Is the iPhone 13 mini still worth it in 2022? | Long-term review!

concerning 3 weeks ago I asked if you lot desired me to review the apple iphone 13 mini in 2022 well 65 percent of you stated yes oh and it looks like I have actually obtained a substantial bunch of concerns to answer as well if you have actually got money melting an opening in your pocket for this phone and also it’s been shedding an opening in your pocket for a long time just go and also purchase it honestly you can quit watching this video clip currently no hard feelings possibly simply provide me a like just to state many thanks however there’s no need to linger it is a dazzling phone still in 2022. I have actually been waxing lyrical about this point for the last 12 months I have actually called it my preferred ever iPhone the most effective iPhone Apple has ever made and fortunately is I still hold all of those beliefs and the very best news is despite the fact that we didn’t get that iPhone 14 actually we can still acquire a new apple iphone 13 mini from Apple and there are some superb second-hand prices to be had too so is the iPhone 13 mini still worth it in 2022 allowed’s discover right allow’s begin with the prices of the iPhone 13 mini so presently Apple retails the iPhone 13 mini for 649 pounds in the UK as well as that gets you the 128 gigabyte version which is the version

that I have below whereas the 256 gigabyte and 512 of gigabyte versions cost 759 pounds and also 979 pounds respectively I have actually done some study as well as the pricing for the apple iphone 13 mini on the used Market does vary rather a little bit yet you can expect to pay anywhere between 470 to regarding 580 quid depending on the problem these costs do position this phone well outside of the flagship Area as well as I believe 649 quid for the base spec variation brand-new is a bit of a deal I have actually always thought that about the iPhone 13 mini especially when you think about that this phone is just 150 pounds extra than the iPhone SE which has actually got that old shabby design a rubbish electronic camera and also it’s simply nothing such as this phone so when again if you have that money melting a hole in your pocket this is extremely good worth even today let’s speak about specifications and also this is quite straightforward actually men it’s powered by the a15 bionic chip which is Apple silicon and for that reason stonkingly rapid and bearing in mind that the a15 bionic chip is only made to work in the apple iphone as well as with iphone you remain in great hands as well as remember it’s the precise very same chip that went into the front runner iPhone 13 pro as well as professional Max it’s no different whatsoever

and also the truth it’s one year old Flagship innovation doesn’t matter it coincides tale with the camera system I’ve taken some of the most effective smartphone photos I’ve ever before taken with the apple iphone 13 mini I still can not think I took this photo in Montreal last October with the iPhone 13 mini it’s absolutely stunning and also bearing in mind I took this extremely early in the morning I was really tired midway with a run therefore entirely destroyed yeah I found this scene swiftly took out the phone pointed it at the scene pushed the button and bang There You Go no handling right out of the video camera truthfully guys the electronic camera system on the iPhone 13 mini similar to the chip inside it is going to last you a long period of time the only point to bear in mind with the apple iphone 13 mini as well as there’s lots of inquiries concerning this which I’ll come on to in a minute is the battery life there’s no questioning that the battery in the eye apple iphone 13 mini is better than the awful battery in the iPhone 12 Mini Apple most definitely made some Hardware enhancements there as well as the most up to date versions of iphone have actually absolutely included in the capacity for this phone to survive the day but that’s type of the factor this is an

eventually phone you will certainly not obtain two days out of this as well as to be entirely honest in the direction of completion of my tenure with this phone the battery was having a hard time to make it through the entire day I ‘d get to regarding 8 o’clock in the evening as well as it would certainly be battling I ‘d have concerning 10 left currently there’s two potential reasons for that one of them is that the phone in this battery is battling and maybe there’s something wrong with it I’ve never ever had that checked I ought to do truly the 2nd reason possibly is that I was beginning to utilize this even more for video clip so if you’re a patreon of this channel first of all thanks quite however also you’ll understand that I do normal Vlogs for you people as well as I was starting to use the iPhone 13 mini as one of the main cameras for those Vlogs that implied great deals of 4K capturing great deals of leaving on for extended periods of time and also I guess that will certainly have influenced the battery a fair bit so if you’re a power individual you will most definitely require a battery pack throughout the day day if you’re a regular customer which I am typically it’s a solitary day battery life we do need to be realistic regarding the battery on the apple iphone 13 mini it’s absolutely better than the 12 mini but it’s still a really little phone so you

can not anticipate remarkable battery life allowed’s speak about the kind variable now normal viewers will know that I’ve just recently changed to the iPhone 14 pro Max which is a much larger phone than the apple iphone 13 mini and it’s outstanding just how rapidly you obtain made use of to this form element but I do miss the dimension of this and also when I fetch this from its draw to do this evaluation I was reminded about exactly how beautiful the size of the apple iphone 13 mini is it’s so so convenient it’s the very best one-handed phone I have actually ever before used you never ever actually feel like you’re going to drop it although I have actually dropped mine two times but no matter that there’s no finger acrobatics like you have to do on the iPhone 14 professional Max to reach certain parts of the screen it enters your trouser pocket perfectly it enters bags with no difficulty in any way it’s one of the most hassle-free iPhone Apple have ever before made made and also indeed you do give up the display property for that so it’s wonderful to have this huge screen on the iPhone 14 professional Max

