Motorola Moto G8 Power vs Plus Which is best for me?

hello gorgeous people’s Christmas expert and today I’m here with two of Motorola’s freshest mortal GC we smartphones the g8 power and the g8 plus as you can see from the front not a massive amount the difference between the two and in terms of cost not much either 230 pounds you can grab the Moto G at power J plus slightly more expensive at 240 pounds so I’m gonna do now is run through the specs the features the overall experience you’ll get from both these handsets to work out which one might be best for you and for more on the latest and greatest so please do put Subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers now first up as you can tell from just a quick squint there are more or less the same size the g8 powers slightly bigger that’s six point four inch display come over the six point three inch g8 plus and slightly heavier at 197 grams as well but even though the g8 power is technically the bigger device it actually doesn’t feel any bigger when you grip it wasn’t because the g8 plus it’s got slightly fatter bezels surrounding that display so it kind of evens it out motorola is deaf you still a fan of it’s darker cuz you can pick up the moto g power in basically black or dark blue meanwhile the gia plus you’ve got this cosmic blue version which is again a dog bluey black but you can also pick it up in a pink hue if you prefer something a bit more colourful the design is very similar here on the G+ and the g8 powers except the powers got a sort of a linear effect on the back end which is quite subtle kind of hard to see unless you so properly squinting errors on the plus it’s more of a

straightforward smooth finish but they’re both constructed from plastic both of them will scuff up a little bit when you stop fingering them so to speak you get all those greasy prints all over them and also they are susceptible to scratches but thankfully Motorola has bundled a plastic sheath in the box for both of these devices to help keep them in a good state and the good news is as well and both the g8 power Alan G it plus all water repellent they’ve got an IP 52 certification so basically that means don’t go take them in the shower definitely do not submerge them in water but if you’re out in the rain absolutely no worries at all would be absolutely fine now if you’ve been paying attention you’ll also have noticed that the g8 power and the G Plus both have a rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor slightly indented into the surface they’re easy to find when you’re fumbling about with the phone and of course a nice bit of board or Brandon in both and that scanner is nice and responsive and accurate on both these smartphones as soon as you tap your to the sensor as you can see immediate unlock now flipper onto the front and you get a gorgeous IPS display on both these devices 6.4 inches here on the gia power at six point three on the g8 plus they actually play around with the color output on both these devices as you can see the sets are saturated by default but you can lock them down to more natural hues if you’d prefer now doing a side-by-side comparison between the gia power and the g8 plus you see that gia

plus himself slightly warmer colors than the gia power though there’s not a huge amount in it and the good news is that it’s a full HD plus resolution on both of these blowers you get nice crisp visuals absolutely stunning stuff if you’re just enjoying a movie on the go because you do get a tiny little peephole camera here if your selfies snapper on the G it powervr as it’s a proper full-on notch here on the g8 plus although to be fair it’s only a little nipple notch here on the plus doesn’t exactly intrude far into that display so in both cases you can get a nice full view experience without too much bother at all the viewing angles are nice and strong and those top brightness levels you’ll have no problem with visibility outdoors anything like that excellent stuff overall from what ruler as usual definitely impressive stuff on the audio front as well you guess stereo speakers set up on both of these devices which is pretty rare for a budget blower in general so the fact that Motorola’s managed to do on both of these handsets is fantastic and you do get a bit of headphone jack action on both of these blowers as well and you’ve got a good bit of Bluetooth v support and both these devices if you’d rather go wireless now it’s also worth pointing out as well while we’re on the subject of software and features you get fresh new Android 10 OS here on the motor jet power whereas the plus is still lingering on Android 9 it should be getting an update soon but for now you’re stuck with the standard navigation bar down below you don’t have the lovely gesture

