vivo Y77 5G Unboxing & Hands On: KEY FEATURES Round Up! 🔥

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now today we’re going to be checking out the brand new vivo y77 5g that just landed here in malaysia now vivo is saying that this device here is made for the youth that’s why it comes with the wire at the front but it’s got a couple of key features that you know vivo wants me to share with you guys so let’s check out what’s really interesting about the y775g now first things first we have to go through the unboxing process although you guys can see i’ve already hold the device so let me show you a very quick clip on what’s actually in the box now first things first as soon as you unbox the device of course straight up you’ll be able to see the phone itself now beneath the phone this is where you are able to see you have the transparent case you have a couple of manuals and more importantly you also have the charger and the cable in the box now the charger is an 18 watt unit so basically the phone itself supports 18 watt fast charge and you have a type a to type c cable that’s also there to help you out so that’s basically everything that you get in the box very

standard stuff but right now let’s jump over and check out everything that you need to know about the vivo y77 all right so vivo actually came up with this campaign they’re saying that this device here consists of four key points if they’re saying that it’s long it’s big it’s clear and it’s fast now don’t laugh at me this is why the vivo actually came up and the reason for those four points here let’s go over them one by one all right so the reason why they’re saying that it’s big that’s because it comes with a large memory inside 256 gigabytes to be precise and that means you can save a lot of your pictures videos applications and everything that you want in the phone itself so that’s why it’s big now moving on to the second one it’s long so why is it long well that’s because you do have a 5000 mah battery on board and this means that you have a long battery life so don’t think anything else long battery life guys now the next one the third one here is that it’s clear now the reason why it’s clear is because it does come with a 50 megapixel camera yes notice we do have a dual sensor setup there the other sensor is a two megapixel macro but

the clear one is the 50 megapixel main sensor so you should be able to take some pretty decent shots outdoors indoors and all that i’ll put up a couple of samples here so you can expect you can see what to expect with that 50 megapixel pin sensor now the last one is fast so why is it fast

now the reason for that is because it comes with a diamond city 810 5g now this dimension 810 is something that we have tested before it’s a mid-range you know processor at best uh but the good news here is that it comes with 5g on board so you don’t have to worry about you know not being able to get faster speeds when 5g lands here in malaysia overall just in terms of performance you should be able to get some pretty decent performance on basic gaming on the dynamicity 810.

So those are the four points there it’s big it’s long it’s also clear and it’s fast all right so apart from that of course there’s also other stuff that you might need to know about the phone itself uh in terms of the design i do kind of like this design we have this very typical kind of you know glowing kind of color at the back it’s not a bluish purplish depending on how you shift the device it’s a very nice flat back you also have a flat frame all around if you move on to the bottom you’ll notice that we still have that headphone jack and that’s always good it only comes with a single firing speaker though so that’s something that you need to take note of and yeah in terms of the camera module i like the way you know manufacturers these days are going with these larger circles to indicate that you know it’s a larger sensor but actually it’s actually quite small on the inside stairs so yep that’s what you get in terms of the design now at the front you do get a pretty decent lcd display it’s a 60 hertz there’s no high refresh rate over here but it’s good enough for basic use you know day day-to-day kind of use otherwise in terms of price so what is the

price here in malaysia the vivo y 7.5 g is going for rm1299 and vivo is saying that you know if you pre-order the device they’ll give you a couple of freebies i think it comes with a voucher it also comes with what’s that it also comes with a tws earthbots so you also get that and more importantly i think you also get like an extended one-year warranty and a one-year screen crack warranty so you don’t have to worry if you smash your phone by accident or anything like that you are covered all right guys so that’s pretty much what the vivo y775g is all about again just to remind you it’s fast it’s big it’s long and it’s clear all right guys if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment down below thank you for staying all the way till the end i hope you liked this video and i definitely look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye you

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