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hello there you stunningly gorgeous person you I’m Chris from tech spill and I’m here today with one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2020 the oneplus it follow-up to the brilliant one plus 70 which of course absolutely smashed my expectations end of last year was one of my favorite smartphones of the ER no doubt and certainly just from a scan of the specs one plus it looks like whoo worthy follow-up to that 70 Boston some key little updates in a few different areas make an even more enticing experience if you’re after a mid-range mobile boston some really premium specs and features but anyway that’s enough for me banging on let’s get this bad boy ripped out of the box get it fully setup take a tour of the hardware and the software so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to grab yourself a 1+8 of your own and form all the layers creators take this do folks subscribe ending that notifications bell Jezz now first up as you can see just like the one plus 70 and 70 pro before it the oneplus it boasts possibly one of the most humungous boxers of all time environmentalists probably ain’t gonna be a fan of just how much packaging is involved with this beast another 8 on the side there’s your slimy filleted just in case you’re not entirely sure of which smartphone you just bought and there it is our first glimpse of the oneplus it and boy howdy

is it wedged in there nice and solids ease it on our I don’t want to drop it 3 seconds have to point out the bloody box it’s first up before we get too giddy with excitement about the phone itself let’s check out what you get in the actual box itself so I’m guessing in here there’ll be usual instruction manuals maybe some stickies a little fun bits like that invitation letter from your man Pete yeah safety information there won’t any of that I like to live dangerously there is a sticker in there I can see it it’s just refusing to come out there we go and lots of stickers so smooth mmm check out this here invitation letter to see what online Peter has to say this time around so lots of inspiring words I don’t have the time to read it all out so just freeze for him and have a bit of read of yourself if you want and here you also got a transparent bumper or a condom case as a lot like to term it Ford 1 plus it’s actually got never settle emblazoned on there as well I’m not sure if you make that out that’s pretty cool something very different and of course you’ve got your warp charge USB cable type C and a bit of a three pin at USB plug action as well of course good C one plus sticking those bright red cables as well very distinctive slay again there is the box it’s off now let’s check out a bit of sexy phone action so here we go our first glimpse of the oneplus it in all of its shiny Loree are actually not so shiny because this is the green model so as you can see there it’s got a matte glass finish to it so hopefully should help to hide smudges and all those greasy prints but if you do want a shiny glossy version you can pick it up in black with that sort of mirror style finish this hue here is known as glacial green it sort of has a yeah a slight warp effect to it as you sort of tilted about the place it looks

dark green one moment and then just as it catches the light it sort of illuminate a bit more very nice indeed now I just feel surprisingly compact as I’m clutching it despite being a six point five five inch beast maybe I’m just getting used to clutch an absolute whoppers he stares sort to speak but it certainly doesn’t feel cumbersome and as you can see they’re nice and skinny as well especially considering some of the beefy specs and they’ve packed inside of this thing included and spoiler alert a bigger battery now and the one plus here it is 180 grams according to the official specs or so they’ve got a bit of F to it without feeling Commerce on my heavy or anything I like again just ease to that comfortable grip and good hand feel as is quite a popular term in my field and the comfort levels also aided by the the sort of curved effect at the edges of the device both on the front and the back as well as they meet together this sort of tapered metal frame right in the middle and it is glass front and back and that is Gorilla Glass not sure which generation or they left that bit out of the specs there’s certainly other recent one-plus handsets that review they tend to be pretty rugged devices you can shove them in your bags with coins and keys and things and generally they don’t scratch up a talk we actually got a screen protector installed on the front here as well just for a bit of added protection which is great to see unfortunately there’s no official IP written here on the oneplus it just on the pro model but oneplus has assured us that

