HONOR 70 5G Review: World’s First Sony IMX800 is INCREDIBLE! 🔥

hi everyone welcome back to one more video clip with lim evaluations now in today’s video clip i’m in fact extremely excited to show you a new phone from honor that is really the honor 70. currently whenever you assume about the brand name proprietor do you assume concerning their toughness in mobile photography their design what do you men really believe concerning the brand name owner whenever you see them let me know down in the comment area below anyways i’m really really excited concerning this device and also that is for one important point which is since it houses the world’s first sony imx 800 sensor currently typically on a lot of mid-range smart devices about 2500 ringgit we always see a whole lot of brands and also manufacturers utilizing the sensor the sony amx 766. People are always calling that a front runner sensor actually you could see it in a lot more pricey smart devices today but owner is here to alter all that with the imx 800. now a little about the sony mx800 it is a 54 megapixel sensing unit it has a slightly bigger sensor also that suggests it will be able to take in extra light compared to the sony amx 756 all right

so in today’s video we’re mosting likely to learn all regarding that sensing unit how excellent it really is as well as naturally we’re mosting likely to speak a bit more about the new honor 70 too currently to do that the initial thing that we’re mosting likely to do below is to kick points off by comparing the camera so i really found one more phone that i have lying around and that is in the form of the oppo renault 8. Now this phone is housing the sony imx 766 so we’ll be placing both tools alongside to see just how they truly execute not simply in terms of reduced light conditions however additionally in terms of daytime problems we’re going to see what the difference really is in terms of the imx 800 sensing unit let us start good individuals so to do the contrast i in fact extracted the photos from both gadgets placed them into my laptop computer so i can see the real differences on a bigger display so allow’s just start really quickly with the first photo that we have right below currently this first picture is of a dinosaur taken in the evening notification that on the challenger 8 this is the sony imx 766 incidentally we have a quite suitable shot over below yet when you have a look at the honor 70s in the sony mx800 you’ll see that there’s a whole lot more

information being caught currently do not simply focus on the dinosaur which features a lots of information simply take a look at the trees behind the shades of the trees are likewise extra apparent on the honor 70s to make sure that’s an absolutely good start with that said now going on to the next picture i actually do another close-up shot of the dinosaur’s head and also once more you can see right here that it just records whatever a lot more crystal clear on the honor 70. this is a great shot below moving on to the next shot this is a picture of a couple of giraffes again take a look at the body of the giraffe over right here you will see that not simply the body of the giraffe is more clearer but the ground the platform that the giraffe are depending on is also a little clearer on the honor 70. following shot below is a shot of a platform in this situation i noticed that once again it’s not just the item itself that is really clear in the evening the entire background itself the trees at the back we are additionally seeing more details on the honor 70 as well as i’m definitely an extremely delighted up until now with the sony amx 800 sensing unit going on to the next shot this is one taken of a pair of animals simply

chilling over there again if you see the sony amx 766 has a tendency to take a respectable shot here but when you place it side-by-side with the sony imx 800 you will have a tendency to see that know the animals and every little thing it simply looks so much more clear and sharper men to make sure that’s something that is really consistent in terms of nine pictures appearing from the honor 70 which is the sony mx-800 currently for this final shot this is really a really dark environment i headed out like about 3 a.m in the evening and actually all the lights were really switched off below however you can see that the honor 70 is still able to capture very comprehensive tree fallen leaves over below guys so this is the major distinction below simply in terms of evening mode it is consistently capturing a lot even more detail and it’s so much sharper to the factor where i would certainly assume that it’s actually much better than various other flagships not just mid-range mobile phones individuals so really very amazed with the efficiency appearing of the sony mx800 now allow’s take an appearance at a couple of daytime shots because this would certainly be a little bit more difficult daytime shots usually both phones are able to do rather well we currently know the sony amex 766 from the oppo for instance it does a correct work so allow’s see what type of distinctions the sony amx 800 can bring what sort of upgrades all right so the very first shot below we have of these 2 autos just an arbitrary autos on the street as well as observe immediately that you recognize on the

honor 70 you can see simply have a look at the front automobile right here you’ll notice that it’s even more detailed the contrast degrees are much more balanced contrasted to the one on the oppo renault 8. Currently carrying on to the next shot right here once again this is just taken off a you know a random what should i call an arbitrary sort of like coastline or something like that yeah so anyways let’s have a look at this fired here again you can see more detail in the stairway if you take an appearance at the trees at the back there is a more reasonable kind of environment-friendly it’s a darker eco-friendly because that’s what actually is being seen with my own eyes going on to the following shot below this is taken off i’m not quite sure what that item is yet this shot actually i would certainly say that both shots look quite good here nevertheless i simply intend to explain that the skies look a bit more exact on the honor 70s so you’re going to obtain even more exact regular colors too on that particular sony amx 800 sensing unit currently relocating on to the next shot right here this is one that i took of a sidewalk as well as just observed the rocks by the side of the road

