What I want from the next M1 Mac mini | Mark Ellis

i’ve obtained some sad information my beloved m1 mac mini has been changed by the 16-inch macbook pro yet that obtained me thinking what’s following for apple’s beast of a mini desktop computer system hey there and welcome back to marketless testimonials and also thanks for subscribing if you have and also if you haven’t subscribed the switch’s simply down there i’m virtually as monotonous regarding the m1 mac mini as i have to do with the m1 macbook air i have actually made tons of videos about both of them yet i’m not mosting likely to apologize for doing that because people would like to know more about these computers as well as additionally while the m1 macbook air is my favorite laptop of all time the m1 mac mini is simply the most effective computer i have actually ever before utilized and also it’s additionally the most surprising on a daily basis it’s simply so so effective it’s only recently been changed by a monstrous 16-inch macbook pro however to be sincere i really did not need to do that that mac mini would have lugged on if i needed it to currently it’s type of rested over here as a desktop server type point that’s it which makes me truly depressing it’s not without its faults i’ve talked a great deal regarding the bluetooth problems that i’ve had with the mac mini however i still like it and i’m really thrilled concerning what might occur next so let’s obtain on with it right here is what i wish to see from the following mac mini when it

comes to under the hood i think we can keep this beautiful straightforward the m1 pro and the m1 max chips that have actually been put right into the brand-new macbook pros are absolutely magnificent i have actually tasted both in the 14-inch macbook pro and also the 16-inch macbook pro and i’ve even done a little examination i know obtain me i will not undergo the whole examination it’s in a video clip that i’ll connect to over however i took a 20 min item of 4k video footage rather beefy footage from this video camera the sony fx3 which was taped in 4k 24 structures a 2nd 10 little bit shade 422 and also i rendered and also exported it in final cut pro currently on my 16 gigabyte m1 mac mini the render took 6 mins and 37 secs on the bass spec m1 pro contribute the 14 inch macbook pro it took 3 minutes 14 secs so basically half the moment and after that in the spectap m1 max it took 3 mins 9 seconds not a large conserving over the professional however still outstanding and after that the export of that video footage on the m1 mac mini 16 gig took 12 mins 53 seconds whereas on the base spec m1 pro it took 9 minutes 54 secs as well as on the m1 max the 32 core mega ridiculous version it took five mins 36 secs so that offers you a suggestion of just how huge the void is in between the m1 chip and the m1 pro and the m1 max it’s simply significant currently video clip is simply one usage

situation admittedly however individuals are seeing similar results with all type of things they’re putting these new m1 pro as well as m1 max chips through so when it comes to the following mac mini just put those chips inside it that’s it envision that power because desktop computer system that’s that huge always connected to power so it can do even more with thermal efficiency and also followers and stuff think of having all that power in a mac mini the worst point apple can do is put the rumoured m2 chip into the mac mini the reason for that is that that chip is assigned we assume for the next macbook air and also that will concentrate on power yet also efficiency when it involves the battery life which’s terrific for points like the macbook air yet not for the mac mini we want all those graphics calls all that merged memory because little computer apple has whatever it needs to make the next mac mini an outright powerhouse today so offer us the exact same unified memory choices graphics training course selections storage choices and so on as those brilliant macbook pros apple please it’s difficult to obtain thrilled concerning the mac mini design it’s not an ugly thing at all yet it’s a little bit underwhelming it’s simply a square piece of aluminium truly granted it does not look like any various other desktop computer which is generally apple but yeah you can’t get as excited concerning that as you can do

for instance concerning the macbook pro style or the imac layout so when it comes to the layout of the following mac mini apple can have totally free raid with this i simply have one request which is to focus totally once more on the chips and the things they put within don’t let design determine what things looks like it has to be about thermal effectiveness and also taking advantage of those internals that might imply it needs to be larger chunkier larger this sounds familiar doesn’t it you see apple have actually made a little bit of a pole for their own backs when they re-released the macbook pro design and also i say re-released because it went right back to the power book days of old it was thicker chunkier much heavier it’s the type of point that johnny ive era apple would certainly never have actually done as well as i think they need to continue doing this specifically with tools like the mac mini doesn’t matter just how large thick heavy that thing is but once again i just don’t truly care just focus on the power of this point and build the style around that yet what about the absence of a display with the mac mini well i have actually stated before that really it’s a benefit of that computer since it indicates you can purchase whatever monitor you desire for me it got me right into the ultra widescreen game which was