it is water-resistant I’ll be absolutely fine if you take it out and the piss and rain which is good because the planet is gonna be slashing it down for most of this week by the looks of it as far as the rest of design goes absolutely no surprises here on the oneplus it you’ve got your volume rocker over on the left edge over on the right side you’ve got your power button and your alert slider of course up top naff all really and then down below you got your type-c USB port and your sim tray is there a headphone jack is there anyway it looks like it’s already juiced up so let’s get one plus it all set up and have a big old full-on fun tour of that hardware and software oh and while I’m setting up the oneplus it as well as worth pointing out that it is a double-sided SIM tracing stick in two sims at once but as you no room for any micro SD memory cards boo so all connected to the what I find everything is Wi-Fi six compatible even this base one plus in it’s also 5g supported as well which is great to see although 5g only works on one of the two sims at once as you see is the most fun part of the setup process where you get to register your fingerprint is of course just an optical sensor but they have improved quite considerably over the past year year and a half so these days they are pretty accurate pretty responsive generally quite reliable and Bosch the setup process is all finished one plus ear is ready to rock now first time you just saw me enroll in my fingerprints for the one plus

here we’ve also got full face and lock as usual no surprise there so we just quickly add in my slightly tired looking face into this as well and then with that done as usual if you wanna unlock you smartphone you can either use your fingerprint or you can just hit that power button or do a bit wrist wake and there you go straight in to the desktops before we dive fully into the software features and the hardware over the Israelis going to quickly check out not just the the bundled cover but also got a couple of official oneplus cases as well it’s gonna slap on to see what they look like its first up at freebie bumper in case you don’t wanna throw any more money at want us as we and the kids is our policy isn’t particularly sexy but it has that nice transparent finish so you can at least still make out the lovely Glacia green design here on the oneplus seed as you can see of course you’ve got that subtle and never settle message in as well if you want to steal on brand next up we’ve got a bit of sandstorm bumper case I in action as you can see there this is a proper hardshell case so it should offer a bit wall protection compared with the stunned transparent bumper but of course it does completely mask that design adds a little bit of extra girth onto your smartphone as well so it’s not quite as sexily slender but still looks very

snazzy indeed I kind of like the sort of the rough finish to it as well something a bit different from usual and then last up is a 1 plus a nylon bumper case brackets black these ones I’m not so much of a fan of they look a bit too sort of executive form I like inside I feel like I’m about to go into a meat and stop banging on about annual quarters and things like that but I’m sure it has its fan sore there you go so that’s all the accessories out the way now let’s take a look at that software as web oxygen OS 10.5 the latest version of oxygen OS slaps of course on top of Android 10 it looks me basically the same version oxygen is pretty much that we know enough from the 1 + 7 t + 1 + 70 brothers I’m the settings that although it was very familiar you got the usual gesture support and everything usual navigation gestures of course you can flick around like sir all the usual customization we know and love from oxygen OS as well I’ve been a few that love dates here and there they’re also for instance an all-new dark board which is now compatible with even more apps than before and some new dynamic theming as well I’ll be bringing you a full one plus it I won’t plus a pro tips and tricks guys – stay tuned for that for all you need to know about the best software features now already it’s them like one of the definite highlights

here on the 1 plus it will be that six point five five inch fluid AMOLED display absolute stunner so Full HD resolutions also despite the fact that it is a 6.5 inches still images look nice and crisp on this thing beautiful each to your 10 plus support on here as well so a nice shop contrast nice natural-looking colors on any supported content and the good news is that probably that color accuracy is absolutely superb in general apparently the oneplus 8 sports a GN CD score of 0.4 that stands for just noticeable color difference I never even heard of this thing before my oneplus brief and to be perfectly honest but partly below the score the better those colors the more natural they look and a buddy this is one of the best ones out there and so far certainly no complaints whatsoever those images are absolutely stunning definitely looking forward to kick about with a good bit Netflix in my self-isolation misery here and yeah just enjoying that lapping it all up that’s for the audio well it’s a stereo speaker set up here on the oneplus it as well full Dolby Atmos support that’s just crank up the volume and check it out right now yeah first impressions definitely strong there as well nice powerful output pretty good clarity on that top volume as well as Jeff there’s no headphone jack hopefully the Bluetooth support would be nice and reliable as well and before we get off the subject of that screen the oneplus see it also supports a 90 Hertz refresh rate by default as you can

