ROG Phone 6D Ultimate: MOST POWERFUL Dimensity Gaming Phone?!🔥

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews now I’m super excited for today’s video because as you can see on my table we have a ton of devices here all right so today is going to be all about the Rog phone 6 series but the main focus is going to be about the 6D ultimate that I have over here I just wanted to put everything here so you guys can have like a close look on how they look uh differently but before we begin so let me just share with you the kind of devices that we are seeing on the table on the far right this is the Rog phone 6 that is powered by the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 and all these guys on the left side here are all powered by the mediatek diamond City in a processor and that is why they have the 6ds to their name so moving the six away we do have the 6D this is the Batman version and this is actually a very special device showing you guys really quick over here we do have this Batman logo at the back here and it’s completely mapped out in this sort of darkish black or space gray kind of color so very very cool there for the 6D Batman Edition moving that aside the two main ones here are actually the 6D as well as a 6D ultimate the 6D here also is in this fully mapped out materials we can see that it is a slightly lighter shade of gray

compared to the ultimate and the difference here is that we only have the Rog logo at the back whereas on the 6D ultimate you actually have a display here that can show you some really cool effects like this one right here so the unfortunate thing is that when the device is turned off or locked it won’t really show up on the screens whereas for these guys the ones with the logos at the back they do actually show up permanently at the back so you can always have your phones on the desk and you will always have this very cool you know LED lights going on and I just think that’s a little bit unfortunate for the 60 ultimate if this display could be turned on like throughout the entire day even with the screen off I know it might take up a little bit on battery life but that will be so much cooler because you know these guys all have you at the back but yeah so to like I mentioned earlier on the focus today is mainly going to be on the 6D ultimate which is my personal unit so we’re gonna push these guys

society and check out how the box look like honestly speaking when I first received this packaging I was super impressed with the kind of box that we are having here I mean these days not a lot of Brands really focus on their you know unboxing experience and I think Rog is always killing it they always have the best unboxing experiences so that’s going to show you the box real quick we have this really odd looking shape here again very edgy just like the phone itself and if I’m not mistaken all you need to do is actually slide it open so you slide it this way and you already have a pull tab over here that you lift to reveal the device now obviously I already have the device you know unbox and all that so I’m just going to show you what else we have here just like all the Rog phones we do have this card over here which is actually for you to experience that AR experience all the Rog phones has it other than that you also get a couple of cool stuff inside the box here let me just remove this level for you guys to see we have the charger in here which is actually again Rog standard charger again it offers very fast charging so we’ll talk a bit more about that we also have the type C cable over here this is the braided type of type c cable again on standard on all other Rog phones so I love

these cables they are really durable other than that I think we might have something else inside I’m not really sure actually I haven’t really unboxed it properly I think it’s somewhere over here we have oh we do have a pull tab over here so we are supposed to have another cooler over here if I’m not mistaken but it’s not there so pardon me for this sort of uh unboxing because but yeah it’s just a very cool packaging now let’s move the Box aside and get back to the phones because this is the main star um just in case you’re wondering for prices the standard Rog phone 6D is actually going for rm3499 and that makes it 100 Ringgit cheaper than the Rog phone 6 that is powered by the Snapdragon 8 plus gen1 processor now the 6D ultimate here is a completely different Beast because this is rm4999 you get more RAM more storage it’s 16-51 into compared to 12-256 on the standard 6D and again you can see that the main difference here is also in terms of that back panel you have a proper display here whereas this one is just showing the logo which honestly

speaking I still love a lot other than that a lot of new stuff has been added to here you might wonder like why is it so expensive and all that and that’s because it actually has even better cooling features so we do have an aero active chamber over here which actually opens up to allow more air to go in if you affix the cooler onto the back here you will also get even better airflow it Auto Works seamlessly to provide this better cooling for the Rog phone 6D ultimate and at the end of the day you will experience very very good kind of temperatures if you are playing games like Genji impact or maybe any watery for example any kind of graphic intensive games you will be able to experience a drop in temperatures I know Rog has definitely done their testing so they know all about that alright so let’s talk a little bit more about that design here at the sides we do have this black frame which again looks fantastic um at the top Corner we do have a slight camera bump again this is housing the multiple camera sensors that we have inside they do take some pretty decent

