HUAWEI Mate 50 Review: CHEAPER but as POWERFUL as the PRO?! 😱

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews now the Huawei mate 50 Series was launched about a week ago and I’m actually very fortunate to have all the devices here with me today I do have the mate 50 Pro and this one is a special edition the Clone version and I also have the standard based version which I’m going to be talking about in today’s video now I know most of the times when any brand for example launches their new Huawei mate 50 Series for example you know they always Focus mainly on the pro device but you know the non-version the non-pro version is always forgotten so in today’s video I really want to show this mid 50 some love because I personally think it comes with a lot of value for your money so just in terms of the pricing in case you don’t already know the mate 50 here is going for rm3499 whereas the mate 50 Pro here is 800 Ringgit more and of course the coolant version is even higher so just in terms of value this device here the mid 50 is the one that’s going to give you a lot of value now I’ve been using it for almost the past one week now and I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of things to love about the mate 50.

But before I begin first things first I want to share with you about the main differences that you will find between the mate 50 as well as the mate 50 Pro so in case you are planning to buy one you will know straight up you know like what are the differences the key differences between these devices now the first difference that we’re going to talk about here is in terms of the display now the display on the mid 50 is actually a flat display they are both about the same resolution but another difference here is that the refresh rate of the mate 50 is only 90 hertz compared to 120 hertz on the mate 50 Pro now honestly speaking I think Huawei did a great job with this display because although it is 90 Hertz when I’m navigating through the main menu and all that I noticed that it’s actually very smooth and if you are actually used to 120 hertz you might not actually notice that now another key difference here is of course in the cameras that’s what’s separating the pro from the non-pro so on the non-pro version we still actually get the same 15 megapixel you know the variable aperture sensor we still have that we also still have the same Ultra wide sensor here so it’s same resolution as well the the only main difference here I would say is in terms of the Periscope lens now the Periscope lens on the mate 50 conlon Edition this comes with 64 megapixels and they are 3.5 times optical zoom the one on the mate 50 here is slightly lower resolution but it does provide five times optical zoom so I’ll show you guys a couple of photos later on so you get a closer look at what you can expect in terms of the image now last but not least

the final difference that I personally think is worth mentioning here is in terms of their battery sizes so for some reason the mate 50 here has a slightly smaller battery compared to the mate 50 Pro but in terms of real world use there is not much of a difference you won’t really notice it and at the end of the day they both support that fast 66 watt charging so you should be able to charge up your device pretty quick so there you have it the key differences between the mate 50 as well as the mate 50 Pro but now let me share with you why I think the mate 50 here is really a good deal alright so as I mentioned earlier on we do get that same sensor at the back so of course you’re going to be able to take really stunning photos I know a lot of people who buys the Huawei mate 50 Series their really looking for a proper camera and in this case the mate 50 really performs night shots looks amazing just like on the mate 50 Pro you also have the variable aperture that I mentioned earlier on so you can actually adjust the amount of bokeh at the back and this is definitely good for those of you Pro photographers out there who really wants that manual touch of the focusing apart from that we also still have very good you

know like dynamic range the colors are all great you have that x-mage system in there so you can choose if you want your Vivid mode if you want your standard mode just in terms of the cameras the main sensor is actually very good now moving on let’s talk a little bit about the ultra wide now like I said this now the ultrawide is the same sensor as the one on the mate 50 Pro so we are able to get very clean images I noticed that again for the ultra wide on the Huawei mate 50 Series they’re all very crisp and clear with minimal noise there’s no fringing on the sides and all that it’s just a very good Ultra wide image now let’s talk a little bit about the Periscope lens because we have a lower resolution here but we do have that five times optical zoom right so yesterday I was in the park I was just walking along and I noticed a plane flying in the sky and I took a couple of shots here using the Huawei mate 50.

again I’m very pleased to say that the images coming from this particular device is great we can see a little bit of detail here we can still see the color of the plane at some different angles and of course you can still make out you know probably the kind of plain model that you can see in the sky if you know planes and that kind of thing so again just in terms of that Periscope lens you are not really being shortchanged yet it’s a still good sensor here that you’re getting with the Huawei mate 50.

All right so that’s this in terms of the cameras other than that like I mentioned just now I like the display very much because although it is a 90 Hertz display it still functions very very smoothly unlike other nautical displays although I did wish it came with 120 hertz because you know I just want like perfect smoothness in all my experience other than that I think a lot of you guys might also appreciate this flat display especially if you are a gamer you know sometimes when you game you don’t really want like a curved display you know like just getting in the way of your fingers and all that so that will not happen on the Huawei mate 50.

Other than that the lighthouse thing that I mentioned in my previous video also still works here that means you can run your favorite Google Apps it syncs across a device it works very well here on the mid 50 as well now moving on I should also mention about this beautiful design right so just in terms of design I think this is a very subjective manner some of you might like the mate 50 Pros look some of you might even like the vegan leather version me personally I think this you know stainless steel kind of look this matte silver is the best in my opinion you have this very nice premium materials over here it does not carry any smudges at all no matter how you press against the back super clean design here and of course on the sides the frame itself is in this chrome materials which again does not pick up a lot of fingerprints unlike other devices that also use Chrome frames overall I think just in terms of the design the build quality it looks very very good here on the Huawei mate 50.

Let me know what you think do you like the design of this mate 50 or do you prefer something like the mate 50 Pros in a Black Version or maybe even the vegan leather orange version let me know down in the comment section below other than that that that’s pretty much my experience with the Huawei mate 50 again for the price of rm3499 which is 800 Ringgit cheaper than the Huawei mate 50 Pro I think you are definitely getting a lot of value for the Huawei mate 50 if you want that extra resolution you know you want the curved display you if you want that colon display the one that you know drops on the floor without even cracking in fact let me just drop it once more for you guys you know let me just do it right now and there you go yes this guy here won’t really crack so if you want those you can look for the mate 50 Pro or even a mate 50 Pro cool noon Edition with that said that pretty much concludes my quick take on the Huawei mate 50 again if you have any further questions or if you want to know more stuff about this device let me know down in the comment section below thank you for watching all the way to the end I look forward to see you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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