Best FREE Microsoft Office Alternative | WPS Office Review and Tutorial.

Hello everybody welcome back to an additional video with Lim testimonials now I make certain you have actually seen the title down listed below today’s video is going to be all about WPS now the reason for that is since I recognize a great deal of you men available you purchase a new laptop you’re required to authorize right into your Microsoft account and after that it will certainly motivate you to actually obtain something like Microsoft Word PowerPoint Excel all under the Microsoft Workplace Suite you reached pay for that so today’s video clip we’re below to share with you something that is entirely complimentary to utilize and that remains in the case of WPS currently WPS actually functions extremely similar to Microsoft Workplace as a matter of fact it supplies a lot more sort of services and also kind of functions so we’re going to undergo all the type of features that WPS has today however prior to we start I do have a three month premium uh promotion code that you can locate down below it does not need you to pay anything you can utilize it as soon as possible it’s restricted so obtain that promotion code running and after that join me together as we see what WPS is

everything about hello there everybody uh we’re currently in WPS on my laptop computer as well as I just triggered the screen recording feature with WPS due to the fact that I intended to reveal you guys exactly how this is mosting likely to function right so you can see that I do have a display recorder feature in the left panel as well as when you strike that primarily you begin taping whatever you see on your desktop computer I believe this is a super valuable attribute I’m simply mosting likely to bring up the screen recorder tab in the meantime so you guys can see what I’m seeing you can select to videotape the system as well as the mic you can choose to use whichever webcam you want for my situation I have attached my external webcam so I’m going to utilize that in the meantime and also certainly you see that I have my face in this little small circle of which I can really change the dimension so to my individual preference

undoubtedly I’m going to make it genuine little for currently and place it at the edge so individuals can see what I’m doing on the laptop as well as I assume this is wonderful since sometimes you just intend to guide individuals exactly how to use your laptop computer or exactly how to make use of a certain attribute as well as this is in fact constructed in straight right into WPS extremely amazing so now I’m just mosting likely to place my home window transform off for currently because I’m mosting likely to be using the primary cam so you guys currently find out about this screen recording feature however we’re going to see what else is even much better about WP es well so like I discussed earlier WPS generally covers each and every single sort of file app that you can consider when you’re using Microsoft you constantly think about word succeed PowerPoint and also all those remain in each different apps but also for WPS you have everything already inside so you have your records which is for your word you also have your presentation which is for your PowerPoints if you return here we have my spread sheets now spreadsheets is basically my Excel and also last yet not the very least you also have PDF constructed into WPS and also this brings you a great deal

of brand-new features so we’re mosting likely to go one at a time via all this to make sure that you people have a clearer idea currently this WPS is really totally free to use you don’t have to pay to utilize this application if you wish to obtain even more attributes and that is where you are just required to pay but for now every little thing is actually cost-free having stated so I’ve in fact got a free subscription of three months so I have in fact logged right into the totally free registration so that I can reveal you guys even more of the costs features if you men want to attempt out the free 3 month costs complimentary just you can go to the the code down in the links in description to attempt and out for on your own however anyways we’re mosting likely to examine this out in the meantime so first things initially um let’s just go right into the papers for currently notice that we do have a whole lot of gorgeous design templates currently integrated in below so claim as an example I intend to go right into a pumpkin craving sculpting invite I can just go into this specific template

click totally free to make use of and also after that it must be preparing it really quickly and I’m great to go I can begin modifying on this design template here really very simple to use I assume the awesome point below is all concerning those several sort of themes that we have for files so we can return right here once again and also simply turn this off in the meantime allow me just go right into my files once again as well as we can begin to see all these kinds of beautiful themes developed into WPS you do not have the search elsewhere naturally if you just wish to utilize a regular sort of blank theme you can do that and you’ll see that similar to Microsoft Word you have all your familiar features in below you have your bullet factors you have your numbering and all that naturally you can just type right into there as well and alter the fonts everything works really similar to Microsoft Word and also I believe that is great about WPS allowed’s go on and have a look at something else allowed’s check out what we have here we’re gon na look into PowerPoints initially so this is generally WPS version of discussion now in presentation setting much like before we likewise have a bunch of layouts here individuals take a look at all these attractive skillfully designed templates once again this

looks amazing have a look at this one individuals this looks extremely amazing we have multiple different slides that we can modify right here so this can be a really specialist one as well as once again it’s totally free to use so good things there in terms of the presentation station currently let’s proceed and look into the next one allowed’s see what we can do with your sheets let’s see primarily it’s called spread sheets in WPS yet it’s similar to stand out once again we have a load of design templates below as well as don’t neglect you can utilize the blank one which generally is the typical default template to make sure that’s uh very fundamental not going to show you individuals that since it’s as well fundamental but once more allow’s go right into spreadsheets and inspect out a couple of more templates once more individuals if you intend to use the complimentary complimentary to use three months superior uh registration the code is down listed below you people can use it for complimentary just to examine it out for on your own but allow me just reveal you men below we have this template so I’m going to pick one for now I like this 2022 calendar although it’s practically completion of the year now we’re only mosting likely to begin out playing now so let’s go we have this WOW once more extremely really rapidly we can

