Review Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart fitness tracking on a budget

even now in 2020 more small witches are still pricey we buggers especially if you want to dedicate a fitness wearable but while we’re trying to shake things up a bit with this colorful weed chap here the Wyatt watch gt2 II sure the name might be less than brilliant but the hardware is solid especially considering that affordable 160 pound asking price which is well under half the cost of one of them Apple jobbies I thought the while we watched GT 2e strapped my arm for over a month now and though it is unmerited in some areas it’s definitely a great budget option for anyone who’s slightly more than a casual fitness enthusiast so here’s my phone while we watch GT 2e review and from on the latest greatest tech release do plug subscribe and thing that notifications Bell says now first up I absolutely adore the design of this thing my arms have about as much meat on them as the average barbecue buffet chicken drumsticks or smoked which is do tend to look for the massive and ridiculous on me but for a forty six millimeter effort the watch gt2 E is surprisingly sleek that chassis is a blend of stainless steel and plastic and it’s as light as it looks in just a shade over 40 grams so even weaklings like me don’t feel weighed down it’s definitely a comfortable wear and more importantly it’s a seriously tough nut as well you see my body coordination basically ranks down at the rubbish end of terrible I’m constantly wave my arms around like some sort of drunken marionette and accidentally smacking things like the wall or

random family members like you know that movie ratatouille where the chef guys having all of his movements controlled by the rat well basically just imagine that except where the guy and the right above blasted out of their minds on vodka and that’s basically me but despite being smacked off all kinds of hard surfaces and shop callers but while we watch gt2 E is absolutely pristine even after a full month not a single scratch or Nick on that screen or on the actual chassis itself it’s perfect and I definitely prefer this more traditional rounded finish as well compared to the square design of the Apple watch it’s not quite edge to edge but you do get a pleasing these skinny bezel and you do get minute increments edged on there as well which is great if you opt for an analogue always on the split the screen is almost completely flat as well with only the slightest tipping as you reach the edges it’s lovely stuff you’ve got four color combos you can choose from with while we watch GT Tsui I’m definitely a massive fan of this darker chassis with the bright lava red strap very vibrant and in-your-face but if you think that’s a bit wild and crazy you can go for more subtle subdued

efforts like a white and black and also at the nice bit of mint green as well now the watch gt2 II doesn’t actually use Google’s wear or less or anything like that instead it uses y ways on proprietary software now admittedly setting up the watch can be a bit of a pain in the arse if you don’t have a Huawei smartphone because where you’ll have to do is download while words on apt calorie store in order to then download the huawei health app which is the latest version which then supports the way we watch GT 2e you’ll have to download some other bits as well and then finally you’re ready to connect and good to go once you’ve finally all hooked up though you’ll be able to enjoy all of the usual SmartWatch features the customizable notifications for gives you a buzz on the rest when your favourite apps get an alert which is good news if like Aerosmith you don’t want to miss a thing you can change the strength of the vibration to see your own particular taste as well on that top set and it’ll definitely give you more than a tickle you can also fully customise that watch face as well choose them from a selection of offerings and while there’s definitely not as much variety as you get on the likes of the Apple watcher and where OS there’s enough variety here to suit basically all tastes very few of these watch faces unfortunately include the option to tweak the individual elements but I didn’t really find it an issue thanks to the variety on offer now by default the while we watch GT 2e supports R is too weak and keeps that 1.4 inch OLED screen turned off most of the time but I prefer to have a bit of always-on display action so I could just casually glance and my watch face instead of having to do the old dramatic arm lift every time I wanted to

check the time of course the selection of always-on displays is considerably more limited than the standard watch faces but again at least you’ve got a choice between analog or digital and I do like this funky neon effort me I shall watch interface is nice and intuitive as well all you need to do is swipe up to each your notifications down for your settings and quick toggles and then left and right to look at a variety of pins most of which are Fitness related it’s pretty comprehensive coverage as far as uhouse shenanigans go off just for a quick update on your various stats and how well you’re doing that dear Plus you also get a quick glimpse of whatever the weather is up to and fast access to your media controls too now the one we watched GT 2e is also capable of automatically truck in any exercise that you’re busy getting involved with other was distinctly hit and miss sometimes I thought I was out for a jog when I was actually just taking a stroll to the post box just down the road but it does say do you want to stall this exercise you can own either accept or dismiss so it’s no biggie but you can start the session manually easy enough and after an update the watch can now track something like a hundred different types of exercise which is proven surprisingly ideal for lockdown because a whole bunch of indoor

