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i’m a mac person this is a computer as well as i have actually been using it for a month can you guess what i assume hey there as well as welcome back to marcos evaluates thank you for subscribing if you have if you have not subscribed the button’s simply down there so i’ve had the surface laptop computer for sorry the microsoft service laptop for for regarding a month now i reckon and as i’ve stated in previous videos i was genuinely actually truly excited regarding obtaining this laptop if you’ve not stumble upon my channel before i do have a little bit of a propensity to put it gently to discuss apple stuff and also clearly in certain max so acquiring a home windows laptop computer for the very first time i assume in about two decades was rather a large deal a little while back i offered my impressions of this laptop from a mac people perspective yet today i’m going to offer you my complete testimonial of the microsoft surface laptop computer 4. right the spec i went with i have actually reached examine this because and also this isn’t me being silly and also facetious regarding home windows laptops i genuinely can’t

remember what the specifications are so as i constantly do i went with the base specification variation of this surface area laptop computer as well as the reason i do that is because well firstly because it’s pricey to run these networks i need to beware about just how much money i invest on equipment however secondly because i always intend to get that base level experience i did it with the m1 macbook air i did it with the imac too i simply wish to know what you get for the least amount of money so in terms of the specs i am mosting likely to have to refer to this so bear with me it has the amd ryzen 5 4680u although you can obtain it with an intel core i5 and also i7 if you wish to it has eight job of ram a 13.5 inch touchscreen the 256 job of ssd storage space and also this is the platinum variation which includes a alcantara i can never get this no this word ideal alcantara there you go surface for where the key-board is so it’s this kind of soft surface currently you can get a full metal variation you can also get a matte black version which i actually wanted but you

had to obtain the next backup so i didn’t i stayed with my weapons obtained the you recognize the less costly version and also all of that was 999 extra pounds i paid a little bit less in the uk i used a company called john lewis to get this from and they also provide you two years service warranty there which is fairly wonderful so depending upon where you remain in the globe with any luck you can locate a comparable kind of deal but yes if you buy this directly from microsoft and also various other on the internet shops you’ll pay 999 for that which includes v80 in the uk and that pits it quite directly against the m1 macbook air due to the fact that the bass level m1 macbook air is likewise 9.99 nonetheless this video isn’t a comparison between those two laptop computers i will certainly do that at some phase once i have actually had more time with this today i’m just mosting likely to discuss this bass level surface area laptop 4. I discussed the layout of this laptop computer in the first perceptions

video that i did for you as well as i think it’s actually wonderful it’s obtained this kind of conical design that you obtain with macbook airs as well as a whole lot of laptops nowadays have that kind of style where it slopes down like that very slim it’s light sufficient once more i know i had not been contrasting comparing this to the macbook air but it is a factor of comparison in an odd way so in regards to weight it feels really comparable to the macbook air i like everything about it it’s obtained this great mirrored microsoft logo design there which all looks great now of course i did opt for the alcantara key-board which does get a fair bit of stick actually as well as i’ve not had this enough time however i recognize that people that’ve had these laptop computers and the the sort of routine surface tools with this material will tell you that it doesn’t use especially well and also apparently if you enter into microsoft stores i never have done however if you do as well as you see these on screen they look a bit grubby it does look like it can get rather unclean it really does like i claim i have actually only had it for a month so it’s not reasonable i indicate it looks fine it resembles brand name new right now however i can imagine it could get obtain a bit horrible that said i do like the look of it i actually like the feel of it i’ll come on to the feeling of it a little bit later on because that sort of connects to the whole experience with the keyboard but i like it feels truly durable it’s just a wonderful commercial layout in terms of ports it does have a usb a port that you can see there which is rather remarkable i’m i’m a little bit antique like this i believe many individuals could be seeing this as well as type of

jeering at it but the presence of the usba port is really rather great i’ve not utilized it yet to be fair but the truth that i can simply plug in any of my accessories so for example i have numerous amp and dac mixes right here for headphone testing and also the capacity simply to plug among them in without a dongle is excellent now it likewise has usbc it only has one usbc which is a little a shame i would certainly like greater than one personally however that’s all they offer you and also if you do not know this channel i don’t do deep dives into specifications and also speed comparisons and also benchmarks all that kind of stuff so i have actually done no speed examinations with these whatsoever all i can tell you is it has a usb an and also a usb c port if you’re stressed over the rate go and also have an appearance at the specs that’s not why i’m here i wish to tell you what this is like to deal with everyday as a normal office device so yep just one usb c port is a little bit bothersome component of the factor for that is due to the fact that i’m making use of the usbc port to charge

the laptop computer which appears typical until i turn it around and also show you this now i like many individuals when i saw the item shots come on emphasis when i saw the product shots i detected this as well as promptly assumed oh it’s got an sd card slot uh no it hasn’t no that is microsoft’s sort of exclusive billing port which looks suspiciously like a an sd card port it’s not problem with that said is if you once more if you view this channel you’ll know that i’m obsessed with usbc simply because it’s extremely convenient that’s why i bill it using this due to the fact that you can bill it either by means of this weird thing below or through usbc it works with both that’s simply a waste of room for me i would certainly rather it was either one more usbc port or an sd card slot that would behave yeah strange decision there quick note on the display also it is i’ve obtained to describe the specs once again it’s it’s very sharp which and the factor for that is 201 ppi so it’s retina top quality if