modify all these layouts below once again like I said it’s just an entire great deal of layouts that you can look into now we’re mosting likely to enter into the final one which is the PDF currently PDF is my favorite one for a number of factors and also that is due to the fact that we have numerous any kind of attributes built into PDF once more usually you do not have PDF constructed right into Microsoft Workplace as well as all that you have to use Adobe however for WPS office you can use PDF straight from the app itself so let’s see what we can do right here so for example we certainly have the ability to edit PDFs you can combine a PDF you can create PDF to Word so allow me simply show you a very fast example today so for example let me simply go back to the major menu I’m going to convert one of the pictures that I’ve required to PDF so actually I did take an image of my favorite book and I’m not mosting likely to say what book it is so I’m mosting likely to transform that right into PDF today all right so it does it extremely quick alright so since I’ve actually transformed that image of my favorite page into PDF I’m going to edit that web page now directly from this so I’m going to select PDF to function find the data that I have actually simply transformed it needs to be this set and click Beginning and also it ought to take a number of secs okay as well as there you go I do have it right below in the back so take

an appearance at this men I already have this web page right here uh you men can try and also think guide of this specific page but inspect this out I can modify words straight from WPS and also the incredible component right here is the typefaces are actually the very same fonts as the one in the publication guys this is extremely duper outstanding all right so what else can you do right here undoubtedly when you have PDFs you could intend to edit the content so I’ve currently posted a PDF documents into right here and consider this guys I can edit the PDF itself if I intend to go and authorize the file I can go here for instance as well as I can simply include a trademark today it’s super very easy I currently have one signature right here so I’m mosting likely to attempt to to authorize on the left side so by doing this I have to click the area and indication once again click indicator right here I can constantly develop a new signature the by clicking draw can just draw on the display right here so this is going to be my trademark from currently on and I can simply paste that in immediately so really extremely incredible things right here with the PDF directly in WPS alright so these are the highlights that you can jump on

WPS once again there’s a recap you have your documents you have your spread sheets you have your presentation and also of training course PDF that included a great deal of cool functions right so allow’s carry on as well as see what other awesome things we have I’ve currently pointed out to you guys the display recorder so you people are already aware of that it is still videotaping the display now apart from that you likewise have your Resume Contractor right so Return to Contractor is for those of you guys who desires to produce resumes undoubtedly uh if you are a fresh grad or something like that and you wish to show an extremely wonderful resume so we have several themes below so I’m mosting likely to show you people among these templates so assuming my name is James William look at that individuals I simply fill up in my name below so I’m going to place in Lim for instance and also evaluations I can place in a great deal of things below click my nation let’s claim I’m from Canada and all that this will basically relocate all the info straight into the Resume Home builder so extremely very cool stuff there I’m not going to load the entire thing in however simply to show you people a quick suggestion on what you can obtain there are a lots of various templates

again people look at all these men a great deal of design templates for you to create a resume you’re going to get that job if you develop a good resume from this appropriate in addition to that we additionally have the image check function which uh I think I simply revealed you men recently from the PDF you can just check that out so yeah a number of amazing attributes that you can find directly from WPS there are extra stuff right here like file repair work as well as all that but I’m not mosting likely to show you individuals all of that the primary ones are the ones that I discussed there’s not so very really great thing to do on WPS alright so another awesome thing is that WPS Functions throughout multiple tools so apart from simply my laptop computer I have WPS likewise checked in on my tablet computer as well as naturally my smartphone too you guys can see here I’ve obtained WPS currently authorized in so the very best part regarding this is that there is endless amount of devices that you can authorize into your WPS so you can share your account with your good

friends as well as family and also everybody can share the very same documents pretty incredible things there great to see you understand WPS on multiple gadgets and also they all function flawlessly alright people so keeping that said those are practically all the the functions that you can make use of with WPS naturally there are much more includes that I did not cover however you are totally free to go and download and install the application yourself make use of the promo code once again to get that cost-free premium 3 months you don’t need to pay anything when again men absolutely nothing to be paid in any way yeah and also if you have any kind of more concerns really feel complimentary to leave a comment down listed below thank you for seeing today’s video clip really value you guys remaining till the end do not neglect to drop a like as well as sub to the network as well as I want to see you people in the next one keep risk-free everybody bye thank you