Turning My Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra into a 100” Massive Media Machine 😍 | Viewsonic PX727HD

this video is sponsored by vue sonic ensure to enjoy the video clip completely with to figure out just how you can win this video clip’s free gift hello friend brandon right here i wish to reveal you this truly easy workdesk configuration it’s truly minimal mainly cordless as well as it’s hooked up to the samsung galaxy s20 ultra and it’s running samsung dex on this outrageous 120 inch forecast screen as well as samsung dex works with practically any kind of current samsung galaxy phone i’m additionally mosting likely to distribute the projector that i’m making use of for this screen so stay tuned with the remainder of the video clip since this is tech today so allow’s speak about the configuration it’s fairly marginal mostly cordless as well as it all beginnings with the samsung galaxy s20 ultra the samsung galaxy s20 ultra is the top of the line samsung gadget now and it’s rather insane especially when you open the power of dex so when you take the samsung galaxy s20 ultra you can just plug in a usbc into hdmi wire right into it however things is is it’s probably going to drain pipes the battery so i have a samsung dexstation which is not just something that provides an hdmi port into you but

additionally has usb a ports there’s two of them if you want to use them and after that a usbc port which allows you to charge your galaxy gadget too and also so i have 2 wires that come out of it one is that usb c cable to bill it and also then an hdmi cable television and then i have that single hdmi cable television attached to the sight sonic projector currently you’ve most likely come across usonic they’re market leaders and also they have incredible display screens and also projectors which implies the content that you’re considering is very top quality it’s great for organizations family members players students as well as so several various other applications they have a load of alternatives readily available for projectors this’s the px727 hd this set is the px703 hd which is the one that i’m gon na distribute which is really brighter than this this’s a 2000 lumens while this is 3500 lumens so whoever wins this set is obtaining the more vibrant one currently the px727hd that i have actually established is my individual favored as well as i’m gon na be sincere i’m maintaining it and also the reason that is since it is fantastic for material like flicks and also you can edit things on it because it covers 100 of the rec 709 color gamut as well as this thing goes to 1080p and it can

increase to 300 inches this is 120 inches that’s more than twice as big which is outrageous and i do not recognize if you can tell in the video right currently but it’s really bright enough that i can see the photo all right even with my lights on as well as keep in mind the one that i’m handing out is 1500 lumens brighter than even this one currently a great point about this projector is that you have the ability to have audio in audio out as well as then there’s dual hdmi ports which makes it very flexible to link to sustaining media players pc gaming consoles pcs macs and also smart phones like the samsung galaxy s20 ultra as well as after that every little thing else is attached wirelessly because of bluetooth initially we have this keyboard right here which is a logitech craft key-board it’s backlit which is actually practical which you’ll see in simply a moment as well as it has this really outstanding turning dial which you can utilize to alter the quantity and also activate the google aide or bixby if you intend to do that and also after that we have this actually small logitech computer mouse the mx anywhere 2s and after that for audio we have the ik multimedia i allowed speakers which for being so little they seem truly dang good and afterwards this desk right here is simply a husky desk from home depot as well as regardless of it being only a hand crank and also not like a regular rest stand desk this point can sustain 1

000 pounds all the method down so this point it’s going to last you a very long time and also it’s fairly affordable naturally i have web links for every little thing down below in the description but uh let’s turn the lights off and inspect this point out fine right here is samsung dex on this crazy 120 inch estimate display now if you have actually never ever used samsung dex it’s a great deal like a desktop setting yet using your phone which is ridiculous i know of individuals that’ve actually used samsung dex to run their entire business which is nuts as well as then we have this backlit keyboard right here our computer mouse as well as then our audio so you have all your apps right here that you can just relocate through much like normal so despite decks you can have a complete desktop computer experience which is crazy so right currently i’m enjoying my close friend miss visit this site on shiver so and also with this dial right here left wing of the key-board i can just show up the quantity so let’s uh listen to how excellent the speaker audio [ Music] for being so small i’m surprised at exactly how much low end these points have and after that you can simply hold back this button and trigger the google aide hey uh what is the weather condition in australia right now currently in sydney it’s 76 as well as primarily sunny now what happens if i intended to

modify something i can enter into photoshop right and after that let’s enter into our gallery application here i have an image right here of my video camera and also what i’m going to do is just open it up in photoshop there’s photoshop share now maintain in mind that this viewsonic projector has an extremely color precise picture as well as it’s going to be really difficult to translate from here into the cam and also all this various other stuff but believe me like it looks rather solid therefore i have all these various features right here i can change to different filters i can crop it if i wish to and also i can do this all from samsung decks i can add some comparison there i can even detect recover if i intend to so i can zoom in just using the wheel on my mouse and let’s state i just intend to do away with this microphone here tolerable i do not see a microphone in this picture below incidentally i have a top 20 suggestions and methods video clip on the samsung galaxy s20 so uh go check it out there’s a card right here likewise like look appearance exactly how huge it is and also look just how huge i am look just how big i am but i it’s big

so what’s truly cool concerning the viewsonic is that it has a bunch of various means to see to it you have the most effective image possible you have a test pattern to make certain it covers your border perfect and it behaves and also sharp and also it has advanced keystone functions so you can sort of adjust it so it fits on your display perfect and if you’re crazy like me as well as you desire to change the color you can by hand do that you can alter it to various customer settings i personally choose rec 709 due to the fact that i want the best quality feasible incidentally there’s a video gaming mode in there also which accompanies well with the 16 millisecond reaction time that this projector has and their lamps last for 22 000 hrs so you’re really great for playing video games for as lengthy as you desire oh if you intend to get the wallpaper for this uh there’s a web link in the description for that there may be um a secret there regarding a giveaway i do not recognize simply i believed now an additional cool point if you’re a player and also you have a bluetooth controller you can hook it approximately your samsung galaxy s20 and after that play some games on this ridiculous display samsung dex is really powerful since you can use google drive but you additionally have accessibility to microsoft workplace i imply when you think of it our

phones are so effective that you can sort of use it as a substitute for your laptop and after that when you feel like going a little added you recognize placing on a forecast display that’s 120 inches so that’s just a preference of what samsung decks can do there’s a lot extra they can go into so perhaps if you desire a more extensive appearance on that allow me recognize by leaving a comment down below this is a rather incredible use samsung decks on this crazy 120 inch screen as well as naturally the incredible viewsonic projectors so if you desire to win this projector which is the px703hd it’s 1500 lumens brighter than the px727 hd that we’re making use of right currently you ought to most likely learn where that link remains in the summary that i mentioned earlier in this video oh and also uh go follow me on twitter due to the fact that you understand i might i may be there future brandon right here um you must likewise adhere to these instagram accounts there’s a sight sonic shade pro and also my account at this is technology day go comply with there you understand i indicate if you wish to win something if you don’t i think you should not follow it but that’s sort of dumb anyways thanks for viewing this is technology today where we speak about the intersection of technology in our day-to-day lives in business as well as in all points creative till following time you