Mac Studio 2 weeks later | A video editor’s perspective | Reviews

the mac workshop has actually been out for a pair of weeks now and it has actually separated opinion large time so i determined to talk with a specialist who’s been using one for a number of weeks to figure out if it was an excellent financial investment for his service i haven’t bought a mac workshop i really can’t consider a factor to put one in this workshop actually that may transform in the future however presently i need to count on the point of views of people that’ve really got one in their hands so i look to my friend andy wood who runs a video clip manufacturing firm called pulse 8 in the uk he’s lately changed his mac pro for mac studio as well as naturally i truly wished to know what that change resembled is the mac studio matched to what they do at pulse 8 will he miss out on that mac pro before we obtain into it a quick note to say that this video isn’t funded like great deals of my video clips but it is supported by the wonderful individuals that authorize up to my skillshare course now i have actually obtained an all new skillshare class on that

particular system at the minute which is all about modifying your initial video in final cut pro and if you click the web link in my description you can access that course free of charge anyhow on the meeting i have actually remained in kind of like the style creative sector for around well just over 2 years however even more notably in the video market for the last five years as well as it’s myself as well as rob as well as we deal with little to medium-sized services obtaining straight to the mac side of things uh you had a mac pro really did not you what was the um the specification of your mac pro i upped the graphics to an amd radeon professional 16 gigabyte and it was a 32 gigabyte memory uh with an eight core on it so it’s your like your your base level entrance i just understand it cost me six thousand extra pound i speak with a friend of mine who claimed that do the job as well as i thought hey it’s gon na do the work for 10 years no so you went with the mac studio which what spec did you opt for i chose the base level since once more i can speak

my close friend who claimed the ultra for what we need would certainly be absolutely excessive as well as to save himself a pair thousand extra pounds as well as i think it was certainly the ideal decision to drop that route and also you recognize for a couple thousand extra pound if they drew out like an m2 or an m2 ultra in two or 3 years time it’s much easier to update to that after you simply invested a pair thousand as opposed to four thousand for what you’re providing for the type of video clip work you’re doing you simply do not see the ultra as being a requirement really we functioned it out for it would save us possibly a pair min on providing time we actually did an examination print versus the mac mini m1 as well as to provide out a 45 min 1080p took eight mins and also 37 seconds on the mac mini the mac workshop took simply over 6 minutes so i conserved myself three minutes indeed every minute counts doesn’t it however that does highlight how good the the mac mini is as well doesn’t it looking beyond the chip what was it about the mac workshop that made you take a look at it and assume this is virtually like made for us well i assume apple were very clever with calling it the workshop um i my

first idea was when i was enjoying the discussion was yes a computer system for me finally i’m not specifically fan of the design it simply looks like a fat version of the mac mini but i just assumed it was simply best for a workshop due to the fact that you always had like the mac mini as a beginning extra consumer-led after that you mosted likely to the imac and there’s not a pro at the minute so it didn’t fit our group as well as after that leapt away to the mac pro with the n-tel on it which was type of like even next level up so it just beinged in the best space for us to be sincere with you and also what were your very first impressions of the hardware when you got it out of package i like the rear end of it even more than anything with all the cables and the vents i assume the front of it is simply missing out on a trick it’s a bit boring when you’ve been increased as well as made use of to the the cheese grater of the mac pro i thought it just i really felt like i’ve taken an in reverse step on a style yet as type element goes the dimension of it as well as the power you get is

amazing to be straightforward with you are you satisfied with all the i o in regards to the links and things yeah i utilized them all right off use them all i could have done with one more ethernet cord because clearly we we have an ethernet to the nas and ethernet to our network so i needed to you recognize put a usbc on the as well as really the sd card visitor on the front is without a doubt my favored part of it it makes it so simple simply to pack packing video footage or plug usb c in great so the front of it really it’s very practical actually great as well as in regards to when you first started utilizing it how did it feel because after you have actually had that experience of utilizing a mac pro just how did it really feel uh simply not with you recognize benchmarks or or tests and also things however how did it feel contrasted to editing on the mac pro it felt like smoother butter it was so smooth i suggest the mac pro was great i trouble from the mac pro from duplicating as well as pasting from one

library to the other in final cut and also i’ll obtain the coastline ball of death wheel all the time on this to give you an example we did a recording of 2 hrs worth of video in 4k made it the line just went away immediately it’s super smooth not had a trouble with it thus far exist any kind of difficulties or i suppose downsides of the mac pro that this is fixed it’s sort of fixed for you what it’s resolved is we have um fx3 sony fx3 electronic camera as well as the mac pro couldn’t deal with 422 codecs it would stutter along we’ve done a test which is smooth as anything um so we’re currently able to film in better much more colors better simply better every little thing actually it matches our electronic cameras to be truthful so it has solved that trouble um you really did not obtain the studio screen did you what are your thoughts on the um studio display i was on the fence to be honest with you if it was a thousand pounds i would certainly have obtained it without without doubt since i enjoy the layout of it regarding 1500 i was a little bit like that’s a bit high it wasn’t a high enough specification i would certainly desire it like a 32 inch to 27. I like the design of it i maintain going back and forth and believing i was beautiful after that i resembled if i had surplus cash in

business as well as money had not been object i ‘d possibly get a pair of them however i intend to see what residence is going to appear later on in the year to be sincere with you come back to the mac mini then so in terms of of that of that mac what advice would you provide to anyone else that like an innovative expert or just a person at home that wishes to get even more right into video editing and enhancing or whatever it may be what advice would certainly you offer to them when they’re acquiring their their mac workshop in regards to what they go with my suggestions would certainly if you’ve got the additional money go with the standard entrance max workshop especially if you’re doing video i assume ultra is a bit of a waste of cash for for that side of points unless you’re doing 3d visualization or high-end much more you understand tv stuff after that i just believe it’s a little bit pointless choose the entry degree yeah i was gon na state that do you assume the ultra is for is it really for premium production do you think approximately i utilized to do 3d visualization

and also that’s when i would have acquired the ultra due to the fact that it would have been much faster at rendering out computer animations or premium hdr our personal process is when we’re editing the final cut i’m refraining it for disorder i’m not going in between applications so it’s individuals who really are multitasking and also pushing it to to like you know the go for degree on it to be truthful with you as well as lastly in terms of um what you people do in regards to video production as well as being the size of company you are what what does the mac workshop imply to you moving forward what’s what happens if you might sum it up what what’s the what is that computer gon na provide for you as a service progressing it makes our workflow a great deal simpler claimed

rob has a mac mini we had problems between the intel and the m1 on final cut some odd points happening with plugins and also points like that due to the fact that they’re not constantly suitable so for us it’s

going to be a slicker procedure we’re going to download our footage quicker the kind variable is great on the desk as well so it’s simply going to it’s gon na quicken a manufacturing process to be honest with you i want to thank andy as well as the team at pulse an again for obtaining involved in this interview however i ‘d enjoy to know what you assume has it made you desire a mac studio also a lot more or have you got a lot more questions allow me know in the remarks if you’ve still obtained time and you wish to take a look at the other side of the workshop arrangement then keep viewing for a web link to my complete evaluation of the studio display screen yet up until following time thanks as always for watching and also i’ll capture you in the next video clip you