see smoother than a buttered up of Barry White every poke and swipe just instant reaction to it everything just looks fantastic hopefully nice bit support a game action should also look rather stunning as you’ll see if you dive into the display stand that is set to 90 Hertz refresh rate by default you can knock it down to 60 Hertz if you want to increase your battery life instead on the performance side of things more smoothness there basically because it’s a quad snapdragon 865 the latest super premium Qualcomm chip sent back to me there 12 gigs of DDR for RAM in this case on ddr5 like the pro but as you can see they’re super super nippy no worries I will of course be tested out with a good bit of pubsey action and all the rest and you’ve got Qualcomm’s x 55 modem in there for you bit of 5g support rounds and off the specs you’ve got a trophy with 128 of 256 gigabytes of storage here in the oneplus it sadly no microSD memory card supports I said before but it’s ufs 3.0 again sort nice and nippy as far as the battery goes it’s have been upgraded to a four thousand three hundred milliamps cell now so hopefully should easily last you a full day no worries you’ve got the usual optimized charge and everything and of course you’ve got that 30 T warp charge as well saw on 1 + R I took about 50 percent charge in 22 minutes of the plug also they be testing that I want to see if it’s true and then last up for some box and let’s take a look about triple lens oneplus it

camera tech so what you have here is a forty eight megapixel primary lens it’s got a Sony mx-5 86 cents a very common sense obviously found a lot so mid-range handsets f 1.75 aperture and that’s backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens there’s no telephoto action or anything here now will of course be given the oneplus a its camera tech 8 goods and going over so stay tuned for my full force on that let’s just take a quick tour of that app and see exactly what features you can expect as you can see of course you start off in full auto mode taking 12 megapixel images using a bit of pixel billon but you can instantly swap 240 it megapixel full high-res images with a quick tap after there you can swap to the ultra wide-angle lens with a quick tap this icon down there if you want to fit a bit more into frame you’ve also got a two times digital zoom basically if you give this little icon here a tap like so and then if you want to shoot a macro shot using that macro lens then just a little top of this sort of flower icon up there and that should allow you to capture a bit more detail when you get really up close and personal still don’t really know what the point of super macro mode is unless you really like taking pictures of bugs and flowers but here or each to their own and then of course you’ve got the usual host of bonus features including a bit apart rip more to shoot a nice bit of bokya style action in the background you swapped a video eating ship to 4k resolution footage at 60 frames per second and you do have a bit of super stable mode action on the go as well slow motion as well of course if you wanted panel time lapse all the usual shenanigans if you dive into the bonus Cameron Ward’s here

you’ve got a full pro mod which as you can see there gives you a nice little spirit levels again nice straight shot you can play around with the white balance the ISO levels you should be the geo peg or a nice bit of raw or JPEG 48 megapixels as well if you want again that high-res action and you’ve also got one Plus as night skateboard as well if you want to shoot a low-light shock the nice balanced effect and then if we swap around so that front-facing 16 megapixel camera as you can see there you should say gorgeous shot up again you’re very tired Haggard looking face shoot up to Full HD resolution video and you’ve got the usual portrait mode smarts and everything on there if you want it so there you go there’s the oneplus it in all of its glory I’ve got my SIM slots in there so I will be fully tested this up for next week or so it’s actually a week before the official launch right now so when this video goes live I’ll have already been testing it for a full week stay tuned I’m gonna do a live ask me anything right here on text but I’m also going to be doing as I say a full review tips and tricks guide all you need to know about the oneplus it and the oneplus it brought as well so let me know what you think down in the comments below are you all ready swig and be great to hear from you and please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications as well for more on the latest greatest tech cheers I want

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