HUAWEI P50 Pocket Hands-On: OMG! It’s PREMIUM AF!

hey there everybody welcome back to one more video clip with lim testimonial so today we remain in a new setting uh no i have actually stagnated my location i’m simply in this room right here for the evening anyways i simply returned from the huawei p50 pocket launch previously today and i have rather a fair little bit to share with you people it is an extremely very interesting collapsible phone okay so let’s simply delve into the gadget immediately i had a couple of minutes to in fact play with it around and the initial thing i need to point out below is that the collapsible itself the system was really really strong as soon as you shut the tool it has a solid part and i absolutely like that concerning the huawei p50 pocket all right so develop sensible i think it is uh fairly all best it looks very really exceptional there are two shades however i was just able to take care of one i believe it’s the white variation so this is the one that you are seeing right now on the camera the great point about this huawei p50 pocket is that they did really well to make sure there are no gaps in all in between the leading as well as the bottom display screen when you closed the gadget shut so i assume that’s extremely cool all right so let’s simply chat a little in terms of the requirements what

are you really obtaining right here now when you open up the gadget uh what you do obtain below is really a 6.9 inch amoled display screen it is revitalized at 120 hertz so you have those smooth and also buttery sort of sensation whenever you connect with the display fortunately here is that it is a 21×9 screen that indicates that if you need to view motion pictures on your mobile phone this over right here will certainly not have the black bars on the leading and lower section currently one more thing that you must make note of right here is that this display screen is a 2k display so that suggests that the pixel density is around 442 which makes it really really high density so it’s going to be pixel clear every little thing is mosting likely to be really extremely sharp it’s a very great display that you’re jumping on the huawei p50 pocket absolutely front runner level stuff over below now allow’s carry on and also speak a little bit about the cameras on the back so what we do have right here is actually a three three-way video camera configuration you have a 40 megapixel primary sensing unit you have a 13 megapixel ultra vast 120 degree ultra right sensor and finally you have a 32 megapixel ultra range cam so what this ultra range electronic camera is intended to do is give you much better

recreation of the shades from the pictures that you take on the huawei p50 pocket now naturally i just had limited time with the phone itself so i did take care of to take a pair of image samples which i will reveal on the display now so you can take a glimpse however keep in mind this might really be pre-production quality so it might not be the most effective this is just for an extremely quick recommendation in terms of the cam abilities from the huawei p50 pocket now relocating on in terms of the processor itself obviously yes we do get the snapdragon 888 it is extremely powerful everything went really efficiently certainly since it’s an all new tool however something that i do intend to mention here is really an extremely interesting display screen that we carry the flip cover now we do have a one inch round screen over there which in fact has the ability to do a number of features whenever you slide to the opposite side you are able to experience a couple of widgets so what i discovered that we have your songs controls you have the moment you have your alerts you can additionally access the electronic camera which i think is really convenient if you intend to take a selfie with the clam covering closed so i recognized that you have the ability to take really excellent selfies right here since you are really utilizing the main sensor the major 40 megapixel sensing unit to take a selfie of on your own and also the excellent information is that due to the fact that the the display screen

the one inch round display has the ability to reveal your face you will certainly have the ability to take extremely exact and wonderful selfies of on your own with this huawei p50 pocket currently lastly certainly we likewise have a 4000 mah battery in this really slim gadget i believe that is fantastic and also it sustains 40 watt fast cost which makes it a fee up very promptly i don’t have a real time from absolutely no to 100 however with 40 watts quick fee you can expect it to bill up rather promptly currently total i reconsider this is simply a very quick hands-on with the huawei p50 pocket i assume it’s a really great design it’s constantly good to see even more affordables entering the industry today and the finest part here is that huawei is additionally boosting on the layout and everything much like i mentioned a gapless when it’s shut very superior develop and quality i like the truth that it has those two round designs there and it uses that round display to in fact show you some very valuable information good people that’s it for today’s video clip once more this is simply a really fast hands-on we do not actually have any prices announcement from huawei malaysia yet but do stay tuned to huawei to discover more details concerning this really interesting huawei p50 pocket gadget all right individuals i hope you individuals appreciated this video do not fail to remember to drop a like and below to the channel if you intend to see all the newest tech below offered in malaysia and i most definitely want to see every one of you guys in the following one stay safe everybody bye