remains in your clipboard and where so if i had the ability

to go to my notes and simply copy something from there and after that state most likely to twitter and after that began a tweet and went below and pasted from it it would certainly show that it pasted something from notes that got ticktock right into a little of problem due to the fact that you could see that it read what remained in your clipboard but i think that openness is an advantage as a whole currently with messages we currently recognize that messaging on android is a warm mess and also sadly it stays a hot mess at the very least right here in the united states and imessage is still the premium choice for most of us here and also the space maintains growing while i can not show you these attributes on my very own phone due to personal privacy which actually we just talked about you currently have the choice of pinning up to nine conversations

with a particular individual or group conversation which is super practical you also have inline reply so you can have a side discussion without derailing a group chat and also discuss a specific individual it resembles slack on your phone i sort of dig that as well as i believe imessage is wonderful but also bad it’s not on android there’s additionally some memoji point so whatever ios 14 also causes on gadget translation for various languages hola como esas forgive my uh poor spanish and also of training course you can enter something and also i can convert it for you which is really trendy now apparently you can use your phone’s nfc to open points like your car and your door if it sustains it i’m not gon na lie it’s truly cool regrettably i do not have a brand name new car so i can not check out vehicle keys so now one point i do hope that i can examine out soon is application clips this is a really neat suggestion since it

resembles android’s insta apps but it is focused around the idea of ease based upon your scenario as an example if you require to rent a bike as well as you can hold your phone up to a suitable indication or incurable and the application clip turns up you can utilize it for the job at hand like making a payment without setting up anything honestly this sounds really cool since it has a practical ease to it and also i truly like practical and also hassle-free also bad i can not try it out as a result of the pandemic so what do i consider ios 14 total as a hardcore android flaunt’s an action in the right direction in areas that are typically a determine for android users like personalization but it isn’t enough steps ahead on the various other hand it leaves me yearning for even more within android ios 14 has facets of being well unified with things like universal search which we first saw on the hand pre with webos which goes much deeper by looking within applications and also messages undoubtedly i love imessage and airdrop is wonderful if you utilize macs but with android 11

we now have neighboring share which is a whole lot like airdrop however only for android tools right now i desire that was simply a little simpler between different systems the things that remain to just drive me nuts concerning ios are the alerts it’s a hot mess that drives me nuts i miss out on vital points regularly i just don’t comprehend why this is still an issue with ios after that you have siri which is overall quite worthless particularly when you contrast it to android where the maturity of expert system as well as artificial intelligence is seen in really useful means as well as undoubtedly at the cost of your personal information android has a feeling of recognizing what i want and also require in manner ins which i don’t see apple capturing up on anytime soon on top of that i typically like more of what android resembles and the deepness of personalization there are advantages and disadvantages for both sides and those of you who follow me on twitter which you can follow me at this is tuxay you

understand that i wish both android and ios would have a child so to speak as well as when i say that i wish that they would combine the best parts of both due to the fact that there’s a lot to really love around on both sides for various factors with ios 14 there’s the useful benefits of social link with imessage and also facetime specifically in times like these and also that means that i’ll lease twin possess an android phone in an ios phone i recognize youtuber life but i’m actually grateful for that however what do you think are you mainly an ios user or an android user what do you assume about the new changes in ios 14 as well as if you’re an android individual do you find any one of these modifications engaging are you switching over to ios allow me know your thoughts as well as why in the comments and also in this detectday neighborhood disharmony conversation server we ‘d love to have you thanks for seeing this is technology today where we discuss the intersection of technology in our day-to-day lives in service and also in all things innovative up until next time you