realme C30 Hands-On: AMAZING Looks! SUPER Affordable Price! 🔥

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now in today’s video we’re going to be checking out ryomi’s brand new c series smartphone the realme c30 now just to give you a bit of a refresher on what the c series lineup is all about for real me they’re always pushing the c series to be a very affordable price range kind of devices so this thing along the lines of like super budget smartphones here and that’s why we have with the c30 now remy always says that for the c series they have always been focusing on giving like good design good features and all that and we have been seeing the c35 you know a slightly higher range c35 that i did a couple of months back it did came with a very nice design that actually felt much more premium than its price point so today the c30 is here to actually replicate that again real me is saying that you know they are like one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in the world uh apart from that you know real me said that they sold a lot of c

series devices in the first half of 2022 here in malaysia so let’s check out what the c30 here is all about now before i begin i want to slightly touch on the price point for the ryomi c30 here in malaysia the price has not exactly been confirmed yet but what i know is that it will start from under 450 ringgit guys so that is super budget kind of segment that if you are looking for like a spare phone you want to buy your kit or you know someone like their first smartphone and all that the c30 here is probably for someone like that all right so having said that let’s take a quick look at what actually came in the box now as soon as i unbox this c30 you know obviously you do get that you know slide cardboard at the front that says welcome to real me family in this particular cardboard you do see that we have a couple of manuals in here because this is a budget phone so you do not actually have a casing inside that’s actually quite surprising but no casing here move down and right away you are able to see that we have the smartphone itself in this plastic wrapper and all that so yes there is two colors here there is one black and also a blue we’ll talk more about

that later moving down we see that we have two more items here and the first thing is a charger and the next thing is actually a micro usb cable so the micro usb cable makes a comeback on the c30 all right so now done with the packaging let’s talk a little bit about those devices themselves i want to focus mainly about the design because like i said real me is really pushing the design for those budget smartphones they don’t want you to just buy an affordable smartphone but you know have like some lousy kind of design so take a look at these designs guys in fact we actually have two different designs for these colors here unique to the blue version is this vertical stripe that goes all the way down it sort of reminds me of a luggage bag whereas for the black version here we have this very minimal kind of texture at the back that again it does look very unique here for the price of under 450 ringgit like i mentioned earlier on this design here definitely makes it more look more expensive than it actually is so very cool stuff there apart from that if you just take a look at these

frames on the sides it actually comes with flat sides all around making it look a bit more modern camera sensors wise we only have one in fact take a look at this guy here it looks like the eye of a minion but that’s what we have here again a lot of manufacturers out there are you know wasting their resources by putting a two megapixel macro lens but real me is having none of that it only has one main sensor now if you move down to the bottom here you see that we still have our headphone jack we have the micro usb port which i did hope came in like type c or something like that but that’s fine apart from that you have your single firing speaker at the bottom on the left hand side you notice that we do have your sim card tray and on the right you have your your block button together with your volume rocker so again just in terms of design i definitely am liking these designs here very much in fact i prefer the blue one because it has these very cool vertical stripes again it does look like a luggage bag but it’s very cool looking here guys all right so now that

we’ve done with the design let’s talk a little bit more about a couple of key features for the realme c30 so the first thing here that real me wants to talk about actually is in terms of the battery capacity so you do have a 5000 mah you know battery in here and bear in mind that the device itself is actually quite slim it’s 8.5 millimeters but it still packs that 5000 mah battery so you know good stuff that if you are looking for a spare phone apart from that if you just take a look at the camera sensor like i mentioned earlier on it’s a single camera unit we have an 8 megapixel main sensor here with you know some ai going on so it should take some very basic kind of photos you know if you just spot something on the ground you know you just want to take a quick shot you can take it with the 8 megapixel sensor here it’s not meant for some fancy photography and all that but that’s that here in terms of the camera sensor apart from that if you flip the device to the front this is where we are greeted with a 6.5 inch lcd display now this is only a 720p display it doesn’t have any

kind of fancy refresh rate but the good news here is that again if this is going to be like a spare phone or you know like a first smartphone and all that it’s actually quite decent for the asking price you can’t really complain too much about that what i can feedback here is that it’s relatively responsive you know it’s quite clear it’s quite bright as well definitely not the brightest out there but at this price point i would say it’s quite sufficient now moving on you guys might be wondering like what’s powering the real me c30 and for this we do get a unisoc t612 processor realme is saying that you know at this price range you know under 450 ringgit this processor is equivalent to like a helio g88 sort of equivalent not as strong as that but in terms of performance you should expect some basic performance here if you’re playing slight games like subway surfers you can still do that if you’re browsing the internet it’s fairly quick again this is a very basic kind of smartphone here and that’s what you can expect the unison t612 but in this price segment it should

be one of the better performance ones coming in with that processor all right guys um that’s pretty much uh what we have here with the realme c30 again this is a very basic you know budget smartphone that again comes with awesome looking design very unique design for a price of just under 450 ringgit we are definitely seeing some creativity and thought put into you know these designs on these devices all right guys let me know what you think about the realme c30 you know if you want to purchase this device there are links down below for you to check them out uh if you have any further questions feel free to let me know down in the comment section below as well again thank you for staying all the way to the end and i hope to see you guys in the next one thank you for watching see you bye

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