Review ANC Earphones Panasonic RZ-S500W True Wireless Earbuds

hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from to expert in for the last week I’ve had the very catchy title Panasonic or Z S 500 W two wireless earbuds stuffed inside of my head to test them out as if they really are truly worthy Bluetooth buds they’ll be released in UK stores in June hopefully just a few days after this video review goes live and they will cost you one hundred and eighty-nine quid quite a lot of money for a pair of true wireless earbuds but then they do pack some premium features like active noise cancellation and so when you factor that in they are actually quite a bit cheaper than a lot of rivals that also have ANC like those Sony WF so here’s my full review of the panasonic or zi s 500 WS how many takes did it take to get that right I’m not even gonna tell you and from all the latest greatest tech release new book subscribe ending that notifications about jet now these Panasonic buds can be snaffled in either black or white colours there are no shiny vibrant hues to be had here they are very comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods and I’m talking literally hours of constant use without extracting them from your skull and unfortunately they are also quite shall I put this sticky-outy definitely the technical term for it a jut out from your ears quite aware and I do feel rather conspicuous when I am actually

wearing them out and about in public they’re not the worst offenders that I’ve had lodged in my load caused by any means but they’re not too subtle either but at least they don’t have those stupid dangly downstem bits like the Apple earpods but thankfully despite that book he designed they certainly don’t feel heavy or anything and they do lodge in there quite comfortably and quite securely as well so even a good bit of running jog in whatever you want to do they don’t feel like they’re gonna go flying out of your head and just to prove a point watch test unlike most blue tooth buds these Panasonic true wireless earphones are ipx4 splash resistant as well so you can jog in a drizzle do squats in a downpour whatever you fancy but these are also unfortunately one of those annoying peasantry wireless earbuds that have a constantly flashing LED built into them as well which during the day is upset you fine but when you use them at night kind of flashes right in the face of whoever you’re sleeping beside in your bed which goes down about as well as a turd sandwich pair and thankfully is an absolute piece of pie that you just yank at the Panasonic all Z s 500 WS out of the charging case and they’ll immediately connect up with whatever device they have previously paired with otherwise they fail to find that they’ll just try and broadcast themselves and get paid up with something new you’ve got the usual built-in touch controls as well as just a tap of the old surface you find you will occasionally accidentally activate the controls if you’re just sort of moving the earbuds about just repositioning them or

something but overall they work quite effectively a single tap of either bud will pause or play your music I think it’s a little bit complicated need to double tap the left but in order to bump the volume down a bit triple tap it in order to boost the volume up and that’s pretty fast triple tap as well so if you’ve got a bit of arthritis or your hands are a bit shaky then you might struggle a bit and meanwhile if you want to skip tracks then that’s a double tap or a triple tap of the right bud instead you can also long press the left one here in order to activate your smartphone’s assistance and those takes a little while but it gets there in the end well long pressing the right bud will turn on the active noise cancellation and if you download the Panasonic audio connector app you’ll find that you can also turn on the noise cancellation from within there as well and not only that beam also play around with the actual level of the ANC as well boosting up the effectiveness so I’m not really sure why when just having bumped all the way up to Max when you need it anyway and I found that when it is cranked all the way up to 11 the ANC is fairly respectable for the likes of traffic and trains and low rumbling noises like that it does a bit of a job at sort of dumplin it but general chatter another background noise I found it didn’t really do much at all when it was activated compared with when it was

completely switched off it isn’t as effective as this on EWS and it’s not as good as the one more ANC pause which I reviewed just a couple of weeks back as well now if you were to long press that right but again you would go from ANC mode into the ambient mode instead and this is basically the opposite of ANC it’s available in quite a few to wireless earbuds especially that over the head earphones with ANC basically this uses the external mics to pump in environmental sound to your locals so you can hear an announcement have a quick conversation with someone without actually extracting the buds the only problem is that it doesn’t also at the same time pause your audio or even lower the volume so you’ll have to do that as well manually otherwise you still won’t be able to hear what the chuffing heck is going on as well as allowing you to mess around with that ANC feature the audio connector also serves up an equaliser of sorts as well as a bass enhancer and a clear voice feature too I’m sitting around with these deftly has an effect on your audio at all not a massive one it’s not exactly a game-changer and I definitely instead of just the straight-up equaliser would have preferred a few presets thrown in there as well depending on the type of music that you’re listening to but still on those default audio settings the Panasonic or Zed s500 w’s churn up some good sound in audio there

definitely at the upper end of the scale for true wireless earbuds when it comes to full-bodied sound them by that I mean plenty of power for your rock and metal tracks those shredding guitars definitely come through with plenty of punch an acoustic tracks and more mellow music also gets a thumbs up too if under each instrument have a little bit of room to breathe of all these deaf Leon as good as the likes of the Jabra elites for providing that full sort of surround sound effect covering the full range efficiently and also picking up some of those finer details on more complex tracks so overall not the best around but I certainly was not disappointed and inside of that audio connect up you’ve got a few other features to play around with including an approximate battery readout as well rounded up to the nearest ten percent although I did find that that often didn’t update unless I actually shut down the app and then reopened it more often than not so make sure you do that otherwise you might think you’ve got more battery life remaining than you actually do and there’s some other handy stuff locally in the settings as well so you can change up the auto hibernation delay you can choose your favorite voices system with built-in Alexa support here on the Panasonic’s you could also tracked on your buds if they’ve done a runner providing they’re actually still connected via bluetooth and those external mics are actually used during calls as well in order to pick up on any ambient noise that might be disturbing for the person on the other ends not necessarily disturbing I’m not talking like

while you’re butchering people or anything like that but anything that might distract them and it just cuts it down so your voice comes through nice and clear seems to work quite nicely especially if there’s a bit of wind noise something like that that’s for battery life well Panasonic Renton you’ll get up to six hours on a full charge with ANC turns on I found it is actually a bit more generous than that was more like six and a half hours of full-on constant music stream and before they finally died and had to be shoved back in the case for a recharge they were pretty consistent dreamin about 10% every 40 minutes or so and without E&C turns on I found that it was more like it hours on a single charge again before they had to be shows back in the case so I’m not exactly a world beaten effort but still better than a lot of Bluetooth buds which tend to give you a run sort of six to seven hours of use because my favorite size a long time viewers will know are still a Korean about the Eagles they will give you like twelve hours of constant use on a single choice those things are absolute Marvel’s and when it is time to give the Panasonic or Zed S 500 w’s a recharge if that is indeed what they’re called my head is the mess of numbers and letters right now you get 2 full recharges basically from the kiss itself before the kiss itself also needs to be charged which thankfully embolic because it takes good

old type-c USB there’s no wireless charge and support unfortunately here and the kiss is to put it mildly a little bit ugly it’s just an ugly chunky plastic box basically no fills or flare or anything like that but here all small thing to complain about really so that way there’s my full review of the panasonic gz s 500 w’s sorry my brain is just turned into mush it’s very hot in this studio

and frankly the name is pants they actually puts themselves are pretty good they’re not one of the best other I’d say if you’ve got the money to spend to pay a little bit more get those powerbeats poles which are absolutely stellar and better suited to outdoor activity and the like as well I still prefer the jabber elite around that sort of price point for the audio quality app absolutely brilliant sounds that you get from those things it’s just incredible considering the size of them and if the ANC is a big feature for you then definitely check out the sony WS or the warm or ian c pros as well fantastic earphones definitely so that’s all for me please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely week people Jews ever on

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