REALME Buds Air 3 Review: EXCELLENT! Great Price, Awesome Features! 😱

hi everybody welcome back to one more video with lim evaluations currently i have not truly done a wireless earbuds examine in a really long time now however just recently i’ve had the chance to try the most recent realme buzz air tree now this is a spending plan or needs to i say a really budget friendly cordless anc airbus that is truthfully talking very great just mosting likely to inform you all that right at the begin currently in regards to rates this tool is choosing rm229 here in malaysia there are a couple of flash sales and all that throughout the entire period so do await those flash sales to get it at even better pricing even under 200 ringgit probably so yeah allow’s chat a bit about the genuine me buzz l3 now at once in terms of the earbuds itself you do get extremely standard stuff you do get the earbuds you get a couple of ear ideas in the box and also naturally you do have the extremely wonderful yellow type c cable television also to make sure that’s practically what you enter the box very simple now the earbuds does be available in 2 various colors as well as i occur to have both of them right below today we do have the one in blue this is a really wonderful shade of blue and you likewise have a very

glossy white now the situation itself is really common you know it fits really nicely right into my palm it feels wonderful it does not seem like an economical you recognize earbuds and all that it simply really feels awesome and also at the top here you do have your actual me logos there so it’s an extremely wonderful touch currently on one hand like i pointed out the white version is a shiny white so it could be you know vulnerable to kind all type of scrapes as well as all that so if you are the sort of individual who is understood extremely specific regarding that you can really opt for heaven variation here which is actually a matte surface that looks terrific it feels amazing as well this is really my individual earbuds of selection now at the base you will observe that you do have that kind c component clearly for billing it does not sustain cordless charging yet in this situation i don’t really make use of cordless charging to ensure that’s just something that i must additionally aim out now the earbuds themselves are really simple to get rid of from the case itself they do come with these rubber ideas on top so they actually fit extremely well

into my ears now like i discussed there are a couple of different dimension ear tips in the box so if you are fretted about comfort levels as well as the ability to fit them very comfortably in your ears you can actually undergo the multiple type of ear tips to get the excellent size so it really fits very well and it’s really comfy i actually used it to you know choose a jog and also all that running sensible it in fact fit actually perfectly as well as never at one point do i actually feel like the earbuds was going to leave as well as all that so in terms of fit is absolutely an advantage there currently i needs to additionally mention that the earbuds themselves they are ipx5 ranked now what this means is that clearly you can not place them into water it will certainly not last in water but it’s really immune to your sweat as well as light raindrops now the instance itself is not ip rated so certainly you wish to keep this nicely in your pocket whenever you’re running so yes that’s something that you must know as well currently allow’s talk a little bit about the audio top quality and just how it truly helps me yet truthfully speaking i really felt

that the earbuds themselves it really feels awesome guys like there is this bass booster in here as well as it utilizes a 10 millimeter dynamic bass increase driver so truthfully talking all the sound coming out through the earbuds itself seems fantastic you have a great deal of increase and also obviously if you wish to you know go have even higher base you can certainly adjust that in the app itself it’s an extremely easy to make use of application it’s the actual me connect app and from there itself you can you understand readjust all kinds of points that you really intend to do so just in regards to music alone i was absolutely able to enjoy my songs effectively now the following point here i wish to discuss is really in regards to the anc now anc is really very important since it is really able to shut out a substantial amount of noise so according to genuine meat it can shut out regarding 42 db 42 decibels of sound but i was in fact on a trip over right here today to singapore as well as i taken care of to utilize this and also it helped out a lot people i suggest as quickly as i placed the earbuds into my ears it completely shut out the whole cabin noise from the plane itself you recognize in the airplane itself you have the

audio of the engine you have like individuals talking occasionally it was simply it was simply a mess it was so awkward with all this sound around me so fortunately i do have the genuine me biased air tree and i placed it in it completely silent off the whole setting uh well clearly i additionally have my awesome chill warm songs having fun at the background so i was simply really cool in the plane as well as all that however yes i have to just tell you that simply in regards to anc it functions wonderfully well on this genuine me bus battery which is extremely economical currently if you do desire to hear a surrounding sound all you require to do is touch on the earbuds when you have to hold it for a pair of secs and after that it will switch over to a different setting and after that you can really listen to the atmosphere so openness mode i think you people are currently acquainted with that it allows you to hear what the person close to you is talking you can hear your songs along with that also as well as if you are going with runs throughout the street certainly you will certainly wish to turn on transparency mode because it is a little bit more safer to be able to hear your setting now because i’m talking regarding the anc the next

thing that i wish to chat about right here remains in terms of the touch controls so like i stated previously on all you need to do is just tap on the sides of these earbuds as well as unlike other kind of earbuds where you have to such as continue it you recognize a stress delicate type of earbuds i locate that the touching on the earbuds is really the simplest to navigate via the earbuds themselves so i’m certainly happy to feel that you recognize we only have the tablet earbuds to you recognize navigate via the songs and all that so that’s great there lastly i need to likewise point out in regards to the battery life since battery is also very important so according to genuine me once more they said that with each other with the situation you can stand up to 30 hrs of battery life as well as this lacks anc yet for me personally i made use of anc fairly a reasonable bit and i observed that the battery life was about 20 to 21 hrs that is still really respectable considering it’s virtually an entire day of songs non-stop with your anc on so most definitely i would certainly claim on a real-world sort of use i actually bill up the earbuds themselves approximately as soon as every 5 to six days which i think is flawlessly fine um general i simply believe that this is a really great set of you recognize wireless anc earbuds for the price of just rm-229 actual me is simply killing it once

much more once again with this actual me airbus 3 excellent stuff below in general it has wonderful audio wonderful anc you recognize comfort smart it really feels great you know the fit and also all that is ideal it won’t leave with the roads as well as naturally if you are occupying phone telephone calls with the earbuds themselves i understand the microphone is also respectable there uh prior to i go there’s also one final factor that i needs to state here which is that it also sustains multi gadget so if you have 2 tools below that you have actually linked to the earbuds itself it depends upon where you really hear the songs from you can hear it from your phone or you can also hear it from your laptop computer so the earbuds is attached to two tools at the same time and also i believe that’s additionally rather cool down good people that’s it for this really quick review of the realme airbus 3 once more if you want to discover more information about it really feel totally free to look into the links down below or if you have any concerns you can simply go down a remark you recognize ask me any type of inquiry i’ll try to answer every one of them as well as i hope you enjoyed today’s video clip don’t forget to like and also subscribe uh i wish to see you guys in the following one remain risk-free everybody bye