you wish to call it that it’s a touchscreen as well and it’s a wonderful display lovely can not state excessive a lot more concerning it the other point i intended to mention is that you can open this laptop with one finger by lifting the lid my previous experience of home windows laptop computers is that you can do that since you ‘d finish up raising the whole thing no this does open like a macbook sorry one more contrast however yeah it you can lift it up probably not from oh you can in fact there you choose one finger so layout leading marks performance smart as i discussed a moment ago i do not do deep specifications and you understand benchmarks and stuff like that if you desire that go and watch a person like the technology chap he’s great however i will certainly inform you what this resembles to utilize day after day and also it’s most likely worth me clarifying what i’m using this for so i’m using this for basic workplace type things as well as you recognize what that is it’s e-mail it’s groups calls it’s servicing the web i do a great deal of work in idea that’s a sort of job administration app that i usage to run this channel the only things i’m not doing on it are video clip modifying which takes area on the mac mini behind me and also i suppose photo modifying which i do on my ipad pro however aside from that whatever

else i’m doing on this oh no there is another thing which i’m refraining from doing on it which is writing which i’ll reach later so for me this resembles a it’s just a regular laptop to obtain stuff done as well as for that it’s fantastic i needed to look at the the amd ryzen 5 really simply to see what it’s composed of as well as it has 6 cores there’s great deals of other information concerning it which i won’t bore you with so it’s not a particularly powerful chip yet it feels fairly stylish you do not feel like you’re lingering as well much for points to happen as soon as you remain in applications as well as utilizing them it’s simply fine i have actually had no i should touch timber i have actually had no accidents or blue displays of fatality if they are still a point i do not know allow me know in the remarks none of that’s occurred it hasn’t done anything odd and i assume that’s something which i was a little fearful of entirely unfairly i admit i assume you obtain a suggestion of home windows in your head

when you’ve been using macs for a lengthy time they’re always collapsing and also getting viruses and things and using this routinely for a month i’ve just not it’s not been a discomfort to use it’s really been a happiness to make use of so this bass spec if you’re just searching for a wonderful windows laptop that’s created nicely and also will obtain you through the day in terms of normal job power smart there’s there’s bags of it in there you’re fine as well as it’s got eight job of ram it comes back to this 8 versus 16 giga ram thing which i sort of entered into with the with the brand-new map publications as well as the m1 chip which just does not appear to matter with this when you’re doing typical job the quantity of ram you have actually got doesn’t actually appear to matter you can escape flawlessly with the eight gig the only thing i have discovered occasionally is the fan spins up and also i’m made use of to computer systems that don’t make noises nowadays so for the follower to kick in periodically even when it doesn’t seem to be doing a lot in terms of you know the computer’s not slowing down in any way that was just unusual it was an unexpected thing to listen to battery life it’s okay once more i have not done a big examination with this since that’s not what i do i similar to to see how it operates throughout the day and i think the essential thing with laptop computers as i have actually constantly

claimed is standby time that is one of one of the most crucial elements like anything really anything battery powered if you can put it into some sort of sleep setting not connect it in and also not stress over it and pick it up and also go and also do something with it in other places without a battery charger if you can do that fairly routinely throughout the day and also throughout the week it’s a simple tool to deal with if on the various other hand you’re always fretted about plugging right into a charger or taking your battery charger with you and you’re always leaving it plugged in overnight which isn’t great for batteries nowadays then that’s not an excellent gadget to do with that said’s just a pain this beings in the previous camp so i do not bill it especially routinely it doesn’t seem to consume alcohol juice from the battery when it’s in standby setting i assume something it does do which i had not been amazed had not been anticipating actually is that periodically i’ll open the lid and also it will be starting up so i do believe as well as this could be a setup allow me recognize if that holds true i do believe it totally shuts itself down after a while which may explain why it has such terrific standby time yet the boot up time is pretty quick to ensure that’s not a large deal being used

it will get you via a day i assume actually it’s quoted at being i assume 19 hours so 19 hrs of regular use as microsoft calls it i believe it’s stone’s throw off that actually it’s a pretty good battery key-board right now this key-board i’m mosting likely to put my neck on the line below and state this is the very best laptop key-board i’ve ever before used a fair bit case but i can make it i believe directly due to the fact that i compose an awful lot each week if you follow my blog site or follow my medium account you’ll understand that i create great deals of web content great deals of created web content this keyboard is beautiful it’s got simply sufficient travel provided the relatively thin account of the real device itself and it has this weird thing which is probably a bit of a manufacturing defect to be honest but i assume it’s it kind of help the inputting experience which is there’s a whole lot of flex in the chassis so when you weigh down the tricks visibly the entire thing dispirits it’s a bit bouncy i have actually never had a laptop computer that does that prior to but i believe it really aids the keying experience due to the fact that it adds a little bit of traveling as well as when you incorporate that with the actual secrets themselves which will feel very nice and when you combine it with the alcantara hand rest it’s simply a very comfy key-board to kind on and also pleasurable it makes a great laptopy kind key-board audio i like that