yet it’s a little bit unwieldy you recognize you can really feel it in your pants I do not constantly leave it in my trouser pocket because of that factor however this was never an issue so if you’re fed up with lugging around massive phones similar to this which I may be after 12 months who recognizes then the iPhone 13 mini will be an absolute blessing so we’ve covered rate efficiency battery life and also kind aspect yet I recognize there’s another huge concern you’ve obtained about this phone if you buy an iPhone 13 mini now the length of time will certainly it last fortunately this is rather an easy one to exercise due to the fact that if we look at the compatibility listing for iphone 16 it goes right back to the iPhone 8. That’s a five-year-old gadget and also while you do shed some of the functionality from IOS 16 on that phone it does provide you a concept of how much time apple looks after you when it concerns software updates and once again this is Testimony to exactly how powerful Apple silicon is the a15 bionic chip in this will maintain you choosing years so giving you take care of this phone as well as bearing discover Apple will maintain you upgraded with iOS for fairly a while it will certainly get you through 4 to 5 years conveniently now though it’s time to answer your inquiries so I asked everyone on Twitter Instagram

and YouTube obviously to ask me any type of inquiries they had concerning the iPhone 13 mini I obtained tons so thanks if you got associated with reality there’s also several to cover in this video but I’m going to select out the ones that were one of the most usual as well as one of the most common one as you would certainly think was what’s the battery life like I have actually currently addressed that clearly in this video go back and view it if you need to however in recap it’s better than the 12 mini however it’s still only a someday gadget it would be interesting if you contrasted it to the 13 as well as the 14 plus I recognize the only difference is dimension actually yet possibly discuss the everyday experience of utilizing them 2 things to remember right here the battery performance you’ll get better battery on the standard apple iphone 13 and also clearly the iPhone 14 plus and also second of all the screen size the display screen on the apple iphone 13 mini is really little that is one of the compromises but I can not claim having utilized this for year you obtain used to it really quickly it would be informative if you

reviewed the 13 mini audio speakers as well as attaching to Apple music the speakers on this like most apples iphone nowadays are truly outstanding they will not fill up the space however they’re just as great as the iPhone 14 pro Max to be sincere do you believe we’ll see an additional mini in the future or do you assume it’s feasible that the mini will become the SE I assume it’s the latter I don’t assume we’ll see an iPhone 15 mini yet I do believe the following apple iphone SE will resemble this and likewise I have no idea when that will get here a lot of you inquired about the video camera so the cam compared to the current offerings from Apple well it’s not just as good as the iPhone 14 pro Max electronic camera clearly however the apple iphone 14 professional Max is 1200 quid as mentioned earlier I’ve taken a few of my favored ever before smartphone pictures with this cam it would certainly behave to get a 3rd lens on this phone so as it stands you have the conventional zoom and the ultra wide both really qualified lenses however you do not obtain the telephoto do you miss your 13 mini massively like I pointed out earlier when I got this out the drawer I wish to start using it once more immediately and also that’s the problem with being a tech reviewer and also being a person that covers Apple I have to use the most up to date tools so I do not truly have a requirement for this these days yet if I had

not been a tech customer I would certainly still be utilizing this phone I would certainly not have acquired the apple iphone 14 Promax in all the champagne shade is amazing I entirely agree again contrasting this to the iPhone 14 professional Max I got the deep purple color only as a result of the band Deep Purple it was a dumb suggestion yet the color compared to this champagne generally White Version it doesn’t compare is it worth the upgrade to a 13 mini from the 12 mini definitely I believe the battery life improvements as well as also the cam improvements and the truth you’re obtaining a more recent chip as well makes it beneficial is it a much better alternative than the apple iphone SE 2022 as pointed out earlier yes I assume for the 150 pounds additional you invest in this it’s such an upgrade what’s the factor behind the iPhone 13 mini regular and also significant workout this was the very first I ‘d come across this obviously individuals are having issues with the iPhone 13 many heating up that’s never occurred to me apart from periodically when the iPhone warms up for no reason in any way yet I’ve had that with all apples

iphone and generally talking if you reboot it it’s fine however it hasn’t been a relentless concern with this phone to make sure that is total news to me is it helpful for watching YouTube video clips or is it too small I was surprised by this I used the apple iphone 13 mini at all times for viewing YouTube it never ever truly felt too small because you’re just sitting there viewing it in your lunch break or whatever holding your phone like that which is always quite near to your face remember so the screen does not look that small and once more if you’re not switching in between this and also a larger phone you’re not going to notice if you have actually upgraded to iOS 16 exactly how is it managing that it’s been absolutely fine on iphone 16. Now bearing in mind I have actually not used it much with iOS 16 so I have actually not done lengthy term examinations however I have played around with it and actually I did use this on the iphone 16 beta for a long time as well as although there were some beta glitches it was rather great to be sincere yet absolutely on the present variation of iphone 16 it seems to be definitely fine now the remainder of the questions are all pertaining to battery life so I have actually covered that in information just how with any luck in this video clip and hopefully the rest of this video clip has actually answered any of the concerns that I haven’t addressed recently if not put your question in the comments section of this video and also I’ll do my ideal to obtain back to you but once again thank you so much to everybody that asked those concerns now if you ‘d like to hear my updated thoughts on another small item from Apple the iPad Mini 6. keep enjoying for a link to a video I made recently where I offer you my one year evaluation.