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this is going to be a somewhat various video clip that’s not whiskey do not worry hello there and also invite back to marco’s testimonials thanks for subscribing if you have and also if you have not subscribed you know where the button is so i have actually been the proud owner of a surface 4 laptop for regarding 3 three or 4 weeks now if you watched my video clip response to the home windows 11 news a couple of weeks back this might surprise you you understand i’m a mac person i’ve obtained three macs that i usage in my service i made a video clip regarding that lately if you wan na have a make fun of that i’ll put a web link over but it holds true this has been just one of one of the most interesting tech acquisitions i’ve made for years as well as years i was so thrilled to obtain this in my hands but despite that that original windows 11 response video that i made has actually drawn without a doubt the most unfavorable talk about this channel that i’ve ever received as well as this video clip isn’t a sort of trouble is me get the violins out that’s not the factor of this what troubled me regarding those negative comments and

as always these were in the minority it’s really crucial to mention that 99 of the people that talk about my channel are simply wonderful charming individuals however the adverse remarks i received on that windows 11 video clip entirely misunderstood i have actually constantly enjoyed kind of obtaining positive objection on this network it helps me grow it i’m still just a year in so i’ve got great deals to service but some of the remarks i hopped on that windows 11 video clip just exposed a side of tech that i recognized existed yet that deeply troubles me and also i dream we might all transform i’ll leave a web link over to the windows 11 statement video clip that i’m discussing so you can examine it out if you haven’t seen it yet but the negative comments i was getting on that particular video were the whole time the lines of how can you review a version of windows that hasn’t also been released yet you’re a mac man you do not understand what you’re talking regarding offer microsoft an

opportunity this is a beta product wait till you’ve used home windows 11 until you begin evaluating it and also several of them well i can not duplicate several of the comments sadly they were just nasty however the ones that troubled me the most were the ones that just didn’t understand of that video so i wish to make 2 essential clarifications regarding that video as well as the initial one is that i wasn’t in fact examining home windows 11 because video i was just reacting to microsoft’s statement which was simply in my viewpoint hand-fisted confusing and just terrible item of public relations the second point is that if you listen to what i’m stating i’m in fact on the side of home windows customers i desire windows 11 to prosper i desire it to be a superb variation of that operating system and as i also discussed in that video i’ve obtained a long background of utilizing windows prior to max and also really probably for a longer period of my life i was a windows individual i loved it i simply taken place to try mac eventually and also fell in love with that as well does not mean i hate home windows does not suggest i have

anything versus home windows i simply wasn’t that thrilled by what microsoft did throughout that launch occasion as well as because video clip i was poking enjoyable a bit i mean you have to try as well as make material intriguing otherwise individuals aren’t mosting likely to watch it it won’t stream every person’s watercraft i won’t always be your favorite yet it’s simply my design of offering those kinds of analysis yet the underlying narrative running under that whole video was that i really did not believe microsoft were doing its customers or home windows itself any justice however because that video i’ve not had the ability to quit thinking about returning to windows which is why i got this and also i put my money where my mouth was i bought this with my very own cash as well as i’m using it i’m utilizing this particular day in day out i’m not utilizing it for every little thing however i am placing as much of my day-to-day work onto this laptop computer as possible but that asks the

inquiry exactly how can a mac man really feel so thrilled concerning going over to home windows when it seems like he’s type of attempting to get involved in a celebration that he’s never ever been invited to this is all regarding something called the system wars if you’re not knowledgeable about that term it’s essentially this sort of nearly tribal-like dedication to an item of technology or a specific brand name of technology so you understand individuals who love apple as well as definitely dislike anything else or individuals that are definitely stressed with their android phones and also assume ios is simply a heap of waste it’s that as well as clearly you’re permitted to have your favorites i like iphones i do not mind android in fact yet i favor apples iphone that’s fine but it’s this type of virtually like combative nastiness that comes into it that i i see in my comments like i state not that usually it’s you recognize these people are the good news is infrequent but they do occasionally surface that the more prominent a video becomes i do not obtain it cards on the table i do not comprehend the system battles i entirely get rivalry in sporting activity for example you know if you’ve obtained your favorite football group i obtain that if you can’t stand the opposition that’s wonderful it’s everything about competitors as well as it’s what that’s

what takes place in sport i obtain that however to be that like i say practically tribal-like about a piece of modern technology i simply don’t obtain it and it generated truly irritating phrases like apple lamb as well as home windows spell w-i-n-d-o-z-e i think it’s just absolutely pointless currently apple is most likely the very best instance i assume directly of a brand name that gets a horrible whole lot of stick from individuals who dislike it and also they’re a very easy target it’s reduced hanging fruit you recognize they make laptop computers as well as earphones that are more pricey than a lot of the competitors and they seem to place all their initiative into layout over feature as well as all this type of things and whatever you think of that is rather unnecessary due to the fact that for there’s a subsection of people who just think individuals who acquire apple things are idiots so if you buy a pair of earpods max

