Xiaomi 11T Full Review: ALL FEATURES DETAILED! Is It As Good As The Pro?

hello everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim evaluations currently you have to be seeing a lots of video clips on my channel since i’ve been pressing out brand-new video clips constantly as well as i wish you are not being spammed by all these video clips but there’s so many brand-new items to share with you currently in today’s video i’m mosting likely to be concentrating on one of xiaomi’s most current devices as well as that is the xiaomi 11t that i have right below currently i have actually seen a great deal of videos online every person is doing the evaluation on the 11t pro as well as ignoring this established boy right below so i’m going to reveal you some enjoy we’re mosting likely to speak concerning the 11t and i in fact believe this is likewise a pretty great gadget that was simply introduced by xiaomi the other day currently rather a reasonable means to speak about right here so stay with me till the end so you can discover out everything that you probably require to know concerning the xiaomi 11 t right here currently prior to i start of program if you like the channel or you like the web content that you’re seeing below don’t forget to provide the video a thumbs up below to the channel we’ll be seeing each other a great deal much more from

now on good men all right so allow’s begin with the rates for the 11t right below obviously xiaomi just introduced the euro rates so we do not have the malaysian cost here however based on the 10 tea that was released in 2014 that was around rm1699 in malaysia so for every one of you other guys in the remainder of the globe it is around 400 plus us bucks a really economical rate factor of what you can obtain currently allow’s examine out this gadget and also what it’s everything about and also whether this is something that you might wish to consider purchasing to begin with let’s talk really rapidly concerning the layout currently in regards to the style there is really very little that i wish to comment here aside from it is a bit heavy as well as a little thick right below yet much more significantly this brush steel consider the back here actually draws in a reasonable little bit of fingerprints so i finish up cleaning the back panel constantly i do not like to make use of the case since it just looks better similar to this but design sensible there’s just absolutely nothing much to comment about it whether you like it or not allow me understand down in the comment section below first and also primary let’s speak regarding the display that we have on the front of the me 11t currently the 11t right below has a respectable display screen we have a 6.67 inch 1080p

incredibly amoled screen that features 120 hertz freshen rate as well as 480 hertz of sampling price every one of these are excellent numbers it likewise supports hdr 10 plus to make sure that’s absolutely good if you such as to see a great deal of motion pictures on your tool itself now another thing that you need to recognize here is that it is really extremely responsive individuals after using this display screen for a number of days currently i have only good things to claim regarding the display screen on the 11t so at the end of the day the only little issue that i might state concerning the 11ts show is that although it goes all the method approximately 1000 nits of brightness i did discover that below in sunny malaysia the sunlight is so strong that even outdoors i’m not able to see the screen that plainly so that’s just something to mention there okay now let’s go on to something more crucial below which has to do with the efficiency of this man right below now the 11t is using what xiaomi is calling the dimensi 1200 ultra cpu and also you may think that it is the more powerful version of the ruby city 1200 however in regards to the number of autos is actually the very same in regards to the clock rates too it coincides as the typical vanilla dimension 1200 now what i really desire to show you in regards to the efficiency of the dimension 1200

ultra on the 11t here is that i discovered something pretty fascinating so my oneplus note 2 here likewise has the measurement 1200 yet they call it the ai version and also obviously i’m obtaining higher scores on my oneplus note 2 right here all the time compared to the dimension 1 200 ultra so i’m unsure why that’s happening additionally i did compare the criteria rates it takes about 15 secs to obtain it faster than on the oneplus note 2 right here so this is something that i located a little bit strange despite the fact that we have the dimensi 1200 ultra it is still getting ratings that are partially lesser than the 1200 ai of the oneplus nord 2. Okay so benchmark scores are simply benchmark ratings in regards to just how they actually do i’m not mosting likely to discuss a comparison below because i’m going to concentrate on the 11t only if you do want the comparison with the oneplus note 2 let me know down in the comment area below currently in terms of everyday performance the 11t below will most definitely please your needs obviously despite a dimension 1200 ultra it most definitely gets you with your day very quickly as well as every little thing is really responsive and snappy that’s the type of experience that i’m obtaining with the 11t right below launching apps loading apps everything is just quick and also fast

currently in regards to gaming how is it like when it goes to pc gaming so i recognize a great deal of you guys like to play genji impact i personally play a great deal of mobile legends as well as place 9. these games all utilize quite a reasonable bit of graphics from the mi 11t as well as truthfully speaking i have actually been having a respectable time on the 11t right below now i can not claim the exact same for the snapdragon 888 on the 11t pro because that gadget does obtain so hot at all times however with the 11t right below you’re really obtaining great kind of gaming efficiency at a somewhat lower temperature so the selection is truly your own do you desire like the ideal of the most effective sort of efficiency from the 11t pro or if you want to sacrifice just that little of efficiency for a much cooler cpu which permits you to hold your phone for longer amount of times the selection is inevitably yours now let’s proceed really swiftly to the cams at the back below we have a triple camera setup below they make up of the 108 megapixel main sensor it also features 8 megapixel ultra wide and also a 5 megapixel macro

sensor currently remember that all these sensing units do not included ois however i’m below to talk today regarding the camera capabilities and how the image handling resembles on the 11t that i have right below so earlier on today i simply launched a video contrasting the 11t to the 11t pro and also of course the sensing units do sound extremely similar but the performance from the images are really various from the 11t as well as the 11t pro now long story brief the pictures that are appearing from the 11t right below in regards to the major sensor is actually rather good it is also really clear a whole lot of details as well as the shades are actually a lot more all-natural compared to the a little punchier performance of the 11t professional nevertheless one point i do need to direct out below is that the picture mode on the 11t right here is quite bad i really desire xiaomi provided us with a telephoto lens as opposed to that macro lens because simply take a look at this picture handling that is being done below extremely rapidly allow’s chat a bit about the broad angle sensing unit the broad angle sensing unit is 8 megapixels it’s not the greatest so you don’t obtain the incredibly sharp sort of pictures but in regards to picture top quality i assume it is still feasible finally night mode does still function extremely well on the 11t right below so

yeah it is what it is the camera is not the biggest however it still works well for you to share on your social networks now last yet not the very least allow’s talk extremely quickly regarding the battery in the back right here so undoubtedly this has the very same ability as the 11t pro they both come in 5 000 milliamp hr battery however the billing speed is so called a little bit slower as well as what i imply by that is that it bills up at 67 watts and to be honest that’s in fact quite fast 0-100 takes somewhat majority a hr so at the end of the day the charging speed is still respectable sufficient it’s not to say slow-moving or anything i would still rank it as quick alright individuals i believe that’s practically what i wish to share about the 11t right here once more i do not know why a great deal of people are just failing to remember regarding this device everybody is discussing the 11t pro however i think if your spending plan is let’s state approximately rm1 699 or 400 us dollars for that matter you could really wish to have a look at the xiaomi 11t right below and also see if it’s your mug of tea great guys let me know in the comment section what you think of this device here i mean is this something that you are thinking about buying would certainly you still consider the ruby city 1200 ultra yeah let me know what you people assume i really want to hear from you individuals as well as i wish to see every one of you in the next one once again oh prior to you go don’t forget to such as and also sub to the channel so we obtain to talk a bit a lot more see ya