i really like keying on this yet that said that does lead me onto one of the big problems i have actually had with this laptop so the button from mac os to windows has really been reasonably pain-free i think because i have not carried across my video clip editing right into home windows that’s made it a bit less complicated i’ve not needed to get made use of to something like best everything else simply works you recognize trello toggle idea web searching edge is a dazzling internet internet browser if you have actually heard bad features of microsoft side neglect about it that it’s really actually good i’ll do i believe i could do some some videos on that particular at some stage every little thing else it just there was an application for it on windows so obtaining things throughout and also simply using it it was fine it functioned remarkably the point i’ve really had problem with which connects to the keyboard is finding a good composing application on windows i have actually discussed it i’ll leave a link to a blog that i discussed this in the summary if you desire to check

that out i use on the mac an application called ulysses which is this brilliant creating application and also it offers you diversion totally free creating it relates to wordpress so you can extremely easily export your blog sites to wordpress it has integrated folder company and it introduces you to an extremely basic form of markdown language which will not go to that currently yet it’s just it’s simply a dazzling it’s the most effective writing application i have actually located and also when you compose as many words as i do weekly you need a device that makes it a very easy process so i was wishing or just assuming actually that ulysses either would be offered on windows it’s not it’s simply a mac just application or there would certainly be a home windows comparable i can not find one if you understand of a an app on home windows that is equivalent to ulysses on the mac please allow me understand either email me mention in the remarks now this is a home windows concern i know that i’m uneven this issue at the microsoft surface area itself it’s simply

been frustrating due to the fact that it’s sort of stopped me from utilizing this rather as high as i wished to so what else do you obtain for your money with the surface area laptop for due to the fact that it’s not an irrelevant amount of cash it’s a thousand extra pounds a thousand bucks nevertheless there are two things that you obtain if you’re originating from the mac environment which i assume are absolutely worthwhile of mention among them is the touchscreen so this is a touchscreen laptop and also it’s the very first one i have actually made use of correctly actually once more i have actually discussed this i talked concerning it a little bit in my previous video which i’ll link to above i just find myself normally touching that screen a great deal of people have claimed yeah yet that’s just due to the fact that you’re you understand you’re new to the laptop computer it’s a brand-new plaything you’re pushing it it’s not it simply feels natural i recognize there are only certain touch targets on the display that makes good sense to reach out as well as press with your finger and they’re the ones i often tend to go with the various other beautiful trendy point goes to the top right here which is facial recognition all of it type of sits under the banner of home windows hello

which is the kind of safety and security layer that relaxes home windows it includes facial recognition and pin numbers all that type of stuff all the security things i do not recognize adequate regarding home windows hello to state exactly how safe and secure it is compared to various other types of biometric safety and security all i do recognize is that when you open your laptop computer this laptop computer in particular and also it acknowledges your face it logs you in and also it’s the most effective thing ever i i enjoy it i absolutely like it and it’s extremely very exact it functions regularly it’s never ever failed me yet they’re the only 2 points i can assume of truly and i’m just stating them due to the fact that i come from a mac background so to me they’re new apart from that this is just a solid laptop computer it’s simply a really strong laptop that does not really have any type of frills you recognize it doesn’t have a tablet computer mode you can not separate the screen it’s simply a good laptop computer would certainly i recommend the surface laptop for absolutely if you have actually got 999 pounds or 999 dollars to invest and also you require just a a workhorse it’s most likely the best method of describing this laptop and you wish to utilize windows it works remarkably for that i think it’s truly excellent worth for cash it’s early days i have actually just had it for a month i will certainly return in the future

and offer you a bit even more of a lasting review of it to see exactly how it’s kind of fed particularly that alcantara cover first perceptions are really really excellent i actually like this laptop i’m really excited by the construct top quality it has some weird points you know i don’t know why they utilize this proprietary billing thing yet it’s it’s a tiny gripe truly this is just a very great laptop very great value for cash perfectly powerful great deals of battery life looks great unquestionably i don’t have anything to contrast it with at the minute this is the initial laptop computer i have actually possessed of a home windows selection for a lengthy time yet if yeah if you desire an authentic full bare bones home windows experience without any kind of bloatware as well as rubbish placed on top of it i extremely suggest the surface area laptop in the meantime i’m not completed with this yet i’m gon na do great deals extra things with this in regards to comparing it with the obvious gadgets that i have actually pointed out in today’s video so expect even more web content for that so if you haven’t subscribed currently make certain you subscribe and also hit the little bell simply to get any type of alerts when my videos come with yet if you want to see that impressions video clip where i talk a bit much more concerning how mac os contrasts to home windows from my point of view after that maintain enjoying for a web link to that in the meantime thanks as constantly for seeing i’ll capture you next time you