individuals it’s a little bit more you can see more darkness of the rocks on the honor 70 right here again it’s just very regularly offering us a lot more information currently for the following test i wished to see like in regards to this larger sensing unit where we obtain a better history blur so in the event below once more you can see of this close-up shot we can see that we have a really nice background blur for both pictures but i type of like the one on the honor 70 once again due to the fact that it’s simply extra obvious now relocating on to this next shot right here you’ll observe that both flowers actually look rather great but the flower on the honor 70 right here often tends to look a little extra sharper a bit much more clearness and also the background blur is likewise slightly softer on the honor 70 thanks to that bigger sensor all right so since we’re done comparing the night shots as well as the daytime shots it has actually been proven that the sony amx 800 does give even more type of upgrades compared to the 766 not just is it far more clearer and detailed in the evening but in the day you will see that it also keeps a great deal of clearness for the photo along with a very good kind of soft background blur now we’re going to go on as well as chat a little bit regarding the ultrawide sensing unit since it’s also a quite interesting case below so since i really have the oppo renault 8 once again i’m going to do a side-by-side comparison directly up i has to state that it’s excellent to see that honor 70 placed on a high resolution 50 megapixel ultrawide

sensing unit it’s also slightly larger it’s 122 levels contrasted to just 112 on the oppo if you take a pair of images right here you’ll see that it is wider on the honor 70 it is additionally able to catch far more detail not just far better colors however also far better clarity much better dynamic array all on the honor 70s so once more not much of a competition right here but i just want to reveal you people exactly how qualified if you have an extremely high resolution ultrawide video camera all right finally we’re mosting likely to talk a bit concerning that front facing electronic camera both gadgets actually come with 32 megapixel selfie cameras however um i’m mosting likely to speak a little bit about about the honor 70 because that’s the primary phone that we are going to be testing today currently i took a number of shots and also once more i was in fact quite impressed with how it was able to discover myself the subject itself away from the history so i took a number of selfie portraits i don’t really take a great deal of selfies however i’m mosting likely to share a pair for you guys to see you can see that my hair itself was very really you know differentiated from the background it does not blend with each other the background as well as i believe that is something quite challenging that not a lot of phones can do but it’s in fact possible on the honor 70s so congratulations to honor 70 for that all right so down with the electronic cameras i simply wish to sum up my ideas with the cameras below um i

certainly am extremely pleased to see the sony amx 800 being released by honor we have this 54 megapixel is a great sensor if you’re looking for a very extremely high efficiency type of cam high quality uh you can actually attempt and also have a look at something similar to this right so now that we’re performed with the cams itself allow’s chat a bit a lot more concerning the phone what’s so special concerning the honor 70 well initial points initial allow’s look into the style itself the design itself reminds me a great deal of the huawei p50 pocket now we have this really comparable kind of expensive design in the back it looks like a pair of rubies at the back as well as if you just look towards all-time low we have type of like a shimmer example going on it’s extremely showy it’s likewise extremely slim individuals it’s super very slim and also it’s bent on the back as well as on the front so it makes it rather very easy to hold in your hand it’s additionally not very substantial so that’s most definitely excellent if you don’t such as type of heavy phones in addition to that it’s built extremely perfectly below so total it does seem like an extremely superior gadget currently proceeding allow’s speak a little bit concerning the hardware specifications what else do you get right here well in terms of the display at the front you do obtain an oled panel it is a vibrant 120hz refresher display that means it can differ its refresh price to help you save a little more on battery aside from that it additionally has the 1920 pwm dimming attribute that suggests it will decrease the

quantity of flicker that goes to your eyes that will protect your eyes a little extra in terms of the touch tasting price it’s a 300hz display screen here so everything ought to be rather sensitive on the display itself overall i would state that the display itself is a somewhat also bent for my preference yet it does offer you that extremely very high display to body proportion which is virtually bezel-less if you ask me now proceeding what’s already powering this gadget well we do have the snapdragon 778 g plus now this is 4 to five percent somewhat greater efficiency compared to the 778 g which is what you see on gadgets like the samsung a73 so in terms of efficiency you can anticipate it to be respectable too uh video gaming sensible since this is a snapdragon powered gadget so the majority of the games to sustain your high or extremely graphics don’t need to fret way too much about that effectiveness sensible it’s likewise quite great right here so you should not truly have any kind of issues with just pc gaming or otherwise making use of the phone on the everyday everything is very stylish as well as smooth on the honor 70. All right lastly let’s chat a bit regarding the

battery in right here we do have a 4800 mah battery and also it does support 66 watt fast charge this essentially implies that you can charge the battery from 0 to 60 in just 20 minutes men which’s actually quite quick if you want to go all the means to 100 it will certainly take approximately 45 minutes okay men so that practically sums up my very first take with the honor 70. total i’m really quite amazed with this gadget below once more my main favorite function is all concerning that sony amx 800 sensing unit if you are in the marketplace seeking a mid-range smart device approximately 2500 ringgit i’ll place the actual cost on your displays after that you can actually take a look at the honor 70 because that sony imx 800 is actually something that you need to look into now with that claimed don’t forget to leave any type of questions if you have down below thanks for remaining completely to the end i constantly appreciate you individuals remaining for this video clip and also i expect seeing you men in the following one keep safe everyone bye