OPPO Reno 7: DSLR-Grade Portraits on a Mid-Range Phone?! Is That Possible?!

hey there everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim reviews currently in today’s video we’re mosting likely to be inspecting out something rather one-of-a-kind as well as intriguing which is all about just how capable phones are today in terms of taking portrait images as well as portrait video clips now for this particular video i’m actually taking a look at the oppo renault 7 series now i in fact have the oppo renault 7 and 7 professional together with me here today as well as the reason that i’m in fact looking into the oppo renault 7 series here is since oppo with the arena collection they are slightly transitioning from being a selfie specialist to being a picture specialist so the reno collection now is mosting likely to be concentrated on taking that awesome type of pictures now according to oppo they have actually been collaborating with sony to produce the world’s very first imax 709 sensor actually the 7 pro below additionally comes with the sony imx 766 but today we’re below to really look into the video cameras on the back of the oppo reno

7 and the factor for that is due to the fact that i wish to have a look at like for economical extra budget friendly phones what sort of performance can you really get in terms of obtaining those portrait photos and also picture videos currently once more the challenge right here is to see to what degree these tools can in fact go and also whether it resembles the sort of efficiency that we can expect on a dslr electronic camera or perhaps even near to it and in terms of you recognize by hand changing the aperture currently prior to we begin allow’s initially go over the requirements of the electronic cameras that we carry the rear of the oppo renault 7. now we actually have a three-way video camera configuration over here we have a 64 megapixel main sensing unit we have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and also lastly we have a 2 megapixel macro lens so those are just the numbers that you require to understand right currently let me simply show you just how very easy it is to take a picture fired with the oppo renault 7. now like i discussed earlier on you can actually by hand adjust the aperture to adjust the quantity of obscured background that you desire so the smaller sized the aperture the a lot more blurred the background will certainly be and also the higher your aperture that

suggests that you can see your whole history really clearly so in this situation the oppo renault 7 has the ability to you understand spot an aperture from f 0.95 completely as much as f 16 so this suggests that it offers you a lot of flexibility in changing the exact quantity of blurred background that you believe look natural to your eyes okay so since performed with speaking regarding all that let’s check out the actual images taken by the oppo renault 7. So as you can see from this pictures taken by the renault 7 itself i did not do any kind of editing and enhancing and also when i send out these photos to my close friends they really believed that these photos were really taken by a much more costly electronic camera as well as some also thought that it was taken by a dslr currently i believe the objective right here is really to find a pleasant area in between choosing your aperture currently if you choose an aperture that is as well low you will discover that it looks a little bit also fake so once again with the capacity to you understand by hand readjust the amount of aperture you need to locate a pleasant place to produce that the majority of natural looking photo currently there’s additionally one extremely interesting attribute that the oppo renault 7

has as well as that is the bokeh flare picture filter that is already constructed right into the camera app and what this does is that it turns all the lights behind you right into this truly great circle around round so it looks actually really awesome as well as you recognize glittery now this functions quite possibly both in day and also during the night and again i take a number of photos below for you people to take a look at you can see that these photos looks really great you recognize it’s something different from what you constantly see on the everyday and again the separation between the individual and also the background is done truly perfectly below as well as you can readjust the quantity of blurred history that you desire now relocating on to the video clip mode i also located that it did really well here take a look at these videos in addition to being really stable these videos have not been supported uh with blog post processing everything you’re seeing right here is straight out of the cam of the oppo renault 7 and it really does quite possibly you understand in really dividing the topic from the history whatever looks extremely really

amazing right here specifically in the evening below in kl city so these are the kind of videos you can anticipate to extract from the oppo renault 7. Good individuals so at the end of the day with the oppo renault 7 collection you can really see that it’s really simple to take this type of motion picture videos portrait videos picture images and all that you do not truly need to buy a video camera that is really pricey you know lugging around a heavy camera is not something that is really fun you can really utilize the cam that you have in your pocket to take these outstanding pictures and also videos if you would like to know more concerning oppo’s renault 7 collection or possibly you’re seeking web links to acquire trying to find the most current promotions i’ll place all those info down in the links below so you can locate them up for yourself last but not the very least i wish you appreciated today’s video and also i expect seeing you people in the following one remain secure everyone bye