you’re an idiot if you get a macbook pro you’re an idiot you can have got a home windows laptop computer for a 3rd of the rate however as i routinely claim in my testimonials if you simply desire an item of innovation due to the fact that you just want it that’s absolutely fine that’s your choice if you have actually obtained the cash for it you can afford it and also it’s also if it will not make any type of distinction to your life yet you just want that piece of modern technology get it take the electric motor industry so in this family we have two cars which is rather basic i assume one of them is a i expect you can state household car which is an excellent fantastic auto really nothing wrong with it in all i love driving that automobile the other vehicle is a sporting activities vehicle which is simply ridiculous actually foolish beverages petrol however i enjoy it it makes me really pleased and places a big smile on my face and if we use the entire apple disgust thing to the motor industry then that would certainly make me a moron for possessing such a dumb

vehicle when i could invest much less and also have something that does extra as it ends up they’re both brilliant cars they both have a target market as well as that cares i would certainly not be shocked in any way if this video attracts extra troll-like remarks we’ll see what happens i just wished to make it since it bothers me this entire tribal system wars thing i think it’s absolutely foolish entirely pointless as well as the major factor it troubles me isn’t because i can not you know take obtaining the flack doesn’t trouble me although it does trouble me that there could be makers out there who probably haven’t obtained fairly as thick skin as me it’s not wonderful getting awful comments so yeah that troubles me however i think the various other thing that really truly worries me about this is that the extra we concentrate on battling against each other in regards to what we such as as well as what various other people like we’re taking the focus off the firms themselves i believe if we can be

much more harmonious and a little bit a lot more approving of the reality that somebody else suches as a various type of smart device to to you we after that start to put the focus back on the brands and also the companies that are making these products and the factor that’s important is since the more we do that the much more we press them to be cutting-edge it troubles me as an example that the apple iphone has obtained really monotonous i’ll place a web link to my iphone 12 testimonial which is from ages ago however um it’s probably a horrible video clip however i’ll put a web link above anyway but because video clip i discuss the fact that it’s simply an iphone it’s a it’s an excellent phone do not get me wrong it’s the finest iphone i’ve ever made however it’s truly monotonous it’s just a phone i would certainly like them to do something much more fascinating with it which is why points like you understand the flip phones that are appearing now are really intriguing yet the even more we sort of scuffle in between ourselves concerning

what’s far better between home windows and also mac os boring even discussing it yet the even more we do that the extra we as i claim take the pressure off i believe the firms they let us proceed with those scraps they type of invest their r d spending plans how they choose yet they do not truly get the responses from us going back to microsoft they have actually got a perfect opportunity here to attract people like me back to their system however they’re making a complete hash of their pr initiative on it fine perhaps i added gas to the fire a little potentially however i was simply attempting to have a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at what they were doing as well as like i claimed that underlying narrative got shed entirely the reality that i was essentially saying i get on your side home windows individuals just got shed there’s this instantaneous kind of strike setting that people enter into whereas truly your rage ought to be directed at the business due to the fact that i can guarantee several of the people that were placing negative comments against my windows 11 response video are probably relatively peed off with microsoft themselves they possibly want they intend to see home windows doing better than it is you know they possibly weren’t delighted with that said compatibility tool not working direct your temper at microsoft throw it

their means not to people who are simply discussing the sidelines so in closing the platform battles are just biblically dull as well as if we can all collaborate to truly focus our power at these technology giants hopefully we’ll begin to see much extra interesting phones hit the market and also just much better competitors between them we all take advantage of that currently the surface area laptop computer 4 has been with me like i state for regarding four weeks currently i’ve obtained great deals more ideas on it i require to run it a little bit a lot more to get my head around exactly how it helps a mac user long-term so i will certainly return with a much more extensive evaluation of that laptop we’ve obtained great deals of things to say regarding it yet i would love to know if you are a mac person or a home windows person what would you like me to cover on that surface laptop for what type of things are you interested in finding out about from me keeping in mind i’m coming from mac os i’ve been using macos for a long long period of time what understanding what example do you want me to check let me know in the comments as well as one last time if you did miss my windows 11 reaction video clip as well as you wish to have a little a laugh either at me or with me i don’t mind i’ll leave a link at the end of this clip yet the meanwhile thank you again for watching this one as well as i’ll capture you following time you