Review Motorola One Hyper Camera 64MP Beast + Pop-Up Selfies

no more troll they usually does a bang-up job with its smartphone camera tech this here fresh new Motorola one hyper certainly offers some intriguing optics for one the Hyper’s primary lens around back is a mighty 64 megapixel affair which can actually capture photos at that maximum resolution or else ease back to 16 megapixel images with a spot of pixel binnen and that is backed by a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens which can capture a 180-degree view of the world on demand but that’s not all because the Motorola 1 hype it is also the very first mortal form to sports a pop-up selfie camera giving you a not free full view display it’s a 32 megapixel front-facing camera so you can’t expect those selfies to pack quite a lot of detail definitely time to slap on a bit of blusher suspects only seem pretty special but it’s the Motorola one Hyper’s camera tech actually up to snuff while I’ve been using it as my full-time shooter for a few days now and here’s my fault Motorola 1 hyper camera review and more

that’s a great stack please do poke subscribe and take not notifications well Cheers now the one hyper uses the standard Motorola camera which is packed with toggles and nifty features but still pretty easy to get your head around now by default the Motorola 1 hyper actually captures images at 16 megapixel resolution rather than that full-fat 64 make effort that’s because it uses pixel binnen in order to brighten up your images without introducing any noise more on that in a bit now that 16 megapixel level you can of course still expect to see plenty of finer details in your pics especially when a scene is naturally lit and at any point if you want to grab a super high res photo you can swap to the 64 mega pixel dedicated mods this is definitely a sound idea when you need to crop it into your shot while keeping things crisp especially with the absence of a dedicated telephoto lens the jump in detail level over the standard auto mode is absolutely nuts either way

though you can expect realistic hues in each year picks which means that naturally vibrant subjects really shine shots take him inside however can come across a little bit soft well any kind of motion often results in blur so you’ll definitely want to make sure that both yourself and your subjects are stood as still as possible while you hit that shutter button and high contrast it is no friend to the Motorola 1 hyper either those HDR smarts do a reasonable job of preventing over saturation to keep your photos from appearing whitewashed or anything but it is often at the expense of detail especially the color reproduction in those darker areas the likes of Google’s pixel three-year and various Huawei smartphones definitely perform better in that department around this price point in low-light though the Motorola one hyper does a bang-up job even in auto mode you get a pretty respectable force or helped along no doubt by that pixel bit in tech which combines the data from four pixels into one all the sim loss slap on a dedicated night board and those results definitely improve the overall

brightness isn’t boosted much at all but you will not as much find a detailed creepin in at times while those light spots are cleaned up to reduce flaring the result is a moody attractive finish whatever you’re trying to shoot and Motorola’s rather excellent portrait mode is also in fine fettle here on the one hyper I love higher full control of the depth effect with pretty accurate edge detection as well even the studio effects and other filters churn out some pretty damn good results worthy of a proper flagship law and don’t forget that you’ve got that ultra wide-angle lens as well which you can swap through with just a quick tap of this icon down here this delivers a sweep in 100-degree view of whatever you’re shootin definitely ideal for your touristy escapades where you’re trying your best to capture something flippin huge like this here castle all this unsurprisingly large Cathedral it’s a pretty common camera feature these days even on budget flaws around the 200 to 250 pound price point so I’m definitely glad that Motorola didn’t skimp and thankfully the overall results are still impressive with similar color output to the primary lens and even night shots come out pretty well and

you’ve got the usual smart AI branded features onboard the Motorola 1 hyper as well phone and quite a lot of the other Motorola 1 smartphones to serve the likes of the Smile Shutter function which seems to work pretty well and the likes of a scene recognition tool as well which can suggest alternative shooting modes dependent on the current conditions so now on to video capture and the motor other one hyper does a decent job here you can shoot standard Full HD footage or boost that resolution to full fat 4k but gorgeously detailed results when viewing back on a big telly and that ultra HD level you have a choice of 19 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio if you want a proper bit of widescreen action and I’ve got to say I am impressed by the image stabilization even at that 4k resolution it’s as smooth as butter as you’d expect from full-on flagships like the Galaxy S ten on the iPhone 11 occasionally things can look a wee bit dark and moody but that’s it as far as my complaints go well the audio pickup is also pretty dependable your commentary and everything else happening around you is captured clean sadly though there is no action video mode here on the one hyper unlike the cheaper Motorola one action which is kind of named flower which allows

you to shoot standard landscape video while clutching the phone just normally which is absolutely brilliant if you’re an outdoor enthusiast type want to shoot while sprinting jogging climbing cyclin things like that and so onto that spring up selfie cam which thrusts its way out of the Hyper’s head on demand it’s a 32 megapixel shooter as mentioned so you can definitely grab some sharp look and snaps of your mug although by default it captures at 8 megapixels still perfectly fine for your social medias and such forth but I highly recommend knocking off that infernal beauty mode which comes on by default unless you really want to look like an airbrushed mannequin thing when shooting indoors the results are getting quite soft but outdoors you will get some slick looking detailed pics and yes the full selection of portrait mode options are available if you want something a little bit extra and with that front physique I mean you should have two Full HD resolution video against your smarts occasionally struggle a little bit if you are shooting against a particularly bright backdrop bond the whole not too bad at all and the audio pickup as being here absolutely fine so there you have it my in-depth Motorola one hyper camera review after a few days of testing as you can see not quite an infallible mid-range snapper but definitely packing some clever tech and it’ll basically do whatever you want it to do so are you tempted by the Motorola one hyper well my full review should be coming about a day or so after this camera review goes lives of stay tuned for that don’t forget to poke subscribe and think that notifications bail and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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