OnePlus Buds Z – Steven Harrington Edition Unboxing & Quick Look

hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews so in today’s video we’re taking a quick look at the unboxing of the one plus buds z but this is the stephen harrington edition so this is the latest one from oneplus apparently it’s being sold for a very uh affordable price at about 229 ringgit here in malaysia so in this video i’ll be showing you guys how this actually looks like uh in person uh in the video i’ll be unboxing this guy right here but before i do that i just want to go through a couple of key features that you probably might want to know here apparently it comes with base boost so expect a lot of bass on this guy right here it also offers up to 24 sorry 20 hours of battery life water and sweat resistance so definitely good for you guys who are at home doing your workouts and of course a comfortable and cool design but we will talk about that later and the seamless connection so yep now that we’ve got the key features out of the way let’s unbox this uh steven herrington edition right here and see what’s really in the box all right so just going to peel through these plastic pieces right here i’m not that good at doing that but we’ve got this out of the way and let’s try and unbox this version right here if you just give me a few seconds and whoo there you go guys um this is actually looks pretty crazy actually the stephen harrington

edition i don’t know what to say about this it does look very fancy the box itself looks fancy very surprised by this presentation i have not seen any other unboxing videos on youtube yet so this is my first actual unboxing of the oneplus buzz z stephen harrington edition so let’s remove this guy from the box itself and see what else we do get there is a pull tab right here so i’m expecting to see some stuff at the back uh yep we do get this buds for live thing here in the back let’s see whether we get anything else we do get that one more uh type c charging cable so you’re gonna charge this with your type c and there’s also a couple of other earbuds in the in the back here it comes with different sizes notice that it comes in this greenish and purl polish color here buds tips or whatever you call them but yeah very cool stuff here i love the color combination of this guy right here and that’s pretty much what you get in the box nothing too fancy i was expecting some kind of stickers or something but uh yeah you don’t get anything else in the box here all right let’s check out the earbuds themselves so let’s unwrap this guy very quickly and oh guys i think it looks really good i mean i’ve seen the original white version and previously i did a very quick review on that on my facebook page and i noted that the case in the original one the white

one looked very generic it felt a bit cheap if you ask me but this version right here feels so much better everything here is in matte ish materials even the cap at the top here which used to be those glossy plastics on the white version so this is definitely a feels very much more a premium or more expensive to touch and feel as well so let me just show you guys the the designs around the entire earbuds right here we do get these very crazy kind of printings on the casing of it all over and yeah i’m not sure if you if you like these kind of designs but it does look very cool here on this guy right here so on the top we also have a couple of designs right there so let’s open the case and see what else we get we do get more craziness here so let me just zoom in a little bit more so you can see it we do have this very cool design it just looks very cool guys so i’m going to remove these earbuds here and notice that one is in purple and the other one is in this kind of teal or aqua blue kind of color but yes it looks really really cool here on this ear tips right there all right so i’m just going to try and put this in my ears and see how they look uh hopefully it doesn’t look too funny on me and yeah this is how it looks like in person uh yeah you got to look at this window up here one purple and one in

teal or something like that so this is how it looks like if you guys are planning to get this particular earbuds right here uh i would say it looks kind of fancy as well but yeah very comfortable in the ears like i said i’ve actually reviewed the the previous version the totally white plain vanilla version and the sound quality from this earbuds is actually pretty good you do get that very good bass uh one thing i didn’t note when i was trying out the oneplus buzz z previously was that the audio quality from a phone calls was actually pretty good so i’m expecting the same here because this is essentially the same thing but just in a different skin but apart from that yes you should expect some very good audio quality here you do not have anc there’s no active noise cancellation but with this ear buds these rubber tips are in your ears it should be able to isolate some kind of noise away and it does fit pretty snug in my ears apart from that that’s pretty much what you would get with this one plus but z right here let me try and put it back very quickly you got to put it back the case does feel very nice it doesn’t feel very flimsy it is a bit um how should i say it yeah it feels alright it feels alright and this is how the oneplus buzzy stephen harrington edition looks like you can get it for 229 ringgit when it goes on sale on shopee malaysia and yes uh if you’re looking for something like this feel free to check it out all right guys if you like this video please like that hit that like button and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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