The COOLEST Tech at HUAWEI Connect 2022! You Probably Didn’t Know About These!

Hey there everyone welcome back to another video clip with Lim reviews today is a really exciting day due to the fact that we are right here at the queen sirikin National Convention Center in Bangkok extremely wonderful location to attend Huawei attach 2022 so as you can see the group behind is all concerning unleash digital you’re visiting all the amazing stuff that Huawei has brought right here today along with their Companions allow’s enter as well as inspect it out right now good individuals so we are here at the Huawei attach occasion again we are ultimately inside we’re going to take a look at a couple of great cubicles here regarding what is Huawei link really all concerning alright so we are here at the cubicle the exhibit is at the back but prior to we go as well as have a look at what’s at the back I actually have Jonathan right here with me that is the supervisor of Huawei Cloud Global Advertising and marketing he’s going to share with us a little bit much more on what Huawei cloud is everything about so Jonathan great to fulfill you today nice to satisfy you excellent so we’re gon na just contact you what is

really Huawei Cloud everything about sure so cloud has actually been the major driving force of digital improvement so which goal to enhance the customer experience the production effectiveness likewise causes the substantial company Advancement all right so currently that we have actually done talking with Jonathan we’re going to directly as well as have a look at all the awesome books that we have behind below at the Huawei Cloud area and also allow’s go alright men so among the coolest booths below is actually appropriate behind me as well as that’s really the robot dog booth as you can see we have a whole lot of individuals crowding behind there and what’s amazing regarding this robotic canine is not like what you have actually seen before whenever I talk to somebody concerning robot dogs they always think of pets where you can play with however this robotic canine is not for having fun with people okay so along with me I have Chelsea the expert of this robotic

pet who’s going to share a little bit more on what sort of use cases we can see the robots are being utilized Chelsea what’s the initial thing that we can see robotic dog being made use of for uh initially point they can utilize for the rescue is so for the I recognize locations the fireman can utilize the the remote control yeah to control the valves to inside the unsafe areas and also making use of the ion 360 degree video cameras to check via the entire location to figure out the survivors I see I see it’s a rescue goal I make use of the dog with an electronic camera on board to search whether there’s any various other survivors inside appropriate yes well quickly for firefighters to allot the servers as well as obtain a number of thanks a lot great individuals so we are now at our next book which is all concerning Huawei Cloud electronic employee Sarah as well as in situation you’re questioning that is Sarah well Sarah gets on the screen right there in the form of a digital Avatar now what’s truly awesome is I had the ability to rise to Sarah and talk to her as well as she had the

ability to respond to me directly since she could see me from the cam that gets on top of the screen since is simply a fundamental cam yet whatever is being operated on Huawei Cloud one more thing that you could be wondering below is that who is in fact Sarah now Sarah might be any type of person from any type of part of the globe and once more she can see me via the cam to interact with me and also I assume that’s actually pretty trendy so just how is this actually beneficial well let’s talk with the specialist there to discover even more all right just how do we really utilize Sarah in a real life circumstance yeah okay so for the Sarah you can place in the retail a lot more to make sure that Sarah and Derek engage with people to offer you into instructions where to go and also which food is favored any kind of promotions can directly let you understand rather of your individual indicate user touch displays it’s far more sophisticated yeah so what else in addition to the buying design what else can we see Sarah being made use of at fine so for the Sarah another situation is particularly in the healthcare facility so if especially in this uh pandemic period so in order to shield the nurses we can make use of Sarah to replace the real-time individual uh remarkable thanks so much Julian for that thanks amazing is Sarah your good friend by the

method yeah it’s a good friend of every Huawei Pro yes amazing remarkable thanks so much Julian I value it alright individuals so I found another actually amazing lover here and also that is actually the pangu medication particle version it’s actually a really amazing design as well as this is in fact based upon Huawei Cloud also now what this pangu drug molecule design does is it generally speeds up the process of obtaining a medication for an existing kind of health issues so assume about it this method today we are seeing a whole lot of brand-new sort of illness as well as illness and it may take doctors as well as researchers and also advancement regarding ten years to actually get the certain medication however with this brand-new drug molecule version it can really shorten the time with just 18 months so almost 10 times much faster and also I think there’s actually cool regarding the pangu drug molecule model since it’s going to profit everybody not just myself and also on your own everyone worldwide basically due to the fact that it’s simply mosting likely to be a lot faster to r d new sort of medications to those kind of healths issues that we are facing good guys so we are presently below at the Venture metabus as well as I have done right here with each other with me so just a very fast description of what the Business allegories is

all regarding and then please fix me if I’m incorrect yeah right so like what then describe to me essentially what this does is you can really duplicate a whole real circumstance as an example a genuine building and also create a virtual version of it so you have this digital double and also you can manage and also regulate whatever in this electronic twin system as well as it will actually respond in real time no so essentially all this allowance Enterprise users to be produce to be a lot more innovative far more Cutting-edge right in the work environment so it’s essentially like we can actually improve the performance the overall workplace in the digital world so this is essentially a duplicate that to one fit to the physical world that we function nowadays in the office to ensure that’s primarily the Enterprise metaverse are all about the future of job allow’s most likely to the following move alright men so we are here at reduced latency live but prior to I describe around reduced latency life it’s really important that you know it’s generally powered by meta Studio which flawlessly integrates the physical and virtual globe right so low latency below will essentially lower those type of latencies so you can get one of the most instant kind of updates straight from the source itself no matter if you’re viewing the content on a phone a tablet computer or also on

your computer generally it will minimize the latency to the point where it’s practically instantaneous for circumstances if you are enjoying a football suit individuals and you have this low latency you will be able to see the goal when it goes in right at that factor of time instead of somebody that gets on a different Cloud where they will see a slightly delayed sort of performance to ensure that’s generally all thanks to the Huawei Cloud to attain this sort of reduced latency for live streaming as well as live performances alright guys so before we go we have really seen all the intriguing publications that we have actually seen behind however simply to hear one last word from Jonathan prior to we leave the Halls Jonathan over to you sure so for our cloud our method is everything as a service so which has 3 columns the first column is the facilities as a service as I pointed out before we have the 29 ridges 75 offered areas so which we called is the covers which is our one International Network so we hope a warrior company goes our Cloud goes amazing so the 2nd

column is the modern technology as a service paas yes so as you know so we have over 20 billion US buck IND investment each year so which leads to a big amount of Cutting Side technology a great deal of r & d budgets such as a cloud native behave yep expert system AI yes also the information and also AI merging merging The Meta Studio the third pillar is the know-how and as a solution so we are attempting to transform the electronic transformation know-how into the cloud solutions okay yes not only from our customers our partners but additionally from the Huawei itself so we really hope where uh Venture or company begin their digital Makeovers particularly for the little and also moderate Enterprise that do not have to go back to square one yep yes that’s the knowledge at the service so with the strategy of every little thing as a service we intend to construct the cloud structure for the intelligent globe amazing thanks a lot Jonathan it’s great seeing you here today thanks a lot thanks good guys so there you have it a very glance in any way the intriguing stuff right here at the Huawei Cloud Booth if you guys intend to find out even more information I’ll place a link down listed below where you can look into Huawei link in detail thanks for seeing throughout do not neglect to drop a like and sub to the network you can see more material such as this and also I hope to see you people in the next one stay risk-free everyone bye