Full Review MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop

with the price tag of around 1250 quid the catch we titled MSI GL 65 9sd sits down around the entry level area of the gaming laptop market and the flat price you still get one of n videos qu and architecture GPUs get a 120 Hertz to spin you got some pretty beefy specs overall plus it’s got a light up dragon slap there on the lid what’s not to like of course it is quite tricky to grab gamers attention with a budget level game and laptop these days as there are lots of really great ones already out there from the likes of ISA such as the predator Helios 300 so is this msi machine enough of a beefcake to beat off rivals well I’ve been casually wasting my precious finite time on earth by givin on it for the past week or so and here’s my fault MSI GL 65 review now first up even though it’s a 15.6 inch and not some behemoths 17 or 18 inch laptop it’s not exactly super portable I mean sure you can easily carried about if you’d like but it is a bit of a wide Boice you will need some serious rucksack action not that you’re likely to be carrying it much further than your bedroom or the kitchen in this plague-infested era

but thankfully the msi GL 65 seems well-constructed there are certainly no weak points I can spot the lid itself flex is only a little bit just to absorb impact otherwise protects that the split rather nicely an msi hasn’t gone over the top with the design either those glow and fictional beasties aside sure you’ve got the standard huge vents around the engine but those are kind of necessary to keep that pesky hot air gushing out and besides that the jail 65 simply has a plain black frame with little really in the way to speak of as far as flare goes and thankfully it’s pretty restrained when it starts up as well it doesn’t roll right you won’t gurgle or do any weird stuff and as far as the connectivity goes it’s a pretty respectable selection of ports on there as well so frizzies got HDMI and mini display port for hooking up your 4k displays you’ve also got an Ethernet connection of course for your networking you’ve got a single type-c USB 3.2 port and three type a 3.2 ports as well for slapping in all of your peripherals and you even get a bit of SD card reader action lovely stuff now cause some people swear by a fully customisable RGB keyboard on their game and laptops is particularly good if you want to turn your machine into a portable mini disc off and you can get individual key customization here on the MSI GL 65 but you will have to stump up a bit of extra – for that feature this base model I reviewed has just one color of backlighting instead and that is red if you don’t like

Red’s well you’re out of luck and it is a pretty harsh red as well the kind of hue that conjures up images of filthy Amsterdam back streets did ID hookers things like that and the keyboard itself is no great shakes either MSI has managed to Crump quite a lot into this board considering it didn’t exactly have a huge amount of space to work with but that is kind of the problem everything just feels a little bit cramped the keys do feel rather dinky but despite that the numeric pad is still crushed up to the rest of the board while there’s no gaps at all to separate the arrow keys out which means you have to glance down and stare at the buggers to actually locate them and the whole setup fills it a bit spongy – which is something that you find quite often on budget gaming laptops you don’t get that satisfying click-clack of an expensive mechanical keyboard and of course you’ve got a perfectly acceptable touchpad in there as well though it’s shunted off to the left side of the palm rest which is definitely a bollock if you’re right-handed so definitely get yourself a mouse stuck in there now the MSI GL 65 rocks a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display and it certainly serves up some good-looking visuals those decay and reanimated corpses have never looked so lush you’ve got a buttery smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate on here so the laptop is definitely a match for the latest action games especially as that performance delivers a match and framerate more on that in a bit

unfortunate it’s not quite one of the best gaming laptop displays at this sort of price point so I tested out the display using the data color spider X Pro I found that the color reproduction really lags behind rivals from arendelle hitting just 60 percent of the srgb gama and a measly 45 percent of the Adobe RGB plus the brightness maxes out in just 310 nits as well which is upset you find when you use a lead GL 65 indoors but don’t even think about taking it outside unless you’re sat in some serious shade or it’s the middle of the night and unfortunately the towhat stereo speakers slapped on the bottom end pack about as much power as a hedgehog’s fart even if you boost them all the way up to max you want exactly being blown away by the sounds of gunfire and rocket explosion sealed effing headset so now let’s check out the bit that really matters can the MSI GL 65 match all beat other budget gaming laptops as far as performance goes while the GL 65 9sd packs in a ninth generation intel core i7 chipset this review model here used the 9750 itch backed by 16 gigs of d you’re for RAM meanwhile the graphics are handled by Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 16 60 TI GPU with 6 gigabytes of gddr5 and relax so unfortunately yeah that means no fancy pants stuff like rear trace and support here on the MSI GL 65 if you don’t want something like that you have to bump up your budget because something like the ace of predator Triton 500 instead but three fairy dress and still in the most widely supported features anyway my performance customization options are pretty basic but again this will just suit anyone looking to get into gaming without any of that hassle of overclock and or

anything else just dive into the MSI’s Dragon Center up and slap on the turbo option when you’re about to smash away through the latest game and you’re basically set with turbo mode active the GL 65 averaged around 90 frames per second on titles like zombie army 4 on that ultra detail satin drop the graphics ends to medium and he’ll more or less match the 120 Hertz refresh rate at the display I got an average benchmark score of around 110 to 115 as for us and Evil 2 that again played with a nice smooth dependable framerate even though I boosted up the graphics from the recommended sense does have been closer to the max if you’re a bit of a benchmarking geek well great news here’s some more big numbers for you geek bench 5 spun out a single core score of 1 141 and a multi-core score of 54 30 and in 3d mark the MSI GL 65 performed exactly as expected time spice palette score of 57 14 fire strike 1.1 came up with 13,000 433 and sky diver 1.1 spun out 32 910 that’s for the Kulin setup but I seem to work absolutely fine I didn’t notice any undue frost wound or anything all that occurring even after I’ve been gaming for an hour or two does get a little bit noisy of course but their knots pretty standard for a gaming laptop and I certainly didn’t singe my fingertips or anything like that either as for the battery life well yank out the MSI GL 65 s power cord and it lasts about as long as a sausage roll in a fat kids lunch box even if it’s not really doing anything at all it will still kick down at the rid of about 1% per minute and if you actually do in to play game on it well you can expect it to dine around sort of 45

minutes or so but anyway just leave that power cord attached at all times because you’ll need it to really get the most out of the performance here on this gaming laptop rounding off the specs you’ve got a 256 gig SSD not the fastest around but not awful either and that’s backed by a one terabyte hard drive it’s Wi-Fi five support on here not the latest Wi-Fi six but I guess not a widely supported feature would have been nice for a bit of future proof enough sorry there’s my full review of the msi GL 65 9 SD it’s basically aimed at anyone interested in the latest games without spending an absolute fortune and anyone who’s not really bothered about full-on customization overclocking or fancy features like rear trace and that said it’s a shim that the GL 65 doesn’t have a better display and a better keyboard would have made it a much easier recommendation as it is there are some really strong rivals out there from the likes of ear sir in a zoo so definitely go check some of those out as possible alternatives so are you tempted by this MSI laptop or maybe you’ve got your own preferred budget gaming notebook definitely be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe ding that notifications about Navi cells lovely week people Cheers

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