activities are now trackable there’s lots of dance for instance even a bit of belly action high-intensity interval training boxing martial arts all of that stuff is present and corrects and you can do a good bit of swim tracking as well because it’s 50 meters water resistant at all of course unfortunately how I’m being able to test this out beside the UH novice swimming pool in my back garden however I did have a lovely hot bubbly bath with the while we watched GT – he struts of my own I spin absolutely fine so alright when your monitor your workout you get a glimpse of some key stats right there on the fish you’re not if you’re hitting your targets as you workout and when you’re all done you’ll get a pretty comprehensive overview of how you performed four runs walks cycles and the like you can see a distance covered calories burn average pace your cadence and so on and so on and the built-in GPS accurately tracks your motions you get a detailed readout of your heart rate throughout – while the watch GT – we can also monitor your blood oxygen levels when you’re all done if you active it in and sit still for a minute or two one thing I couldn’t quite work out was does it actually matter what kind of indoor activity you choose though when you’re doing some sort of indoor fitness effort be it Taekwondo or ballet it’s basically

taking a reading of your pulse and all that kind of stuff and working out how many calories you’ve burned based on that information however I’ve got to say that information did seem to marry up with whatever other gear I was using so for instance I fi my oculus quest under there box VR the calorie burn reads and was pretty much identical on the VR headset and also my watch so that’s good at least and outside of the exercise watch gt2 we can also help to monitor your stress and it’s got a good bit of breathing exercise action built in there as well to help relax you calm you down a bit you can do 24-hour stress monitoring and this takes into account your pulse and activity levels and it seems reasonably accurate if a bit basic but I definitely liked those breathing exercises when I needed to take a moment just to cleanse my brain which frankly these days is pretty much every few minutes and as usual with these small watches you can also track your sleep sessions as well to see how well you snooze how often you drift into that sort of deep sleep territory throughout the night and as usual it’s not clearly acurate often feeling to recognize when you’ve actually walkin up unless you actively thrush about the place but it is a respectable compliment to that stress monitor and forgiving a more complete picture of your mental well-being and you even get full explanations for all of the different

readings which is nice so all of the major features that I’d expect to see on a SmartWatch are pretty much present and correct but unfortunately the app selection is rather limited once you get past the fitness stuff the sleep tracking and all that stuff I just banged on about you can control your music on the while we watch GT 2e as well and even hook up a pair of headphones direct over Bluetooth and listen to tracks that you’ve imported to the watch’s 4 gigs of internal storage which all work seamlessly and you’ve also got basic tools like a timer and an alarm function as well but unfortunately that’s pretty much where it ends unlike the Apple watch and where OS watches as well you can’t download fresh apps from an app store so what you see really is what you get unlike more expensive options like the Apple watch there’s no NFC supports that means you can’t use contactless payments there’s also no built-in mic and speaker either so unlike the original while we watched GT 2 you can’t take calls on this thing and there’s no voice assistance support and there’s no cellular or Wi-Fi support either blood doesn’t really matter because the con take calls on it you can’t use it to download apps on the go or anything like that still if you could live with these emissions the way we watched GT 2 he does hold up well in most other areas the built in current chipset makes for pretty smooth performance most of the time while the OLED screen is sharp perfectly

bright and super vibrant and what are the major advantages of the Huawei watch GT 2 he is well where I’ve seen creams that competition is the battery life even without always-on display active and basically all of the features switched up to the maximum levels you’ll still get a full 5 to 6 days of battery life on a single charge if you knock off that always-on the Splane sort of a bit more casual with some of the features then you’ll easily get double that closer to the two weeks that while we actually stated in its press release and there you have it that’s my full review of the Huawei watch GT 2e after a full month of use and it definitely really really good for you fitness enthusiasts especially now that we’re all basically stuck in our houses plenty of indoor exercise support which is great to see I love the display I love the battery life on this thing and yeah as long as you don’t want the expandability you’ve been able to download different apps and a plethora of watch faces there’s plenty here to keep most people entertained now you can grab the while we watch GT 2e right now here the UK four hundred and sixty quid be great to hear your own thoughts if you personally been testing out that while we watched GT TUI’s well please leave your own mini review in the comments down below and please do also books subscribe ding that notifications about devolve the usual usual YouTube shenanigans appointment to anyone living my voice this was a really long review sorry for everyone who’s actually made it this far Jesus you need to deserve a medal and have yourselves all of the wages everyone

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