hello friends this is mind from this is Technology today as well as I get a lot of odd things sent out to me from suppliers I have actually never ever come across in the past and also occasionally they appear like they’re simply duplicate items so I determined to begin a brand-new collection called is it any kind of remedy so this first item is by this business called I Holman and they told me that I absolutely needed to assess their product so they made a decision to sponsor this video clip however as normal constantly give a truthful for you it remains in LED light strip that goes behind your television there’s 16 million shades in the RGB range with various illumination degrees readily available so we have a little good cleaned light weight aluminum plastic a little glue pad on the back there’s a songs mode so whenever you’re playing via it it’ll mirror that oh that’s not that’s why um so lights will certainly react to whatever songs that you’re playing as well as then certainly the video clip mode so it’ll match the image that it’s presenting on your TV so LED lights can be truly useful for eye pressure since the contrast in between an actually bright

display screen as well as the comparison of a dark background really puts a strain on the eyes so in terms of high quality of products it seems alright it’s not very premium however it doesn’t always need to be very sturdy since you’re just gon na install it when as well as simply leave it there alright so since I have established this up and also evaluated it out there’s a great deal of actually fantastic features of it the colors are phenomenal but this electronic camera point is type of fascinating I don’t recognize how precise it remains in contrast to the LED backlights that connect with HDMI so the camera is simply looking at what it’s presenting over right here which’s why you have those little red squares when I was establishing up its calibrating where to look therefore whatever it’s considering it’ll change the LEDs on the back it just appears to have 4 different little quadrants on there and also it does not have a strip near the bottom so it’s not really truly specific it’s simply kind of basic lighting in different areas the directions claim one point regarding

where the USB dongles should finish up being on the best side if you’re looking from the back however it’s in fact backwards when I was testing it out I noticed that the shades were inverted so is the LED illumination set by I helmet or mini or whatever their name is is it any type of good so I would certainly say it’s excellent but it’s not an overwhelming great and also at fifty 5 bucks it’s not a negative deal in insane point if you check the description now they offer us a price cut code for 20% off so check it out as well as obtain it before it ends all right this following one is by oh you understand oh is a small little fan for those hot summer days and it works for your apple iphone with a lightning connector easily I have an iPad here because what is more ridiculous than linking a follower to an iPad [ Songs] The question is is it any excellent there’s an app there’s a flexible arm to it’ll so I guess that’s that’s nice it comes in a selection of nice attractive shades so you know this is most likely great for a gag

present at six bucks and also it kind of jobs probably not the finest usage of cash though so this following one is by a company called zippy oh dear oh dear what have we below it shows up that we have a really stylish loss leather cordless battery charger in it rose-gold oh good little flex their high quality an incentive factor though for us Computer allow’s put this great blue colored Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus unto this pink battery charger and also there you have folks it functions so if you occur to be Lucille Bluth from Detained Advancement this could be the perfect battery charger for you or maybe your mother so is it any excellent it’s not specifically um not specifically my design it really feels a bit lightweight I think I’ll pass thanks thanks is zippy this following one is from h2o freshening it’s a tiny cordless key-board and also trackpad that functions for Android Windows Mac OS hope in Linux alright allow’s inspect it out right here I’m for the USB a little wall transmitter doodad okay so there’s a trackpad on right here ideal oh dear so guys the leading component of this is the keypad as well as after that the base is the trackpad so you all would have to simply turn it around so I have a laptop computer below I’m gon na connect this in and also see just how it functions this is oddly

working but I have to flip over the gadget every little time I desire to in between the trackpad and also the key-board one thing I notice right away is there’s a little accelerometer here so when you turn it over it lights up nice I don’t recognize where the comma is yeah probably do not compose a paper with this all right this is kind of absurd so the inquiry is is it any great nope this following one is by iiep tech heisted technology high technology whatever as well as it is um mm hmm maybe influenced by a certain fruit in there earbuds and possibly the one you’ve been waiting for so the real concern is are the air pods as well as knock offs as well as obtain Oh for you people who such as unwrapping their you you’re welcome there is a USBC cable television so that’s pretty great bonus points a little flip out billing haste whoo-hoo a gratifying magnetic clothes alright I like that as well pellets a bit interesting whoa there’s some cool things happening right currently all right I’m gon na

attach it to my samsung galaxy s 9 plus go at some thryce thumbs up if you like rice the great little strange dangle point well they’re ear buds they definitely feel like they’re gon na fall out all the time it is a bit muffler however it would probably sound a whole lot better yep if you press it right into right here however it doesn’t go inside your ear and also hangs out so let’s see if it remains in excellent initiative I presume you can make calls with it and well is it any good so in terms of headphone and earbud evaluations I have a range it’s either podcast product or songs material as well as songs product also functions for podcasts yet podcasts can not work for music so in order to identify is it any excellent we’re gon na use the scale podcasts to music where does it fit on this line I would certainly say it’s possibly simply one step more detailed to podcast product wonderful shot situation closed silly so this is a lot of enjoyable and if you desire to get your hands on any of this insane things they’ll be web links down below in the summary and also while you’re there can you provide me a thumbs up if you liked this video clip as well as if you did it a thumbs down that’s awesome as well as leave some comments down listed below I love to understand what your ideas are on this brand-new period of is it any kind of great thanks for watching this is tech today till next time this is where I use special impacts to liquify