Review Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

hello I’m going to speech I’m Cristin to expert and these bad boys here are the anchor sound called Liberty to protrude wireless earbuds bit of a mouthful who were here in the UK you can pick him up for around 140 pounds quite a premium price I’d put them in direct competition with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy buds plus the jabber elite 75t some really strong offer and so for that sort of price they better be good and you know what the first impressions are definitely very strong indeed because you get the sexy slide in case that is very satisfying indeed to open trust me I could just keep on doing this for like 10 minutes solid oh yeah now the ankus encores can only be picked up in black unfortunate there’s no rainbow hues available or anything like that and the first time you yang come on out of the kiss they do look rather chunky as to be said the good news is no problems at all as far as comfort goes you get a range of silicone tips so you find the exact perfect fit for you on ear canals you’ve got these rubbery wing bits as well it’s just help to hold the buds in there nice and firmly so they don’t wriggle around don’t squirm even if you’re running jogging doing whatever but of course don’t just take my word for it let’s do a mosh test yeah I’ve got to say they’re not particularly comfortable to wear while you’re also

rocking a beanie or something like that you definitely add some serious compression into your lug holes there and I do feel slightly conspicuous when I’m out and about wearing them because that’s fit they do just out quite a bit and unlike many Bibles there’s also an or dedicated water resistance on here as well or sweat resistance or anything like that it seems to be absolutely fine touch pro2 finger a little bit moist it doesn’t seem to impact the performance at all but all the same if you’re gonna be regularly jog in going on the gym you might want to look at something with a dedicated ipx7 or way of a written instead I’ve got absolutely no problems with pairing up with the smartphone or anything on that either it’s literally just a case of slide open the case first time when you pair them they’ll immediately appear in the bluetooth menu just select them job done and every time you yank them out the case from there on out there was just immediately pair with whatever they were connected with before you do ever need to repair nice and easy as that button on the back of the case there just give that bit of a push and once again they’ll enter pairing mode oh yeah that is absolute filth love it and as you’ll see when you actually pull the buds out the case as well as dinky flush and lights just on the edge they’re quite subtle and that just shows you what kind of state they’re in

thankfully when the buds are actually in use those lights do go off so if you use them at night you’re not disturbing your bed partner or whatever job done and evelle obscene or positive connectivity on the Anka song called liberty to prose either wonder on Central under for hours at a time not a single stutter or stammer even involve a busy areas now putting much every pair of true wireless earbuds these days comes with built-in controls and it’s the same here on the Liberty tube pros you get a single push button housed on the top edge of these buds now they are very very tiny indeed there’s not much of a change in texture they don’t jut out much from the surface of the buds there can be a little bit tricky to find when you’re first getting used to the Liberty to prose but once you’ve use them for a couple of days you’ll find that it’s second nature you just reach them press it exactly in the right place to actually activate the button and the good news is because they’re on the top of the buds as well not on the sides where typically you do get these buttons or the touch controls you’re not driving the buds into your skull every time you want to pause your track or skip to the next track or whatever so definitely a lot more comfortable to function and the fact that that’s an actual push button instead of touch controls as well means you’re not accidentally activate in the controls every time you simply fidget with the bud or take it out of your head something like that and the good news is you can fully customize these controls via the sound court app but you can download for free via the Google Play Store or

Apple’s App Store so for instance I’ve got double tap in the left bud button taking the volume down a notch double tap the right bud in order to raise the volume but you can play around with it you can have it skipping tracks going back a track triggering the voice assistant all kinds of stuff my only real minor gripe n/a is a minor gripe the best is that you can’t have it’s or taking a bud out of your ear hole then automatically pauses your music quite handily if you’re suddenly having a conversation that you weren’t expecting to have but it is as I say a very minor gripe at best all you need to do is just push a button once and a positive music anyways so job done now there’s no dedicated noise cancellation here on the anchor song called Liberty tube pros which is a pitch you start to see trick then into the true widest earbud marking around us or 150 pound price point but the noise isolation is pretty good because you’ve got a tight rubbery silicon earth fit make busy forms a seal inside your ear canal so if you won’t get done the high street traffic noise and stuff you’ll still hear it but it is definitely reduced quite considerably you don’t have to have you musically

a podcast fella but on top volume in order to hear what’s going on and also the noise bleed is very very small indeed as well so again great if you use them at night in bed you got someone does and next to you they won’t be disturbed that’s for the site quality again I cannot fault the liberty to pause they are very strong rivals to the likes the Jabra elite 75 tees which is what I was it is what you want to be aiming for around that 150 pound price point and its press release and core says that it uses a technology called Astro coaxial acoustic architecture basically is just some very very smart tech which makes your music sound really bloody good you got some really nice strong beers coming through which is great for this into be rock hip-hop whatever but it definitely does not drown out the rest of the range those mids and the highs come through really nicely as well and if you dive into the equalizer section on that sound core app you can actually set up your own personal ear profile and this one that alright here is mine this busy just tests the ability of your left and your right ear to hear tones of different frequencies and then it adapts the sound output depending on those responses personally I wasn’t a massive fan I’ve got to see a music sounded a little bit tinny I sort of lost some of its weight some of its with that profile activated because people are going to have different responses different results using that feature so personally you take it or leave it but it’s a nice to have I guess now you also get a pair of mics built into each of these true

wireless earbuds as well one pointing towards your mouthful and the other one pointing in the opposite direction and that waking up to clearly pick up your voice when you’re speaking while also cutting out some of that background jargony nonsense and I found that on calls absolutely did a bang-up job as well as officers yesterday I was in a very very busy test cause there are people running around shrieking like idiots all around me dunno a panic buying a bog roll and such forth and I could still hover and I started chat with my wife and say hey which cakemix jump to buy this one or this one and the good times continue with the battery life as well I find out if she got pretty damn close to the advertised 8 hours of use per charge here on the Liberty to pros not worry so you can use them over a long-haul flight I use multi in the office no problem and when it is time to recharge of course you just got slow lady slide II and just stick them back in their little case if I’m the kiss generally recharges them about three full times before it itself also needs a recharge which is caused by a good old type-c the USB of either the little flappy bit on the back there and it also sports qi wireless charging as well so for instance if you’ve got a WoW a or a Samsung flagship phone which supports that reverse wireless charging just slap them on the back of there and get them powered up again and all right there in a nutshell is the anchor sound Court Liberty two pros guess how many times

like balls of that name during the course this review I certainly have lost count but definitely a great pair of true wireless earbuds obviously not the the cheapest around at under an forty quid but they are definitely solid rivals the likes the Jabra leet 75 tees which are one of my favorites around that 150 pound price point grip performance grip battery life and of course that very sexy kiss design so there’s a slightly bulky build of the buds themselves which is a bit of a shame of course the lack of sweat and water resistance so are you tempted by the anchor song quality to pro stephanie bang your thoughts down in the comments below be great to hear from you check out my other reviews the other true wireless earbuds but I really love out there if you look at something a bit more affordable check out the creative outlet gold still one of my absolute favorites and probably the best ones out there right now all the power beats pro but they are like 250 quid so that’s a bit freaking insane don’t forget a poke subscribe doing that notifications bar and have yourselves a lovely week cheers Bobby [Music]

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