Huawei P40 & P40 Pro What To Expect

now earlier this week while we most definitely dropped trou and indulged in a proper bit of Willy wave and courtesy of its clever new mate excess foldable Thorn but that definitely does not mean that while he has done launched a new kit in fact the word p40 in p40 Pro flagship phones on Lindgren just on the horizon ready to pop out and hopefully dazzle us with even more impressive innovation now what that made XS launch where we actually officially revealed that the p40 and the p40 Pro would be fully unveiled and a massive launch event in Paris on March the 26th or really not long to wait at all now and of course as always in preparation for the p40 launch we’ve got the usual tyroid of leaks and rumors and all kinds of shenanigans flooding the internet so let’s weed through that mire of speculation and general tree as if in finding little golden nuggets of truth in there so first up what can we actually expect from the war where p40 mp40 brought as far as the design goes well a photo actually emerged not too long ago of what appears to be maybe an early P Foley prototype out in the wild though this pig doesn’t exactly give much away on leaks though has been back in his usual form producing these renders which certainly seem legit even if they don’t reveal much more than the previous efforts and given the lads past record chances are they are on the money so basically appears that the p40 onsets are gonna look like your typical smartphone with shiny reflective surfaces big shock and we’ve also seen some p40 rendered short kiss and a veritable rainbow of colors which is pretty standard for why we definitely could be accurate now what about the display tech what can we expect while we’d actually slap on the front of the p40 and the p40 bra well I’ve got all my bits tightly crossed for a

boundary pushing all that screen upfront with that waterfall design that we know enough from previous while we’re phone’s cascading over the edges for a lovely bezel free finish online League stirs seem to be fighting quite bitterly over the actual dimensions of the display on the P fall in the p40 pro but I reckon the p40 the standard model will probably come with around a 6.2 inch display as usual and that p40 pro model probably be around the six point five to six point six inch area last year’s P 30 and P 30 Pramod do with a full HD resolution which was still perfectly shot but I would expect to see a quad HD plus panel up here on a very least the p40 pro model and web rumors also point to a 120 Hertz refresh rate just like the galaxy s 20 smartphones for a silky smooth UI experience and here’s op when we get a tasty but if 240 Hertz touch response rate on the p40 handsets as well so every pork swipe and whatnot will garner an immediate response when you’re busy gun and dance changes and the likes of pub G mobile and what about the performance here on the new P 40 handsets as well well those smarts will definitely be provided by what was on Caron 990 platform which debuted in the mid 30 handsets from last year this we’ve the p40 and the p40 brought are bound to serve up a silky-smooth gaming experience

no matter what title you’re blasting through and even on those top detail levels as well and hopefully should prove nice and future proof for at least a two or three year contract and that Kirin 990 chipset also features an integrated 5g modem so does that mean we’ll get superfast connectivity in the p40 Thorne’s well so far the other major flagship staunched in 2020 including the samsung galaxy s 20 range and of course the sony xperia warren Mach 2 almost built in 5g connectivity as standard so you can expect the same from the P 40 and a p40 Pro especially as of course Huawei is heavily invested and personally involved in the rollout of 5g networks globally what about the one where P 40 and P 40 probe battery life Thor well while we’re never disappoints when it comes to battery life and indeed some recent web rumors point to an enormous 5500 midium cell being stuffed inside of the p40 Pro personally I knocked that little nugget back with a full pint of salt though I reckon it’s much more likely to be around the 4500 million mark unless it turns out that the p40 port is a 7-inch behemoth but that said you can at least expect some very nippy 50 watt fast charge support and probably at the very least wireless charge in support for the p40 pro as well of course the one little irritant insects in the ointment is likely to be the lack of Google services an issue which also

blighted the mid 30 devices before it and what is certain to repeat for the p40 smartphones the p40 will likely come back an Android 10 with that worries a motion UI 10 launches slapped on top just like the mitts but without a lovely bit of Google Play action so you’ll be relying on stuff like the Huawei app gallery the Amazon App Store and web clients to access all of you usual services between the various first and third party options I’ve just about managed to get my usual array of services stacks onto the huawei mate 34 so it’s definitely a workable situation of course while we is bounce through tons of money the problem as well in a bid to make it all go away but of course it is still a disadvantage compared with other handsets that Compaq in Google Play and all of those lovely Google services so even if it is just a short-term issue are you willing to live with it now the best bit of any recent Huawei smartphone is definitely tended to be the camera tech slapped on the back and I’m fully expecting the Chinese giant have a proper swing at Samsung’s s20 handsets with the p-40s rumors point to a quint camera setup led by a mighty 52 megapixel primary lens using Sony’s imx6 8 6 sensor backed also by a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 12

megapixel telephoto lens a macro and the time-of-flight depth sensor recent rumors suggest that wow is p40 handsets we’ll be able to combine the information from 16 pixels into one using the now standard pixel bin and technically get on a lot of smart phone cameras and this will basically mean incredible low-light shots packed with detail and really reduce the amount of noise in there to spoil the proceedings there’s also lots of chatter around a 10 times optical zoom to take on the galaxy s 20 ultra and it’s crazy spear zoom chops very tasty expect while we’re to cut out some of the more clever camera tech for the standard P 40 handset in order to bring down the cost a wee bit and to be honest even if it comes back in a standard 3 x telephoto zoom that’ll still be absolutely fine for most people and now on to the final question where can I get one of these shiny more fours and how much well the warrior P 40 and the p40 poor should officially be a thing out there in public in about a month’s time and therefore will probably go on sale around April time globally apart from in the u.s.

Of course because while we’re in Trump are no longer besties as for the price and well as usual Ash’s case of pissing in the wind but gone off previous handsets and the general trends you can expect the standard while we’re p4 need to come in and run the sort of 700 pound mock and the p40 pro will be about 200 quid more expensive if you want that really cutting edge tank so are you getting all hot and bothered about the new p4 the mp40 probably great to hear your own personal thoughts I’m still a massive fan of the big P 30 and P 30 Pro from last year go check out my long-term reviews of both of those concerts to see what I think of them now in 2020 and touchwood fingers crossed I’ll be at that P 40 launch at the end of March so stay tuned for my full in-depth hands-on reviews and more on those bad boys and don’t forget a bug subscribe I think that kitchens well and have yourselves a lot of the wake people chase love you

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