navigation which you gets here on the GA power and of course you’ve got that lovely dark mode as well here on the power or as that’s not a thing yet here on the plus but as I say hopefully actually be getting an update imminently however one feature that is missing in action here on the G it power is unfortunately NFC there is no support for that whereas you do get NFC here on the GA plus if you’re going to be using your smart phone for wireless payments things like that then your only option will be the Plus sort of a camera the performance and in this sector is a dead heat between the g8 power and the G Plus because they both the Snapdragon 665 chipset backed by four gigs of ram so a nice nippy everyday experience you’ll see the odd little stutter here and there but absolutely fine the zones on a massive shock that both of these phones Chan are basically the same and Geekbench five score and I found that certainly here on the JIT plus in clip pub do more bananas Lord detail sentence with a perfectly playable framerate so I’m expecting exactly the same performs are allergy it powers as far as gaming goes of course the big advantage that the gia power has over the JIT plus is the battery you get mighty five thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside they come over the 4000 milliampere on the plus or and keep you going for that a little bit longer a fun let the Jeep how it looks like it’ll basically do your two full days no worries even with plenty of screen time and the gia plus it’ll do about a day and a half between charges usually but you’ll probably be charging every night just to be sure but you’ve got support for the same 15 watt Turbo Power or charge here on the power and the plus obviously the paralytic a little bit long and a fill up because it’s got the logic capacity cell and there is bugger all difference in the storage the g8 power and the g8 plus both sports 64 gigs of on-board storage and you can expand them both via microSD up to another 512 gigs are plenty of space for your apps media everything you need so now let’s have a quick

squint or that camera tech and here on the back of the G at power you get a quad lens setup whereas here on the GA plus it’s just a triple lens that I’m just still pretty good obviously for a budget blower now on the g8 plus that primary lenses are actually stronger it’s a 48 megapixel F 1.7 effort compared with the 16 megapixel F 1.7 here on the g8 power it was it get an ultra wide angle lens on both of these blowers law in the case of the g8 plus it’s an action cam ultra wide-angle a 16 megapixel for shooting a funky video which will touch one in a second I wasn’t the kiss the g8 powers an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens for your photo as well as video but then while the j+ is rounded off for the simple depth sensor in the case of the g8 power you’ve actually got an 8 megapixel telephoto lens giving you a 2 times the optical zoom as well as a dedicated macro lens so for the most part open up the camera up on both of these motorola blowers and it’s a very similar experience just point and shoot you’ve got a full manual mode on both of them if you don’t want to use the auto mode you actually want to play around with the likes of the the white balance the ISO levels or shooting raw all matter as well both of these devices will allow you to do that now by default the Moto G a plus actually shoots photos at 12 megapixels rather than the full 48 megapixels that’s because it uses pixels binnen in order to combine the information from four pixels into one so a brighter shot in lower light conditions definitely great stuff so I’m expecting to get better low-light performance out of the Geo plus compared with the g8 power but that said on the G of power here of course you can swap at any point to that ultra wide angle lens to fit more into your photo or to the

telephoto lens in order to get a close-up view of a naked mouse thing and it’s a two times optical zoom so a great just for getting unintrusive shots of your kids your pets things like that of course if you swipe to the side you’ve got access to a full range of Motorola bonus modes as well unfortunately there’s no night vision mode here on the jet power compared to the g8 Plus which of course does come with that night vision board so that’s a bit of a shame as a bit of a missed opportunity there I feel but you do get the macro shot mode here on the GI power using that dedicated macro mode so if you wanna get up-close shots of a subject then I guess that’s good and if we swap to the video on more you should have the 4k resolution footage on either of these blower’s buzz you can see here on the g8 plus you’ve got the action cam mode as well as first introduced on the motor all at one action what it allows you to do is shoot standard horizontal video but while you’re clutching the phone vertically great idea and you’ve got proper built-in image stabilization as well so good if you’re moving at speed you’re gonna be cycling joggin anything like that and that can be toggled on or off with a quick tap of this little icon down here and then if you swap around to the front facing camera as well you get a 16 megapixel selfie shooter here on the Moto G 8 power and it’s a twenty five megapixel here on the giad plus you get slightly crisper footage you’ve got the usual beauty mode gums and all of that and you can shoot a bit of portrait lured action as well if you like and there you have it that in a nutshell is the Moto G power versus the Model G it plus as you can see pretty much the same cost but the g8 power the g8 + boss different camera features the g8 powers bit more up-to-date when it comes to the Android taper hopefully the plus one won’t be too far behind terms of performance and everything they’re pretty much level pegging the battery life the more legit power is definitely the stronger of the two so which one of you most tempted by definitely gritty puts down in the comments below please do bug subscribe ding that notification spell and have yourselves a lovely week people cheers buddy

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