really delightful yet it would behave to have an alternative from apple that isn’t their 6 000 extra pound professional xdr display screen there have been rumors regarding this however they’re not specifically solid no rumors are nowadays however the suggestion being that apple might produce a smaller less expensive variation of that pro xdr screen i would personally break that up tomorrow and it would be the ideal enhancement to the mac mini as well as the factor for that is that directly i do not assume you can obtain anything close to the similarity the imac screen and the brand-new macbook pro screen from any type of various other producer since’s quite a huge claim but when you take a look at the price of those devices and the screen you get with them it’s just amazing so apple why not make some kind of small professional xdr screen that is a bit a lot more cost effectively priced for us mere mortals but which connects perfectly with that mac mini ports is a big point for me with the mac mini once more i have actually made my sensations on this fairly clear in the previous i believe it needs more ports the reality that it only has 2 usb-an in fact troubles me a bit it requires more usbc i would certainly love to see an sd card viewers on there and once more i assume this next mac mini is a little bit of an opportunity for them to do a few of that things i do not think they’ll add any type of more usb a ports

however please do not remove the two that are there yet i think we will see even more usbc connection as well as potentially an sd card slot they did after all bring it back to the macbook pro and also that returns to things i was stating earlier regarding apple making a rod for their own backs with this things and really the truth that they most likely won’t add any even more usb-a ports is rather good news for the sort of satechi as well as agp technology who provide some truly great third-party hubs for the mac mini i’ll connect above to a comparison i did of those 2 brand names lately however yep a lot more usb-c ports please apple and simply stick it an sd card slot in there as well it’s not also much to ask is it adding those m1 pro as well as m1 max chips to the mac mini if that’s what apple does will certainly increase the cost of them in fact i ‘d estimate you ‘d most likely consider something like 500 pounds 500 additional on top of the existing mac mini rate to get the base degree chip of the m1 pro that’s fine i may be way off keeping that number incidentally maybe less maybe more however it’s to be expected yet what i truly hope apple does is keep the present m1 chip in the mac miniature schedule as well as minimize the rate also additionally and also the factor for that is that the mac mini has constantly been a fantastic way as well as a much even more affordable method to obtain into the mac os ecosystem it’s extremely budget-friendly now however

generating with any luck the m1 max and m1 contribute a top rate variation of the mac mini gives apple the opportunity to once again bench is the incorrect word yet move the current m1 mac mini better down the line better down the price braces and make it available to even more people that would certainly be a fantastic thing for children who possibly want to find out just how to code for businesses who require to buy these things in bulk and experts that desire a truly capable computer without a huge outlet so the positioning of this brand-new mac mini is going to be fascinating we have the chance for a reduced end m1 variation to entirely open the marketplace in terms of prices we after that have the base specification m1 pro which truly increases the game in terms of efficiency and afterwards on top end we have the m1 max specked up ridiculous version which can really highlight versus the existing intel versions of the mac pro so when are we going to see the next mac mini i have no concept i don’t assume any individual does apart from apple you can’t rely on reports these days they have actually extremely swiftly come to be an apology of themselves yet i think it’s

reasonable to assume that we’re possibly going to see this mac mini either following march kind of time if it does not take place after that it’s probably mosting likely to be later next year it can also be a year from currently i’m going to place my hat in the ring now as well as state i believe it will be march i believe yet more significantly i ‘d enjoy to know are you looking onward or are you waiting to get the following mac mini and if so what functions as well as upgrades are you seeking you may agree with me or you may have your very own ideas about the next mac mini whatever it is i ‘d love to hear them in the comments so get involved if you’ve still got some time and also you desire to find out a bit more concerning how i would certainly select between the m1 pro and also the m1 max chip keep enjoying for a link to that video clip at the end of this one but until following time thank you so much for seeing guys and also i’ll capture you following time you