shots which I will share with you guys later on and if you look to the bottom here this is where we still have the headphone jack again awesome stuff from Rog and we have the type C charger one at the bottom and one more at the side it should be around here yeah so that’s for if you are playing games you can still charge the cable from beneath pretty cool stuff that overall I think I really love the design of the Rog phone 6D ultimate alright so just putting it side by side once again with the Rog phone 6D those are the key differences mainly all about those cooling features the additional RAM and the additional storage all right so just in terms of playing games on it how did it actually feel like well we have to talk about the display first because this is actually a very large display which is great for playing games and the best part here is we do have that 165 Hertz refresh rate and that makes everything scrolling on it everything is just buttery smooth this is actually one of the smoothest displays ever on any smartphone that I’ve experienced if you try it at a retail store you will notice like how smooth this is the response rate is crazy guys it’s literally one to one and I mean like some of you might say 100 120 hertz is like fast and all that but if you try 165 Hertz you will

definitely be blown away other than that we do have the x-axis haptics that means that playing games you will have proper haptic feedback I was playing a couple of games last night Junction impact as well as you know my favorite mobile Legends and I noticed that the temperatures were indeed uh quite cool I did not feel any kind of warm or heat to the phone itself when I was playing those games and I think if I have had added that Aero active cooler it would be even better in terms of the overall experience again the cooling system is not here just for sure it’s ready to actually you know give you benefits in terms of you know the phones temperatures and all that all right so I actually did do a very quick geekbench test earlier on and I noticed that again this is one of the highest scores that I’ve ever gotten and is also higher than the Snapdragon a plus gen one by the way so just in case you are into those kind of geek bench scores and all that oh one more thing that I should show you also is the Armory crate app here which actually allows you to do a lot of customizations so like I mentioned earlier on we have that external display and you can actually have multi multiple different kinds of designs at the back let’s say you put on an external accessory this is the graphic that you will see if you are you know in X mode you will have a special kind of a graphic showing up as well and this is for the screen

on so whenever my screen is on I will see a motorbike or a Superbike moving around this is your charging and of course you can also add in custom images as well so say for example I want to go into my screen on so I’ll just tap that and I can actually go into other options here I can show the time I can show the logo I can show all kinds of stuff and I even created one for myself here so I can just click apply if I just flip in the back there you see I do have this kind of you know custom kind of like wordings you can even put in a picture of an image as well so you can just click create image effects and let’s say I have this building right here that I want to show at the back this is the kind of effects as well as the filters that you can actually put on the back of that Rog phone 6D ultimate display so again very very cool stuff here a lot of customizations if you are into customizations you like gaming I think the Rog phone 6D ultimate is definitely something that you should check out once again I’m going to put the devices side by side here so you can see a very quick difference this is the 6D ultimate versus the 6D and now we do have the

ultimate versus the Batman version I really like this black guys it is super cool and that matte just by the way it also comes with its own Batman theme in case you are wondering how it looks like on the front but yeah this is the Batman Edition other than that we also have the Rog phone 6 over here this one is a lot of the glossy back panel definitely prefer the map on the dimensity versions but it is still a beast guy it’s definitely a huge Beast I already did the full review so check that out in the description box below and of course we also have a very cool Batman thing here which I want to show you real quick this is the bad light by the way so it can actually show the Batman logo I mean okay I’m I think I’m just a super huge nerd but this is the very cool logo guys and you can even switch it to a different image look at that look at that look at that I mean whoa and look at this thing guys it is super cool let me just focus it for you we can just I will show you this now up I was switching the image here at the top it looks just like the real thing alright guys so that is it guys a very quick look at the Rog phone 6D ultimate if you want to find out more information you know links down below where to purchase again links down below and thank you for watching today’s video all the way to the end definitely appreciate you guys I hope you had fun here with me checking out all the Rog phones 6 all these babies right here if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye foreign

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